• Show Date: 18/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gabrielle Sloane Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Exeter & County Canine Society

Exeter & County Canine Society

Open Show

Saturday 18th March 2023

Exeter Livestock Centre, Matford, Exeter. EX2 8FD

Gabrielle Sloane (Ferasheen)

Firstly, my thanks to the society for their invitation to judge at such a well organised and enjoyable show and for their lovely reception on the day. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for their entry, I was very fortunate in the quality of the exhibits on the day. Such a shame we couldn’t be outside as I think a few of the exhibits would really have benefitted from the larger ring, however with heavy rain forecast it couldn’t be helped.

Irish Setter Puppy (3 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st Hall’s Riverbrue Ophelia Love Glennara

An elegant and racy young girl, sporting both substance and femininity. Flowing outline on the stack with good proportions. Pretty head with lovely expression, correct eye shape and colour, raised brow and correct finish to foreface. Clean neck of good length, nice return of forearm and straight in front. Super width of upper thigh and turn of stifle for one so young and with good muscle tone throughout her hindquarters. Moved very well for a young baby, very happy with great drive from the rear covering the ground efficiently. Best Puppy.

2nd Yokohama Lofty To Evenflow

Another lovely young girl, different in type to first and not yet quite as mature but pleasing balanced throughout. I preferred the eye shape of one, and not as clean in neck but she scored highly in sternum and shoulder placement. Correct depth of chest with ribs very well sprung and of good length. Hindquarters well matched to her forequarters and very well muscled, stood on lovely tight feet. Moved well with accurate footfall and good width.

3rd Glimmer Noblesse Eagle Eye Blaysdell (Imp Svk) NAF TAF

Irish Setter Special Yearling (7 Ent, 1 Abs)

1st Krasny Alita Angel

Very eyecatching youngster of pleasing proportions, good layback of shoulder and balanced return of forearm into straight front. Topline fluid and gently sloping, just a little steeper in croup than I would prefer. another with excellent width of upper thigh into a lovely turn of stifle. Pasterns short and neat and stood on good tight feet with correct arched toes. Moved very well to win a lovely class, showing both attitude and energy whilst maintaining precision.

2nd Lynwood Ruddy Fantastic

Substantial boy of a different type to first. Lovely bone and body for one so young. Masculine head with clean neck, good shoulder placement and strong sternum although a little upright in return at the moment. Super spring of rib and depth of chest, loved his width of upper thigh although he does need to drop into his stifle a little as is often the case with young boys. Presented in fabulous coat and condition, when settled moved well.

3rd Zakhans Rough Diamond With Shushana

Irish Setter Post Graduate (6 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st Grenada Lofty Czerwony (Imp Pol)

A very balanced and honest bitch, nothing exaggerated about her, everything was in moderation. Pretty head and expression, although a fraction rounder in eye. Strong forequarters with good layback of shoulder and corresponding return of forearm, front true and of good width. Hindquarters balanced with her fore and with strong upper thigh, well muscled throughout. Another a little steeper in croup which did spoil her tail carriage on the move but nonetheless she had good footfall and covered the ground efficiently with animation.

2nd Covarney Dream Time From Bronrians JW

Very sweet expression on this little lady, dark eye of correct shape, good stop and finish to foreface. Clean neck setting well into lovely layback of shoulder, not the spring of rib or sternum of first but good depth of brisket and ribs carried well back into correct slightly arched loin. Strong hindquarters into short rear pasterns. A little erratic at the rear going on this surface and another who may have benefitted from a larger ring, very well handled

3rd Redclyst The Celt

Irish Setter Open Dog ( 9 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st Thendara Marshmello JW

A very eye catching and exuberant boy who really commands attention in the ring. Presented in pristine condition both in coat and musculature. A shade stronger in head but with good eye shape and colour, prominent stop and quizzical brow giving a gentle expression. Good length of neck into nice shoulder placement, strong in return and straight in front. Well bodied throughout with great spring of rib carried well back. Sweeping turn of stifle supported by excellent muscle tone, highlighted on the move where he powered around the ring making the most of every bit of space.

2nd Gwendariff JustTalkAboutMe

A lovely boy in his absolute prime, presented a picture on the stack, very clean in outline, balanced racy, gentle slope to his topline, correct tailset and in blooming coat. Fabulous head, masculine but in no way overdone, correct eye shape and parallel planes, lovely chiselling, super brow and melting expression. Cleaner in neck than first into well laid back shoulder and corresponding return of forearm highlighting a strong sternum. A shade narrower in front than first, but ribbed well back into muscular loin and strong hindquarters with a super turn of stifle and short pasterns. Sadly rather unenthusiastic on the move today and therefore not the reach or drive of first. I suspect he needed a little more space to be comfortable striding out.

3rd Redclyst Boris

Irish Setter Open Bitch (4 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st Sh Ch Jetsetter Cristalle To Polmenor JW (Imp Rus)

This bitch took my eye as soon as she entered the ring, her balance and elegance could not be beaten in this class. She has such a beautiful head and expression, loved her eye shape and chiselling creating a melting expression, clean in flew, balanced planes and prominent occiput. Excellent length of neck in good shoulder placement, liked her width through the front, neat at the elbow and true. Longer cast but remaining balanced, beautiful turn of stifle into short pasterns and fabulous feet. Covered the ground gracefully and efficiently, with expressive tail action and maintaining a flowing topline. Best Of Breed

2nd Redclyst Ola

Another very pretty lady, although her head is a fraction plainer than first she has balanced planes, strong stop and good finish to her foreface. Another good length of neck with correct arch setting cleanly into her forequarters. Not the shoulder placement of one but good sternum and straight in front. Ribs well sprung and carried well back into muscular correctly slightly arched loin. Great width to upper thigh and width to hindquarters, just a shade rounded in croup. Presented in good coat and condition and moved well.

3rd Covarney Estee Avec Marzanne JW

Gabrielle Sloane