• Show Date: 15/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gabrielle Sloane Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 25/01/2024

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Goyt Valley Gundog Society

Premier Open Show

Sunday 15th October 2023

At Leigh Sports Centre, Leigh Sports Village,

Sale Way, Leigh. WN7 4JY

My thanks to the committee for their kind invitation to judge at such a well-run show and for their exceptional hospitality. The work each committee member put in on the day was incredible and enabled the show to run like a well-oiled machine. I would also like to thank all those who entered under me and the exhibitors on the day, combining a lovely entry and such a super atmosphere ensured it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

English Setter

Class 9 English Setter Puppy (2 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st Colton’s Ennydloc Bells And Whistles

10-Month-Old Dog, very mature for his age, already well off for body. Handsome head of good proportions, lovely oval eye and correct stop. Good length of neck, set cleanly into topline. Strong in front with lovely layback of shoulder and prominent sternum, correct depth of chest and super spring of rib. Needs to drop into his stifle a fraction but excellent width to upper thigh and stood on good feet. Although he did like to give his handler a little bit of a job on the move, he maintained his shape and covered the ground well. Best Puppy In Breed

2nd Forrest’s Elvistar Private Dancer

Almost 11-Month-Old Blue Belton Bitch. A few weeks older than first but one that I think will take a little time and so today giving away a lot in maturity. Another well-proportioned head, so clearly feminine, with a lovely dark eye. Long, clean neck into good shoulder placement, preferred the forechest of one but good spring of rib and correct width to loin, balanced in angulation fore and aft and correct over the croup. Not the front movement of first being a little loose coming but lovely head carriage and correct tail action.

Class 10 English Setter Junior (6 Ent, 3 Abs)

1st Owen’s Marwessett Ysobel Enigma At Cornsett

Almost 14-Month-Old Orange Belton Bitch. Super feminine head, correct oval skull with low set ear, clean neck into a lovely layback of shoulder and return of forearm, true in front with correct rounded bone. Ribs well sprung and carried well back, I would prefer a higher tail set however she possesses good width to both upper and second thigh with strong turn of stifle and stood on tight feet with super arched toes. On the stack clearly well balanced throughout, Handler did tend to overstretch her a little on the matting, but she corrected herself. Easily took this class on her movement, making the most of every bit of space and covering the ground freely and fluidly with reach and drive, a super head carriage and maintaining her topline at all times. Best Of Breed

2nd Miller’s Ravensett Calvaro

15-Month-Old, Orange Belton Dog, pleasing in head with kind eye, correct in flew and clean neck of good length set smoothly into well placed shoulders. Not as true in front as one but well-muscled and with good bone. Level topline and ribbed well back into wide loin, however not the turn of stifle of first. Sadly, carrying a little extra weight today which affected both his shape on the stack and his movement.

3rd Forrest’s Elvistar A Boy Named Sue

Class 11 English Setter Post Graduate (5 Ent, 2 Abs)

1st Snook’s Moorbrook Mogul Of March

Mature Blue Belton Male, well made and balanced throughout. Lean head of good length with muzzle of correct depth showing kind expression. This boy has good overall shape without being overdone, a firm level topline which he maintained, excellent spring of rib and correct tailset. Balanced angulations fore and aft with excellent width to both upper and lower thigh. Stood on good tight feet. Presented in good coat and condition however he would have benefitted from a larger ring today as he couldn’t quite get into his stride in the space available.

2nd Owen’s Sharnyx Sparklin Starlight At Cornsett

Orange Belton Bitch of good type and shape. Another lady with a lovely head and soft expression. Not as straight in front as first but lovely bone and strong front pasterns on tight feet. Strong level topline and well ribbed back, with good spring and firm through her loin, not quite the depth of chest of first but I’m sure this will come with time. Well-made hindquarters balanced with fore and showing good turn of stifle. On todays flooring she was a little untidy in front and didn’t have the flexibility in the hock joint of first on the move.

3rd Smith’s Gold Mercury Beauty Style Of Meadowrush (Imp Rus)

Class 12 English Setter Open (5 Ent, 1 Abs)

1st Snook’s Dalreavoch Northern Caper

Fully mature Blue Belton Dog. Excellent head with dark eyes, correct proportions, prominent in both stop and occiput and correct in flew. Strong forechest with well laid-back shoulder and corresponding return of forearm. Correct depth to brisket, elbows well let down, well ribbed back into strong loin, hindquarters of good width and muscle, with correct tail set and croup. Another that would have benefitted from a larger ring as he was a little stilted on the move today.

2nd Forrest’s Walshaw Illumination Over Elvistar

Very pretty, mature bitch with good overall proportions. Feminine head with oval skull, well-set ears and defined occiput. Clean through the neck with correct arch, shoulders well laid back, good spring of rib and stood on super feet. Topline level and maintained throughout, a little wide coming towards but good driving action in profile.

