• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/12/2023

Stroud & District Canine Society

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judge the Pastoral Group at this well-run show. I was very pleased with my entry, especially the quality of some of the puppies, promising a very good future for show dogs. I see some had already done a lot of winning and at least one had received a RCC. I will watch their progress with interest. I was delighted my Best Pastoral Puppy went Best Puppy in show and has been well placed in championship show Puppy Groups. At the other end there were some excellent Veterans who must have been very well cared for over the years. A credit to their owners. Special thanks to my very able steward and friend, Margaret Garland.



Brother and sister.

1. Axford’s Bramblemead Sparkling Lady. Both nearly 7 months old and their first show. A little nervous but OK when she got going. I felt she had a better outline and being a bitch, she was a bit longer. She had very good head proportions with a broad, flat square skull. Eyes were light blue toning with her coat colour, as she was born blue. Hindquarters were coming nicely with well bent stifles and low hocks. She moved well. BEST PUPPY.

2. Axford’s Bramblemead Bollinger Boy. Much the same type, as one would expect. He had a steadier temperament and shorter in outline. Head much the same. I did not feel he glided around the ring so well, but very nice.


1. Brooks & Grundy’s Fraglestone Familiarity. A lovely looking bitch with lots of quality. Showing a super outline, length and shape, producing good overall balance. Super feminine head of correct proportions. Broad, flat, square skull and moderate stop. Strong muzzle and large nose. Eyes giving kind expression. Good neck, shoulders and hindquarters. Nicely bodied, with firm hocks. Low set tail. Lovely movement, just glided around the ring smoothly with minimum of lift and effort. In good coat. BEST OF BREED.

2. Emery’s Tybury’s Black Magic. A lovely chap with a super happy temperament. Very masculine, but everything in correct proportion. Good masculine well proportioned head. Neck flowing into good shoulders. Nicely bodied with correct hindquarters. All very nice. I just felt the bitch had the better flowing movement on the day. Super thick double coat with undercoat.

OPEN (3)

1. Axford’s Roxilyn Blue Diamond at Bramblemead. Nice stylish balanced bitch, with lovely outline. Well-proportioned head with super soft eyes. Good shoulder placement, firm topline and strong hindquarters. Moved well covering the ground smoothly with effortless strides, keeping her topline. In good coat. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Brooks & Grundy’s Fraglestone Family Affair. Impressive slate coloured dog. Brother to the Post Graduate winner. Masculine head, with good eye expression, nice length of neck leading to well-placed shoulder. Nice body with depth of chest, well sprung ribs, strong loins, well-muscled hindquarters and low hocks. Moved well.

3. Emery’s Tybury’s Black Magic.



1. Gregory’s Tonkory Wait and See. Both young six month old puppies. This dog was mature with an adult coat. He was a bit apprehensive, but very young. Well-proportioned head with fairly broad skull and muzzle tapering to nose. Good length of body, level topline and well-turned stifles. Lovely bone but not coarse. Produced a lovely outline when settled. Moved OK. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Lee & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Wild Card. Lovely bitch puppy and going to be a real star when she grows up. She is just so immature at the moment. Still wearing her puppy coat. Super outline and structure. Wonderful movement.


1. Gregory’s Tonkory Wait and See. See Above.

2. Lee & Green’s Fayken I am Soul. Another maturer quality puppy dog. Masculine of good size, shape and substance. Good head of correct proportions, with intelligent expression. Nice length of neck. Correct shoulders, topline, croup and hindquarters, with low tail set. Fit and well-muscled. A wonderful mover assisted by a very good handler. One to watch for the future.

OPEN (3)

1. Lee & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Rebel with a Cause JW. The only adult at nearly 3 years old. Who was lacking in coat. Nothing to hide, showing her smooth, athletic outline and wonderful breed type. Well-proportioned head, correctly placed ears, with distinct stop. So feminine, but with good substance. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders. Level topline, good croup and strong, muscled hindquarters and well-turned stifles. Nice oval feet. Such smooth and tireless ground covering movement. Handled so well. If she had been in full coat, she would have been a very hot contender for the Group. BEST OF BREED.



