• Show Date: 01/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gavin Ingram Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/01/2024

Otley Canine Society

Otley Canine Society - Open Show 

Thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge this fantastic show, despite the odd rain shower the committee ran the show to a tee with great announcements throughout the day just made me think of “Hi-De-Hi”. The quality of dogs on the day were top quality from puppies to Show Champions it was a pleasure to judge them all.

Bracco Italliano

Puppy (4,2) 1. Warburton- Owlspoint Loads Of Trouble. 6 Month Dog long angular & narrow head with good planes, moved well with good reach, well laid back shoulder, good spring of rib with slight tuck up moved well with great drive BP and G1
2.Atherton- Braccorions You Again At Brevathos. 8 month B nice chiselled below eyes, soft expression, well constructed showing square body with broad chest moved well. Needs to firm up in topline and feet which will come with time. 

Yearling (4,0) 1. Jackson- Gunsyn Hottoddy 13 month o&w male not long out of puppy but he was on form today. Moved with complete ease using himself to power round the big ring, head showing clean planes with good mask, square in stature well angled front and back, he does have some filling out to do but I’m sure he will blossom in the months ahead glad to award him BOB
2. Sanderson- Whitgun U’can’t This At Walwal JW 17m B clean balanced head. Not quite the upper arm of 1, but with good bone all through - moved well behind with plenty of drive 3. Whitgun Renegade Master At Owlspoint JW

Limit (5,2) 1.Jackson- Gunsyn Rumours. Fit male in super order, good head, just needs to body up and fill in throughout. Enthusiastic mover. 
2.Sanderson- Owlspoint Trouble Again JW. Heavy made chestnut lacks a but of upper arm length, good bone, bit wide behind
 3. Kelevra Cioccolation 

Open (5,2) 1. Sanderson- ShCh Olwspoint Trouble At Mill ShCM ShCEx BWLN’18 Mature lad who was well bodied and moved well with ease. Super front assembly, moved well enough but didn’t seem to be at the top of his game today, RBOB 2. Jackson- Polcevera’s Bruma. B not as settled on the move as 1, good top line and overall outline but needs to get to grips with the job. 3.Solowaypoint Portofino


Puppy (2,0) 1. Charlish- Gunalt Hangover 7 month Dog, Very Promising young man of top quality, well balanced overall, clean head with good fold of ear and placement. Clean neck leading to good lay of shoulder. Presented in fabulous condition that showed on the move; sound and true BP G3 
2. Longbottom & Milby-Gunalt - Curtain Call. Well balanced head proportions of skull and muzzle, level topline with ribs well sprung with good short strong loin, moderate angled behind, moved with efficiency once she played ball. One to watch.

•Yearling (2,0) 1. Isherwood- Gunalt Schweppes at Caleydene JW Impressive young dog, masculine without being over done, medium sized and moderate all through as required. In general there is nothing over exaggerated with him, Moved round the ring with ease, and power. In fit condition. RBOB 2. Dobbs- Kalimor Summa Love JW nicely balanced front and rear angulation with a good lay of shoulder good length to height ratio, in good condition moved well.

•Limit (2,0) 1. Pilatova- Sabsky Svratka JW Level topline with slight slop at croup strong loin, Clean neck flowing into nice front brisket to elbow, good substance and feet. 2.Isherwood- Gunalt Spoonful At Caleydene lovely headed B, good ear set with fold, good body and depth of Brisket moved freely and held topline while on the move,

•Open (5,0) 1. Rodgers- Sh Ch Minstergate Carnival JW “What a show girl”. Moved so freely and effortlessly, presented in top order from fitness to her coat, Feminine head with moderate stop, with clean lines, lovely constructed nothing over done or exaggerated with her even her coat in top order short and dense BOB 2. Yewdall- Gunalt Adorable From Ladwey ShCM Mature B in top order for starting off her veteran stint, Clean and balanced head with good textured ears level in topline stood and on the move, moved with great ease and freely. Very close up to 1, a great ambassador for the breed and deserving of this good place in this lovely quality class. 3. Kalimor Daisy JW


Puppy (1,0) 1.Geary- Wesley Vom Alte Wald AT Germanus (IMP HUN) NAF TAF. 6 month baby with plenty of promise, broad enough in skull with moderate stop presented in nice harsh coat with plenty furnishings. Played ball for being fresh out the gate, moved well with good drive showing great hind action

Yearling (4,1) 1. Geary- Germanus Hotwyr Minjarra. Young B in good jacket and head furnishings, well balanced with good topline with slight fall away at croup. In fit condition and now just need to mature RBOB
2. Geary- Germanus Black In Bizniz, this young chap was full of him self and made his handler work hard, pleasing head with good deep chest with good tuck up, fit and in good coat moved well once settled 
.3 Rudishaw Wltzing Matilda

Limit (2,1) 1. Geary- Germanus Stands Out A Mile, still a young B with pleasing head with medium ears set on well, strong neck going into to strong shoulders good spring of rib with good tuck up. Well muscled behind which showed on the move and her strong driving action took her to BOB

6-11 years (8,2)

1. Eliza Darwish. Did a grand job and did everything asked with panache and accuracy. Worked very well with her dog all through. 2. Erin Holgate. Another very skilled handler who looked the part, did everything asked and worked well with her charge. Little to separate the first two. 3. Ava Oddie

12-16 years (8,2)

1. Francesa Wilson. Foot perfect in her performance and at one with her dog at all times. They worked in unison together and were a great team. 2. Charlotte Robertshaw. Just pipped to the post by 1 as her dog wasn’t quite playing ball at the end and this unsettled the partnership. Very close up to the winner. 3. Ashley Sutton

17+ years (17,6)

1. Bryony Fossett. Very accomplished handler presenting a professional partnership and demonstrating a good rapport with her dog. Communicated all the time to let her dog know what to do and how to do it, excellent kind handling.2. Jo Malin. Did a good job with the GSP and did everything asked. Very close up to 1 indeed, but just not quite the same confidence at the winner at the moment. Great handler. 3. Maxine Proudler.

Gavin Ingram (Comalegy) (Judge)