• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gabrielle Sloane Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/01/2024

East Anglian Gundog Society

Class 29 Irish Setter Puppy ( 3 Ent, 1 Abs)

1st Richardson’s Bardonhill McIntosh Red At Montgreenan

Handsome 7-Month-Old Male already showing good body and proportions. Balanced, masculine head with correct almond eye of good colour, strong occiput and stop and lovely chiselling. Clean through the neck into well laid-back shoulders and strong return of forearm. Correct depth to brisket with ribs already well sprung going into strong loin. As expected at this age, he does need to drop into his stifle a little but this will likely come as he develops, and he has good width to both upper and lower thigh. Although this young man did like to make his handler work, he covered the ground very well on the move, showing good reach and driving well from short pasterns maintaining his topline throughout with correct tail carriage. A shade loose at the front coming towards but I’m sure he will settle as he matures. Best Puppy In Breed and Reserve Best Of Breed.

2nd Thomas’ Meldor-Sett Fairy Lily At Dawnmaen TAF

Older 11-Month bitch of a different type to first, built on more compact lines but maintaining raciness, sporting a beautiful deep chestnut coat. Prettiest of heads with melting expression, strong brow and good chiselling. I would prefer a slightly better layback of shoulder but with the correct depth to chest and lovely spring of rib. Stood on lovely neat feet with well arched toes. Didn’t quite have the extension or drive of first on the move but very collected for so young a lady.

Class 30 Irish Setter Junior (3 Ent, 2 Abs)

1st Second In Puppy

Class 31 Irish Setter Post Graduate (4 Ent, 3 Abs)

1st White’s Paduan Easter Blessing

Four year old bitch shown in blooming coat. Pretty head and expression with clean neck with good crest setting cleanly into topline. A little upright in shoulder and could benefit from a little more return of forearm but with good bone and lovely spring of rib into muscular loin. Excellent width to upper thigh and strong turn of stifle, a fraction steep in croup but with neat short pasterns. Longer cast and shown in great muscular condition, she was so thoroughly enjoying herself on the move and needs to settle a little to show herself to her best advantage.

Class 32 Irish Setter Limit (2 Ent, 2 Abs)

Class 33 Irish Setter Open (3 Ent, 2 Abs)

1st Weller’s Bardonhill A Kind Of Magic With Juldeane

Mature 5 year old bitch now in her absolute prime. On initial look this bitch has a beautifully clean shape without any exaggeration, sporting a coat of fabulous quality and texture. Exquisitely feminine head with parallel planes, dark eye, correct length of foreface and oval skull giving a soft and highly intelligent expression. Moderately long neck into well placed shoulder and good forechest, front true with good bone and stood on neat feet. Correct depth to brisket and fabulous spring of rib. Hindquarters balanced with her fore, well muscled upper thigh and excellent sweep of stifle, a touch longer in pastern but had lovely articulation in the hock on the move, covering the ground fluidly, with both reach and drive. Very pleased to be able to award her Best Of Breed

Gabrielle Sloane