1. Beardsworth’s Maysinder Sapphire Reign. Beautiful, shapely young blue merle bitch. Super, well-proportioned head, resembling a well-blunted clean wedge. Flat skull with slight stop and enough under jaw. Lovely dark almond shaped eyes giving correct expression. Correctly placed ears, nicely tipped. Well arched neck leading into sloping shoulders. Well sprung ribs, good topline and length of back, with rise over the loin. Muscled hindquarters and well bent stifles. She had good bone with no trace of coarseness. Moved well. May be better moved a bit faster. Very nice type. BEST OF BREED.

OPEN (1)

1. Lyall’s Santaloly’s Sky Amidalas. An 8 year old sable and white bitch, which appeared hard to show, so not giving her best. Head OK, with not such parallel planes as the youngster. Nice almond shaped eyes giving sweet expression. Body slightly long compared to height. Back firm with a slight rise over the loins but appeared to be square over the croup. Reluctant to move well. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Small & Thompson’s Ansalfrose Weikko. A well grown 11-month-old wolf sable puppy dog, with striking markings. He caught my eye when he entered the ring. He had an attractive colouring, giving an impressive overall appearance. Lovely temperament and attitude. He was well boned, shapely, balanced and in proportion. Super head, strong and comparatively broad, but all in proportion. Good ear set and pleasing expression. Confident and alert. Strong neck and good lay of shoulders. Lovely well boned strong straight fore legs. Firm body with strong straight back and short loin. Strong hind quarters with good angulation. Well arched oval feet. Moved well. Brisk, effortlessly and straight, with true, easy action covering the ground. High set tail carried curved over his back. Well presented, in lovely coat. I will watch his future with interest. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Ellis & Crosby’s Tabanyaruu Borealis Bliz. Quite a different type. A 14-month-old bitch and not so mature as above. She is well balanced. Attractive well-proportioned head and expression. She has enough width to skull for her age and sex. Nice length of neck. Appeared to have a longer back, being slightly leggier and squarer. Firm topline and loin, holding her shape on the move. Coat not fully developed.

3. Treasure’s Pavoskas Galaksitti.

4. Ellis’ Tabanyaruu Christie Alvi.


1. Small & Thompson’s Ansalfrose Weikko. See Above.

2. Ellis & Crosby’s Tabanyaruu Borealis Bliz. See Above.

3. Smith’s Rajarani Christmas Rose.

4. Treasure’s Pavoskas Galaksitti.

OPEN (1)

1. Treasure’s Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM VW ShCEx. What a cracking old lady this is. At 11 years old, she still has it, she still uses it and can just still beat the youngsters. So well-constructed and must have been wonderful in her time. She has the gentlest expression and nature. Super feminine broad head. Oval eyes and medium sized ears. Good set of clean teeth. Straight well boned forelegs and compact feet, just showing a little weakness in pasterns on the stack. Good depth of chest, moderate ribbing and a strong topline. Still has good muscle tone. Moved very soundly in all ways. A real credit to her owners. A super wolf sable colour in good coat. BEST OF BREED.



1. Stephens’ Chalksville Made of Magic for Brightmeadow. The star of the day for me, who went on to be Best Puppy in Show. Only 7 months old, who oozes quality. Workmanlike and balanced. A clean-cut head of good proportions, almond shaped dark eyes, well set ears with a strong jaw and good teeth. Correct length of neck into good shoulders. Straight fore legs with oval bone and firm, supple pasterns. Lovely depth of chest with a good front. Firm, strong, well-muscled back presenting a lovely topline. Croup slightly sloping. Well-muscled hindquarters and strong, firm hocks. A very sound mover. Good reach from the front and thrust from the rear, flowing around the ring, keeping his topline. Also, keeping his handler fit. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED.


1. Hince’s Cleestangate Fabian. A well-balanced dog, free from exaggeration and very well put together, presenting an overall nice shape. Good head, broad skull, strong muzzle, tight black lips and good scissor bite. Correct length of neck, carrying his head well. Well laid shoulders, straight fore legs and round arched feet. Correct length of body with nice topline, that perhaps could slope a little more. Well-developed hindquarters with strong hocks.

2. Lemon’s Solophina Floyd at Mitzahner. Attractive black and gold coloured dog of a super type. Lovely strong head, with dark eyes and good firm ears. Appeared heavy on shoulders with slightly short steep upper arm. Very good hindquarters. Moved well. Presented in super condition, giving a nice overall shape.

