• Show Date: 27/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Fiona Clarkson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tynedale Agricultural Society

My thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge at this lovely show. As it isn’t on any of the online entry systems or listings, it is a well-kept secret, perhaps known only to locals! One I would love to attend next year as an exhibitor.

American Cocker Spaniels

Graduate (1) 1. and BP Morris’ Norrashay’s Madam Cholet. Sweet buff 11m b. possessing good breed type, happy to see her coat was not overdone, well-made forehand with good forechest, well ribbed, short-coupled and straight limbed. Moved stylishly and was considered for BOB.

Open (2) 1. and BOB Morris’ Churchill Moser Dog at Mycalleys. 5y.o. buff d with a lovely outline, won on movement, and I preferred his coat (being less profuse) so I forgave the one misaligned tooth. However, for a 5 y.o. I would say he requires some dental attention. 2. Morris’ Mycalleys China Doll Black and tan 2y B with correct markings and well made all through. Played her handler up on the move.

Cocker Spaniels

Open (2, 1a) 1 and BOB. Rainey’s Kallispell Villanelle. Liked this blue roan b very much, found her to be well made on going over, typical and not overdone in any way. I just wished she had been a little more confident and made better use of her tail on the move however she improved as the day went on and was pleased to award her Group 4.

Clumber Spaniels

Open (2,1) 1. and BP/BOB Nesbitt’s Creeark Austin Healey. Stood alone but a worthy winner, this delightful 6m d with orange markings enjoying his first day out, really pleased my eye with his very sound construction and movement. Well made, free from exaggeration, well-sprung ribs, deep chest, firm topline. Straight limbs with ample bone, hocks low, good feet. Head still to develop but plenty of time to do so. 4TH in Puppy Group

Irish Setters

Graduate (1) 1. Barker and Reed’s Flinthill Ruby Rebel 20m b with a sweet head, straight forelegs, good spring of rib, fine shoulders, well laid back. A little unhappy today at having her back end touched, and she tucked it down when attempted – I wondered whether she was due in season and her owner confirmed that was the case.

Open (2,1) 1 and BOB. Danaway Tilly at Flinthill. I liked this 5yo b’s outline. Well made overall, with a lovely expression, straight limbs when viewed from any angle, deep chest and well-sprung ribs, gently sloping topline, feet could be better (and trimming them better could enhance), moved out well.

German S/H Pointers

Open (3,2) 1. and BOB Brown’s Montalba Mist Teatime. Loved this honest, powerful and workmanlike dog who oozes breed type, stood alone but thoroughly deserved his 1st. Beautiful classic head, so well made all through, well-muscled, in top condition and really powered around the ring later to take Group 1, well done.

Labrador Retrievers

Puppy (2) 1 and BP/BOB. Roberts’ Stormrose Daisy Hill. Hard to split these two quality yellow littermates of almost 8m, both have lovely heads and super construction, plenty of substance but in no way overdone. This b tended to dip a little in topline when she got too close to her handler but when standing correctly she has a super outline. Despite her brother’s better bend of stifle at this stage, I preferred his sister’s overall proportions and balance on the day and I liked her enough to award her BOB and 2nd in Puppy Group. 2. Roberts’ Stormrose Good as Gold Lovely d who shares his sister’s correct construction, I’m sure they will change places many times.

Graduate (2) 1. Roberts’ Stormrose Simply Heaven 2 yo black b with a classic outline, all the essentials and moved well, would have preferred a slightly darker hazel eye to soften her expression. 2. Morrow’s Rhythm Lagey. Chocolate b carrying a bit too much weight, reasonably well made although would prefer more layback of shoulder, didn’t move nearly as well as my winner.

Open (1) 1. Johnson and Hastie’s Kenaiteen Monet. 4.5yo yellow d, mature in body, nicely proportioned head with correct bite, Balanced and in good condition, he moved soundly. I would prefer a thicker tail, he does not have not enough forehand angulation for me, and he was a little out at elbow.


Junior (1) 1 and BP. Barker’s Flinthill Hot Shot. Lovely 10m orange and white b presenting a very pleasing outline, has all the breed essentials and moved stylishly and soundly to take Puppy Group 3 later, liked her very much.

