• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Ingram Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Queens Island Canine Club

Thank you to the committee of this industrious Club for kindly inviting me to my first judging appointment at their lovely show; there was a warm welcome from start to finish and the committee are a very friendly lot indeed. Thank you to my supper efficient steward too. 

Cocker Spaniel 

P (1,1) 1 Thornbrook Joint Venture. A promising 9 month dog with correct bite, good head with dark eye, well set ear, moderate neck leading to good front assembly and true with lashing tail BP PG2 

Y (5,5) 1 Thornbrook Stage Whisperer. Young male with clean chiselled head with fine leather, good slope to shoulder, well boned, compact body with spring of rib, good bend of stifle, presented in excellent coat, moved well with plenty of drive and performed better with handler she knew, BOB. 2. Thornbrook Kysanthemum. Younger kennel mate of 1st, not as finished as 1 but shows promise, bit too exuberant, lovely head with well set ears with great expression, good lay of shoulder moved well once settled. 3. Covenant Celtic Baroness Of Kerrijoy 

OD (5,4) 1. Covenant Celtic Prince Of Kerryijoy. Mature Dog with square muzzle & nice chiselling, good bone and feet, well muscled & fit with happy lashing tail on the move, turned out well 2. Kerrijoy Maserati. Sturdy, not as clean in head. Ribs well sprung, not as settled on the move at first but moved well when he got into his stride; good bend of stifle, well developed chest, again another turned out in great order. 3. Thornbrook Krossed Wires 

OB (5,3) 1. Thornbrook Brass In Packet. 18 month compact bitch, moving with powerful and drive once settled. Nice head and neck, set well on to sloping shoulders, deep brisket, nice neat feet, good top line with short lion 2. Thornbrook Vagabond Heart. Nicely headed, with pleasing neck and shoulders, deep with a good spring of rib. Not as developed behind, would have liked more power from behind 

Golden Retriever 

P (2,0) Yearling (5,3) 1.Balibeau Thons A Terra CPW22. Feminine cream bitch with lovely balanced head, clean well set eyes, elbows close, level topline leading to well carried tail. A happy person who moved with power and drive, in peak condition with good coat to match. BOB & G1 2. Lampcien Snow Kween Pleasing heading with broad skull, strong jaw and correct bite, balanced throughout. On good feet, and uses herself well on the move. 3. Balibeau Keep ‘ER Lit 


P (5,2) 1. Broconnell Divis. A keen 7 months, happy puppy, moved well. Thick tail at base with good tapering and dense coat. Good breadth to skull with defined stop, appealing front with good lay of shoulder, round compact feet and hocks well let down. Moved well and true BP & PG4 2. Broconnell Bluetit A charming young lad in fit condition, clean-cut cheeks, nice eye, ears close to skull, short coupled, well sprung ribs. Could be done with being moved faster 3. Brownstead Dark Boy Of Linenvale 

G (4,2) 1.Talard Duke Of Hastings A strongly built dog, deep through the chest lovely masculine head. Shoulder laid well back, moved free and with purpose. Has a good thick tail, neat feet and held topline well on the move . 2.Talard Miss Bridgerton Littler sister to 1, same as attributes just in feminine form, happy and eager to preform, in great order 3 Broconnell Robin 

OD (2,1) 1. Broconnell Against All Odds. Short coupled dog with a great spring of rib & level topline leading to thick tail that never stopped; well let down hocks, showing good ground coverage on the move.

OB (3,1) 1. Talard Lady Gaga. A 2 year old bitch presented in top fit order with clean neck set into well placed shoulders, a nice short hard dense coat, compact feet, lovely & short coupled, good bone and used herself on the move so well covering the ground with ease and economy. BOB 2. Brigburn Nina At Broconnell. 20 month old bitch showing promise with a good defined stop, scissor bite, strong jaw, good width of chest, well developed hindquarters. Goes with drive while one the move, holding her topline. 


O (1,1) 1. Blacktoft Veneza. 10 month nicely moulded head with slight stop, well set on ears, good spring of rib, free flowing on the move, tail gaily carried - a promising youngster BOB & PG3 

Irish Setter 

Yearling (2) 1. Ladysdale Maud Gonne Ir.Jun.Ch,Cen.JW. Elegant bitch, eyes of almond shape, good brows, ribs well sprung, has tight feet, and was free flowing on the move. Presented in good coat. 2.Mulinderg Sweet. Racy and well constructed with good topline, long and lean head, moderate neck flowing to shoulders which are well back, good co-ordination on the move just needs more weight and experience. 

OD (1,1) Ir.Sh.Ch Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Ir.Jun.Ch,Jd,Cen.W. 5 year old dog presented in good order, pleasing head shape with eyes full of expression and with doming of skull. Ears set on low and with neat fold, shoulder well back with well let down elbow, firm topline muscular loin with slight arch, free moving with a happily carried tail. BOB G2 

American Cocker 

O (4,1) 1. Ir Sh Ch Silvross Van Halen Sings Cherdon ShCM. 7 year old dog in great order, chiselled head with defined stop and brows, nice round eye, ears set on well, good bite. Clean front, well-boned, nice slight slope in topline, moved effortlessly BOB & G4. 2. Lucy Lu Believe this was this youngsters first outing, lovely chiselled head with full eyes, strong arched neck leading to good front assembly & well sprung ribs good topline just showed her inexperience but handler guided her though well. 3. Ir Sh Ch Chicomy’s Rumour Has It CJ22, CW22, CenW, JunCh 


SY (2,2) 1.Dianas Argentum Danika At Weidovan Pleasing feminine head with moderate stop with good length of ear. Lovely placed shoulder, level topline, moderately angulated hindquarters, which showed when on the moved covering the ground while holding topline firmly. BOB, BP, PG1 & RBPIS 2.Baltovein Sirius 9 month dog moderate in head proportions with well set ears, was just a bit raw and unfinished, good body proportions moved well when he moved correctly and wasn’t being over exuberant. 

Open (1,1) Callanbanks Dervlas Dream Mature bitch with pleasant head and round eyes, ears set high, clean neck, deep in chest, bit unsettled to begin with on the move but went well once settled. 

English Setter 

OD (1,1) 1. Bushbane Celtic Patriot. impressive young dog, presented in top condition. Well defined head with expressive eye, long muscular neck leading to well set back shoulders, well developed in body, good bend of stifle, natural moving with great head carriage on the move. BOB & BP 

OB (1,1) 1. Bushbane Celtic Thunder. 6 Month old b puppy from same kennel as previous class winner and another very promising youngster indeed. An elegant bitch who just flowed all the way through from head to tail. Beautiful head, well proportioned throughout, correct tail set, moved well in-between playing, she was beautifully handled, (she was almost on the plane home!). 

Large Munsterlander 

O (4,1) 1. Ir Sc Celtaur Angel Lake Jw17 Cw17. Long head in proportion with body. Well boned with strong patterns. Well muscled, and with hocks well let down, free moving, well set on tail, in good coat. BOB. 2.Tureagh Crystal charisma Daughter of the winner which shows, another nice head and strong topline. Has good lay of shoulder & slight arch of neck, well muscled thighs, slight tuck up -promising. 3. Liatroim Jade At Gunershill Cen Jw, Cen W, Jun Ch 

Gavin A Ingram (Judge)