OPEN (2)

1. Allison’s Sunny River Shannon. A 7-year-old bitch presented in lovely condition. Well-balanced feminine head, fairly broad between the ears. moderate stop and strong muzzle. Well-placed firm ears and almond shaped eyes with a good expression. Correct shoulder placement. Good length of body and slope of croup. Stands a bit square, better when pulled out a bit more. Slightly low on front pasterns and feet could be tighter due to her age. Moved soundly up and down with good side gait. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



Both bitches of similar age.

1. Davies’ Parabar Aspiring Actress Piparlo. Nice outgoing personality, full of character. Well balanced, with nice outline. Correct head, almond shaped eyes showing good expression. Nice neck set into well laid shoulders. Correct front legs that turn out slightly. Lovely forechest, firm level topline and well-turned stifles. Moved out well, smartly and briskly. Good colour and markings. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Palanca. She did not seem very happy and not very enthusiastic. As a result, she did not show herself off to advantage, being rather hunch backed, which was a great shame. If she had shown better, she would have shown off her good qualities. She had a pretty head, with almond shaped eyes. Good bone, well-muscled and conditioned, with well-turned stifles. Nice colour and well-marked.

OPEN (2)

1. Grant-Parkes’ Parabar Perfec’ Popkin. A good quality, mature dog with a lovely happy temperament. Attractive well-proportioned head, flat skull and moderate stop. Almond shaped eyes and ears showing lift at base, nicely tipped. Good reach of neck into excellent shoulders. Well bodied and toned all through, well angulated hindquarters and good turn of stifles. Super character with excellent movement. In very good coat with correct markings. Unfortunately, his handler had recently had a hip operation and could not stay for the group. BEST OF BREED.



1. Baverstock’s Kalkasi Super Special. Both young 7 month old bitch puppies, who were very immature. Both much the same. I preferred this one’s head. Good reach of neck into good shoulders. Firm, level topline. Good bone and feet. Muscular hindquarters developing and well-turned stifles. Moved OK.

2. Kenyon & Ward’s Charibere Reason to Dream at Kaianna. Nothing much between these two, who could change places at any time. She had a nice feminine head, developing well. Good reach of neck into good shoulders. Good bone and feet. Muscular hindquarters and well-turned stifles. Moved OK.


1. Baverstock’s Kalkasi King of Hearts. A very mature 10-month-old dog puppy, who looks as if he is going to be an imposing chap. A powerful yet elegant puppy, very well balanced with a lovely outline. A strong head without coarseness. Curved skull sloping into strong muzzle. His almond shaped eyes certainly gave the ‘noble, intelligent, contemplative expression’. Powerful shoulders, straight forelegs down to short compact feet. Broad chest, level, straight back and good hindquarters. Very free movement with drive from the rear. Super thick coat, coarser texture on top. Such a showman. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED.

2. Carter’s Jumicar Moonstone. A 2-year-old maturing bitch of quite a different type. She appeared to be longer and lower with everything in moderation. Very feminine with nice proportions, moderate and balanced. Good head and eyes. Reluctant to move. Well presented.

OPEN (1)

1. Carter’s Jumicar Sweet Lady Luck. A beautiful, feminine, mature bitch, with a well-balanced outline. Good blunt head and super almond shaped eyes giving intelligent expression. Fairly small, triangular ears set level with eyes. Correct neck. Powerful shoulders, with straight, strongly boned forelegs. Deep and broad chest, with well-fitting elbows. Super body, with ribcage extended well back. Correct length of level back, keeping a level topline on the move. Well-muscled thighs with medium angulation of stifles and good hocks. Compact feet. Moved very freely. Well presented, in good double coat. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Coppock & White’s Dinmore The Next Best Thing. A very immature 6-month-old bitch puppy. Who was a little bit hesitant. Still had her puppy coat and not developed her topline. Promising well-proportioned head, forming a blunt wedge. Flat skull, with well-placed ears, nicely tipped. Almond eyes giving sweet expression. Body developing. Tail a bit short. BEST PUPPY.