Graduate (3,1) 1. White and Keith’s Codnorhawk Dolly Daydream Eyecatching liver and white with a lovely outline, good overall construction, she won this class with her powerful and efficient movement. 2. Smith’s Isla Rose by Fydal Wh/bl 2 yo b, nicely made, slightly more compact than my winner, she gave her handler a hard time on the move today.

Open (5, 4 abs) 1 and BOB. Blowers, Fowington Lar Ti Dar at Deadaway. Loved this stunning orange and white 4 yo b, both standing and on the move. Super, typical head with fine ear leathers, straight limbs with correct oval bone leading to well arched toes, super forequarters, correct topline, strongly built but feminine. She fought a close battle with the super GSP to take Group 2.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

Open (2) 1 BP and BOB Roffey’s Camusmor Ca Canny with Acanuck 10mo b with a massive puppy coat hiding her correct conformation with plenty to like once I got hands on. Moved well. 2. Wardhope’s Goldstar Struttin Nor Daisy Dukes. A much smaller b rather out of coat but well made, with desired markings, loved her jaunty movement.

AV Import Register Open (1) 1.Reekie’s Kyannes Avalanche Braque D’Auvergne. I was rather excited to get the opportunity to go over one of these lovely dogs, which necessitated swotting up the night before! Beautiful bitch who appeared to possess all the breed essentials, I had no others to compare her to but I was very impressed with her and shall certainly be taking more of an interest in this breed when the opportunity arises. Thank you for bringing her.

AV Gundog NSC Puppy (3, 1) 1, Best AVNSC and Puppy Group 1. Hackett and Williams’ Woodrocks Marla Mable at Foulby. Stunning IWS b of 10 m. My notes say Absolutely gorgeous in every way! Had everything I was looking for just oozes quality and I just couldn’t take my eyes off her, whether standing or on the move, she pulled out all the stops. 2. Pallini’s Krisada Not In Kansas. Powerfully built 10m Gordon Setter d with plenty to like, gorgeous typey head, ticked most of the boxes for me, just not as together as my winner at present.

AV Gundog NSC Open (5) 1. Gibson’s Dearham Dilys of Cadehill, 6yo WSS with the loveliest of heads and a classic outline. She is compact and balanced with very pleasing construction and possesses excellent breed type. Movement could have been more accurate, which cost her when she met the puppy but nevertheless a lovely example of her breed. 2. Hackett and Williams’ Sh Ch Curyco My Hot Rockstar Another super IWS from this owner, mature male with a profuse coat who was a joy to go over, everything as required by the breed standard, super front and feet, moved well, liked him very much. 3. Hackett and Williams’ Malanis Belle at Foulby.

GUNDOG GROUP 1. GSP, 2. Pointer, 3, Golden Retriever Foster’s Eau My Gold vs Cornerbrook to Auristela Imp Nld JW, Immaculately presented two year old b with super conformation, best of forehands, good spring of rib, level topline, well bent stifles and moved soundly and accurately. 4. Cocker Spaniel

Gundog Puppy Group 1. IWS, 2. Lab. 3. Pointer, 4. Clumber

AV Gundog Puppy (9) 1. Rodgers’ Ambersun Passione at Odarla. I have admired this Golden Retriever puppy from the ringside and going over her did not disappoint. Absolutely gorgeous in every way. I would prefer a little more confidence but with her faultless textbook construction, at this age I forgave that. 2. Barker’s Flinthill Hot Shot 3. Tait’s Crimicar Midnight

AV Gundog Open (6,3) 1. Gerhold’s Navilis Vivat Vivaldi Imp Ukr, JW. Two year old cream G Ret d in full bloom and presented to perfection, his construction is excellent throughout and he moved soundly and with style to take this class with ease. 2. Hills’ Arlo Indigo. Dark roe grey Weimaraner, reasonably well made and had to beat the third-placed Lab on movement. 3. Morrow’s Rhythm Lagey.

AV Gundog Veteran (10, 2) 1. Burrows’ Dilworthey Princess Lottie 8 yo G. Ret b I have done well before, and today was the best I have seen her looking. She has the well-angulated front that I look for, placing her legs well under her body, with a good forechest, good bend of stifle, and a level topline which she held on the move 2. Ewart’s Beaupippin Careyburn Linn. Honest type of mid-gold GR b who does not look her 10.5 years. Similar remarks to my winner apply, but this girl was feeling the heat. In super fit condition as always from this kennel. 3. Robbins and Rowark’s Largymore Lilygloves of Brekswood