3rd Owen’s Cornsett You My Everything

Irish Red and White Setter

Class 37 Irish Red and White Setter Puppy (No Entries)

Class 38 Irish Red and White Setter Junior (No Entries)

Class 39 Irish Red and White Setter Post Graduate (1 Ent, 1 Abs)

Class 40 Irish Red and White Setter Open (2 Ent, 1 Abs)

1st Jackson’s Taxus Rising Spring

Stood alone but still a lovely well-balanced girl with good outline and shape. Very athletic in appearance with sufficient bone. Pretty in head with domed skull and good stop. Slightly arched, clean neck into good shoulder layback. Chest of enough depth with well sprung rib. Hindquarters strong and wide, stood on tight feet. So very happy on the move today which resulted in a little untidiness both coming and going but covered the ground well in profile with lashing tail action. Best Of Breed

Irish Setter

Class 41 Irish Setter Puppy (5 Ent, 1 w/d)

1st Blackshaw’s Lanstara Cherrorvale Moon Dancer

Very raw 7-Month-Old Bitch, still very much at the leggy stage and needs to come together but showing good potential for one so young. Prettiest of heads with dark almond eye, good brow and low set ears with plenty of chiseling and correct length of foreface. Elegant length of neck with slight arch and without throatiness. Balanced in angulation fore and aft and true in front. Correct depth of chest with ribs carried well back, would prefer a shade more spring but she is still so young so has plenty of time. Stood on lovely, neat feet. Took this class on her movement, being collected and precise whilst covering the ground efficiently and with drive. Best Puppy In Breed and very pleased to see her go Puppy Group 3.

2nd Robinson’s Cherrorvale Dream Come True

Another raw baby, litter sister to one but at a different stage in development. Well bodied for one so young and already possessing a beautifully lustrous dark coat, feminine head with dark eye and correct planes. Not quite as clean through the neck as first but set cleanly in good shoulder placement, strong forechest and preferred her for spring of rib. Ribs carried well back into muscular loin, a shade steeper in croup than first but with good width to hindquarters. Would benefit from a larger ring as she preferred to pace today but she very much has time on her side.

3rd Hearn’s Cataluna Light Of My Soul

Class 42 Irish Setter Junior (2 Ent, 0 Abs)

1st Green’s Loganrish Out On The Town

18-month-old male, presented a striking outline on the stack. Handsome head with intelligent expression, correct planes, and beautiful chiseling. Elegant reach of neck with correct arch set cleanly into topline. Straight in front with good depth of chest and ribs carried well back into muscular loin. Gently sloping topline into correct tailset. Excellent turn of stifle into short pasterns and stood on neat feet. Moved out very well maintaining his topline at all times, with accurate footfall and covering the ground with reach and drive.

2nd Rose-Hay’s Cataluna Sir Lancelot

Very raw young male who will need time to body and mature. Strong in occiput with adequate stop and correct raised brow, preferred the finish to foreface of first. Good length of neck, set cleanly into correct gently sloping topline. Front straight and well boned, stood on neat feet. Strong spring of rib into muscular loin and good width to upper thigh, a little shorter in second thigh at the moment and therefore not the turn of stifle but with lovely short pasterns.

Class 43 Irish Setter Post Graduate (5 Ent, 2 Abs)

1st Green’s Loganrish Out On The Town

Repeat of 1st in Junior

2nd Robinson’s Lanstara Red Dress At Cherrorvale

Honest and mature bitch, not in her best bib and tucker today but well balanced with a clean outline. Very feminine in head, with lovely chiseling and raised brow over dark eye of correct shape, excellent planes and good finish to foreface. Clean in neck without throatiness, into super shoulder placement and corresponding return to forearm, strong in sternum and true in front. Good depth to chest and ribs carried well back, a shade steeper in croup than I would prefer but liked her width through her hindquarters and stood on excellent feet. Just lacked enthusiasm on the move today and therefore didn’t cover the ground as well as first.

3rd Miller’s Shudorared Amor Dillon

Class 44 Irish Setter Open (4 Ent, 2 Abs)

1st Cohen’s Lynwood Merry May King With Shushana

One who has done well under me previously and has maintained his early promise. Heavier built male now at his peak, excellent overall proportions throughout. Masculine head, correct parallel planes, excellent stop, strong occiput and good finish. Dark eye of correct shape under strong brow with beautiful chiseling and good earset. I would prefer him a shade cleaner in throat, but neck was of good length and maintained elegance. Super front on this boy, shoulder well laid back, excellent return of forearm and prominent sternum. True in front, well off for bone and stood on good tight feet. Correct depth of chest, ribs well sprung and carried well back into muscular, slightly arched loin. Loved his substance at the rear, well-muscled with excellent width to his upper thigh, strong turn of stifle and neat pasterns. Completely unexaggerated throughout and flowed around the ring maintaining his shape throughout. Very pleased to award him Best Of Breed.

Judge Miss Gabrielle Sloane (Ferasheen)