1. Coppock & White’s Dinmore The Next Best Thing. See Above.


1. Westerman’s Ontoco Delightful Daisy Mae. Pretty tri coloured bitch with attractive colouring of dark tan markings. Nicely proportioned head. Flat skull and very good ears well placed and tipped. Lovely almond shaped eyes giving sweet expression. Shoulders well-laid back. Straight forelegs, with pasterns strong and flexible. Appeared a bit short in body length. Broad, muscular thighs, well angled stifles and hocks well let down. Moved very well. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Diviney’s Divinecroi’s Bonny Ailbhe. A pretty dark sable bitch. Good head with obliquely set almond shaped eyes, giving a super pretty expression. She had nice oval feet and good hindquarters. Moved OK. In lovely double coat. It was such a shame she was so apprehensive, as it spoilt her overall outline.

3. Graham-Weall’s Just for Alex from Lavika.

OPEN (10)

1. Robinson’s Dinmore Making Waves at Lavika. A very attractive blue merle bitch, showing gracefulness and good outline. Beautiful head forming a blunt wedge tapering from ear to nose. Flat skull, with correct stop. Small ears nicely placed and tipped. Being merle, she has correct ‘wall’ eyes giving lovely sweet expression. Well laid shoulders with straight, strong forelegs. Nice oval feet. Super body with muscled hindquarters and correct stiles and hocks. The best mover in the breed. Moving around the ring smoothly and gracefully with drive from the good rear. Tail set low, nicely furnished and held correctly when on the move, finishing the picture. Coat was in excellent condition. BEST OF BREED.

2. Redfern’s Fernfarm Summer Romance. Another mature sable bitch, who also moved very well. She was of a good type with a nice outline. Good head with correct ear placement, that I thought were a little heavy. Nicely bodied, although she appeared to stand a bit wide in front. She was lacking in coat and furnishings, an important requirement in this breed. Her movement made up for it, which was excellent.

3. Gruszka’s Japaro Timeless Design for Samphrey.



1. Evans’ Kensesqui Aster. A 10-month-old dog puppy with a good attitude. Foxy shaped head of good proportions. Pricked ears and well-set eyes. Forearm moulding round chest coming. Nice length of body. Well angulatd stifles and good hindquarters. Coat coming nicely. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED.



1. Seager’s Collie (Sooth), Blamorder Magic Maker with Freejack. I judged this chap two weeks ago at a Collie breed show and cannot believe how he has grown up in such a short time. He is a very promising 11-month-old sable puppy dog. Masculine, of good size but not coarse. He is a real charmer, a bit naughty with a lovely personality that you can’t ignore. He has a well-proportioned masculine wedged head forming two parallel planes. Strong under-jaw, good bite and black nose. Flat skull, with ears set correctly, nicely tipped. Correct oblique eye placement. A well arched muscular neck, flowing into well laid shoulders. Forelegs are straight and strong with moderate bone and chest deep enough for his age. Well sprung ribs. Hocks are strong and stifles well bent. He moved well. A promising prospect for the future. BEST PUPPY.


A very strong class of good quality.

1. Reynolds’ Australian Cattle Dog, Austmans Barb Dwyer with Shardlow. Strong, compact outline of good substance. Strong head in balance with her body. Skull broad and slightly curved between the ears. Nice pricked ears, well set. Correct stop and strong under-jaw. Oval, alert, intelligent eyes with the true warning suspicious glint, which can be misunderstood as a bit apprehensive. The breed standard states ‘naturally suspicious of strangers’. So, her temperament is true to the breed standard. Well laid shoulders, straight forelegs with round bone. Level topline and well sprung ribs. Broad, strong, muscular hindquarters, sloping croup and well-turned stifles. Her free-flowing movement with thrust from her hindquarters helped her to win this class and the very strong Pastoral group.

2. Seager’s Collie (Sooth), Blamorder Magic Maker with Freejack. See above.

3. Foster’s Briard, Fostebrie Special Edition Sui Jun Ch.


1. Bayliss’ Old English Sheepdog, Jandoes Forget Me Not. She is a nice mature bitch of a good overall type. Strongly built of good stamina. Moving with the typical roll. In full coat with harsh texture. Well-proportioned head with square skull, defined stop, square strong muzzle and large black nose. Nicely boned, fit and muscled.

