• Show Date: 04/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Fiona Hajee Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

British Dalmatian Club

British Dalmatian Club Open Show 4th February 2023

Special Award Classes

Thank you to the committee of BDC for the invitation to judge the special award classes at the February open show. Thank you also to my stewards. A special thank you for all those who entered their dogs under me, allowing me to gain further hands on experience & go over many dogs that I haven’t previously had the opportunity to assess.

Please remember to give your dogs every opportunity to showcase their movement. Many handlers took the snake path on the out & back which made evaluating their dogs fore and aft movement difficult.

Special Award Junior (7/2A)

1: Jenkins & Ridgway, Luccombe Strawberry Ripple. 9 month old L/S Bitch. Feminine, well balanced head, beautiful eye & lovely heart melting expression. Decent reach of neck, good fore-chest & depth of brisket for age. Super bone & substance. Nice height to length ratio, tail of pleasing length. Excellent tight feet & manicured nails. Rich dark liver decoration. She had smooth movement with a nice elasticity to her steps & good length of stride.

2: Pilgrim, Nospar’s Drambuie. 1 year old L/S Dog with plenty of substance. Appealing head, with nice amount of stop, free from coarseness & size in proportion with his body. Lovely reach of neck into very mature front. Good depth of brisket, well ribbed back, strong loin. Super feet. Athletic on the move, with powerful drive & easy ground coverage but carried his tail higher than I would prefer .

3: De Rozario & Brooks, Jemblewood Jelly Baby

Special Award Post Graduate (15/1A)

1: Haywood-Ridgway, Luccombe Strawberry Fizz. 4 year old B/S Bitch who has show biz style & is full of ring presence. Beautiful feminine head, lovely dark sparkling eye & the happiest expression. Lovely length of neck, well defined withers, good fore-chest. Nice for height & proportions, good bone. Flashy, bold, well distributed decoration, with excellent pigment. Her movement was easy on the eye, smooth & effortless. Paw perfect on the out & back with a consistent rhythm.

2: Crookes, Dalberry the Starburst. 2 year old L/S Dog. Unassuming on the stand this ‘gentleman’ of a dog quietly allows you to admire what he has to offer. Balanced head, good ear set & carriage, honest expression. Would prefer a fraction more length of neck. Attractive, well proportioned body, good fore-chest & depth of brisket, strong loin, tidy underline. Super top line with good set on of tail. Nicely decorated. This well schooled boy put on a solid performance on the move, with steady economic paces showing adequate reach & drive & elegant tail carriage.

3: Collier, Kallierbelle Ceithir

Special Award Open (6/1A)

1: England & Edens, Dalens Queen Of The Seas At Silverspot. An honest, well schooled bitch who is not flashy or attention grabbing on the stand, but has much to like. Pretty head, good length of neck & depth of brisket. Well balanced in angulation, enough bone. Pleasing length of tail. Neat cat feet, nicely manicured nails & a beautifully condition coat. She was moved perfectly straight on the out & back & at just the right speed & was a joy to watch. She tracked up correctly & had a steady, economical gait with good ground coverage.

2: Jenkins & Ridgway, Luccombe Strawberry Kisses. 7 year old B/S Bitch. Pretty head with good ear set & carriage. Nice length of neck , super fore-chest & straight front legs. Lovely for height & proportions. Good bone & substance, tight feet. Pleasing topline & tail set but would prefer a more toned underline. Super decoration, bold well distributed spots, excellent pigment. She moved well, light on her feet with slight elasticity to her steps, good rhythm & adequate ground coverage. Just out moved by 1 today, who was on top form.

3: Gardner, Wrendragge Stone the Crows

Judge: Fiona Hajee