2. Trimnell’s Briard, Kastobri Magical Dreamer. Feminine black bitch of medium size with nice outgoing temperament. Well-shaped head, dark eyes giving a gentle expression, with matching dark pigmentation. Reasonable neck. Firm, level back and very slight slope at croup. Well angulated with well set hocks. Good bone and body. Correct height to length. Moved OK. Good textured coat.

OPEN (3)

1. A difficult choice between these two, such different breeds. But I finally chose, Reynolds’ Australian Cattle Dog, Austmans Barb Dwyer with Shardlow. See Above. BEST A.V.N.S.C.

2. Powell’s Old English Sheepdog, Lindisfarm Hopes and Dreams for Pouchymo. A lovely mature bitch presented so well. Super head proportions, square skull, well defined stop and strong, square muzzle. Nice neck and well angulated shoulders. Super body underneath all the coat. Well-developed stifles and hocks set low. Lovely double coat with harsh texture on top. RESERVE BEST A.V.N.S.C.



1. Henshaw’s White Swiss Shepherd Dog, Whitehemi’s Brabham. A nice type with good temperament. Masculine, finely chiseled, wedge shaped head. Almost flat skull. Erect elongated triangular ears with slightly rounded tips, well used. Dark eyes with black rims and black nose. Appeared squarer in body than I would like. Well bodied, firm level topline, muscled hindquarters with good angulation. Moved well. Medium coat in good condition. BEST A.V. IMPORTED BREED REGISTER.



1. Gruszka’s Shetland Sheepdog, Samphrey Sea Breeze VW. Nearly 10, gorgeous for her age and very well made. Super refined, well-proportioned, elegant head, blunt wedge shaped, tapering from ear to nose. A lovely flow from top to bottom with slight stop. Super almond shaped eyes giving the correct ‘sweet’ expression. Small well-placed ears perfectly tipped. Super body with flowing topline. Back level, with graceful sweep over loins with croup sloping gradually to the rear. Nicely muscled hindquarters and angulated. She had a wonderful, shaded sable double coat, to finish the picture. Lovely smooth, graceful movement. A credit to her owner. Pushed hard for Best Pastoral Veteran.

2. Conroy’s German Shepherd Dog, Sachsenhaus Xenogenesis. Another bitch nearly 10 years old and a credit to her owner. She won her place on her super sound movement, with reach in front and very good thrust from behind. Perhaps a little small but beautifully formed. The body shape I like of a GSD with a super flow along the backline falling away slightly in a straight line from the withers to the gently sloping croup. Well-muscled hindquarters and correct angulation, which aided her super movement. She had a long coat.

3. Rathband & Fealy’s Old English Sheepdog, Ch Keynell Midnight Moon.

4. Allison’s German Shepherd Dog, Sunny River Shannon.

5. Apperley’s Welsh Corgi (Cardigan), Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo.


1. Treasure’s Finnish Lapphund, Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM VW ShCEx. See above. BEST PASTORAL VETERAN.

2. Smith’s Welsh Corgi (Cardigan), Pemlodge Star Appeal. 11-year-old bitch and good for her age. Low set, strong and sturdily built. Foxy shaped head and appearance. Not concentrating, so not showing her best. Very well constructed, with forearms moulded around chest. Broad and deep chest. Level topline. Body of correct length and well-constructed. Good hindquarters for her age. Moved well.

BEST PASTORAL: Reynolds’ Australian Cattle Dog, Austmans Barb Dwyer with Shardlow.

RESERVE BEST PASTORAL: Lee & Ratcliffe’s Border Collie, Arrodare Rebel with a Cause.

GROUP THREE: Stephens’ German Shepherd Dog, Chalksville Made of Magic for Brightmeadow.

GROUP FOUR: Baverstock’s Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Kalkasi King of Hearts.

BEST PASTORAL PUPPY: Stephens’ German Shepherd Dog, Chalksville Made of Magic for Brightmeadow. BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

RESERVE BEST PASTORAL PUPPY: Baverstock’s Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Kalkasi King of Hearts.

PUPPY GROUP THREE: Seager’s Collie (Sooth), Blamorder Magic Maker with Freejack.

PUPPY GROUP FOUR: Gregory’s Border Collie, Tonkory Wait and See.

Felicity A. Snook