• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/10/2023

Eastbourne & District Canine Society

Thank you to the officeholders and committee members of this extremely well-run show, for inviting me to judge most of the terrier breeds, plus Lhasa Apsos. It was lovely to receive the old-fashioned judges’ lunch, carefully prepared and served with a smile, by a committee member. The weather was extremely hot and the sun was really scorching, making life very hard at times. The helpers did a wonderful job of keeping everyone as chilled as possible. A special thank you to Elizabeth, my steward, who was very efficient and hardworking.



1. Brewster & Green’s Stowthorney These Days. What a wonderful start to my judging! This lovely well balanced, grizzle bitch, with so much class and style. Excellent feminine ‘otter’ head, of good proportions, with moderately broad, flat skull, keen expression and well-placed ears. Correct length of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders, straight forelegs and small, neat feet. Deep, narrow and fairly long body and strong loin. Super topline and underline. Finished with racy hindquarters. Everything flowed so well. Good tail set, pelt, coat and colour. Moved very soundly, to win her place. A bit disappointed, she did not go further in the group. Looking at her wins to date, I see she has already won 2 RCCs and a CC this summer at such a young age. I will watch her progress with interest. BEST OF BREED.

2. Parsons’ Arunmere Artemis. A very promising six-month-old puppy bitch, that I liked very much. Had a very nice well-balanced outline. Lovely feminine ‘otter’ head, narrow front and good lay back of shoulders, straight front and small neat feet. Easily spannable with deep, narrow body, ribbed well back and racy hindquarters. Moved very soundly. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

3. Nettle’s Onziemehurst Milly Earhart.


1. Nettle’s Ceilloch Griffin at Onziemehurst. She had a good overall balance and outline. Feminine head, of correct proportions, with small, well-set ears. Excellent scissor bite. Moderate length of neck. Good shoulder placement, straight front legs and neat feet. Spannable, deep, narrow, fairly long body, with good length of ribbing and strong loins. Racy, well-muscled hindquarters and good tail set. Presented in super coat and pelt. Moved very well.

2. Cox’s Grand Boy. A 2-year-old red grizzle. Of a different type, with quite a nice overall outline, but not the sleek narrowness desired. Nice, balanced head, with moderate breadth to skull and dark eyes. A pretty good neck. Did not have any animation in movement. Good coat.

OPEN (4)

1. Brewster & Green’s Duke of York Fiery Lucifer to Stowthorney (Imp Cze) A nice type of balanced dog. Heavy, harsh, dense outer coat and close undercoat. Pleasing head of correct proportions, with lovely dark, keen eyes. Narrow throughout. Moderate neck, flowing into well laid-back shoulders. Good length of ribbing carried well back and strong loin. Front movement not so good on the day.

2. Nettle’s Onziemehurst Milly Earhart. Still a puppy who needs time to mature. Good, feminine head, with moderately broad skull and dark eyes, giving keen expression. Moved well and soundly.



1. Udova’s Barry Burton the Brave. Just 12 months old, I felt he was rather immature in his coat and body. Coat is so very important in this breed. He appeared to have a lot of soft undercoat, but not a lot of harsh topcoat. Lovely temperament. He has a nice small head, with a broad skull and correct dentition. Dark hazel eyes under shaggy eyebrows and small, pointed ears. Nice body shape, with level back and good bend of stifle. Moved with very free flowing strides. BEST OF BREED.



1. Rogers’ Lunafox Gentle Touch. A nice-looking feminine bitch. Daughter of the Open class winner. She is very feminine but without weakness. A nice, moderately narrow head, with a lovely flat skull. Small, dark eyes and small ears, well set. Correct length in neck, leading into long, sloping shoulders. Straight front with small compact feet. Nice short back with adequate chest and good spring of rib. Well-muscled hindquarters and good turn of stifle. Moved very well. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

OPEN (2)

1. Rogers’ Only You Du Manoir Saint Adrien at Lunafox (Imp Fra). Another nice bitch and mother of the above. Good narrow head with flat skull. Dark, small circular eyes, giving the correct expression and well-set ears. Correct neck. Long and sloping shoulders, straight front legs and small, compact feet. Back a little longer and could be a bit ‘dippy’ at times Well-muscled hindquarters. Very good tail set. Moved well, but I felt the daughter moved better on the day. BEST OF BREED.



1. Nash’s Earthaw Owain the Celt. Lovely promising dog, just over 12 months old and maturing nicely. He has a great terrier attitude, being a natural showman. Presenting a very balanced outline. Good, well-proportioned head. Broad, slightly rounded skull, well defined stop and short muzzle. Dark eyes and good ears. Compact body, short backed, level topline, well sprung ribs and good tail set. Well-muscled hindquarters, with good turn of stifle. In excellent coat. Moved well, with propulsion from the rear. I was pleased to see he was awarded Best Terrier. BEST OF BREED.

2. Nash’s Silverlily of Housenash. A nice bitch from the same kennel, with the same sire. Longer in back, being a bitch. When she gets more coat and bodies up, she may look shorter. Good head, with broad skull and well-set ears. Good short, straight fore legs and well laid shoulders. Good turn of stifles and nice tail set. Enough bone and substance throughout. Coat coming. Moved very well. Only just a year old and needs to mature. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Watkins’ Baktwins Let Me Be the One. A nice type of bitch. Correct head proportions with oval eyes and erect, well-placed pointed ears. Correct outline, with compact body and short back. Good hindquarters. Moved very well, straight, with propulsion from her hindquarters. She was rather ‘laid back’ with not a lot of terrier enthusiasm. But it was a very hot day. In full coat, with hard, wiry topcoat. BEST OF BREED.

2. Haynes’ Alantro Echo Jewel. Lovely, promising puppy, who appeared longer in back. She should look shorter when she gains more coat and bodies up. She has a lovely terrier character, resulting in good showmanship. Very attractive head of correct proportions. Good hard, wiry straight coat, coming well. Should be nice when matured. Placed Third in the Terrier Puppy Group. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

OPEN (1)

1. Haynes’Ragus Taking Steps with Alantro. A great showman, presenting a lovely flowing outline when stood. Well-proportioned head, with broad, slightly rounded skull and well-defined stop. Small oval eyes with keen expression and erect well set ears. I would have liked a cleaner bite, which I consider very important in a terrier. Nicely bodied. Good spring of rib and short loin. Super coat colour and texture.



1. Walker’s Torkavi the Last Dragon at Teshleystaf. A lovely black brindle, well balanced puppy, showing off a super outline. Very nice, well-proportioned, feminine head. Excellent, correct dentition. Broad skull with furrow and correct length of muzzle. Nice ears and dark eyes. Good length of neck. Stood on good, straight, well boned legs, adequate width apart for me. Level topline, good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, noticeable tuck up, good hindquarters, with low set tail. Pleased she went Reserve Best Terrier Puppy. BEST PUPPY.


1. Walker’s Maxstaff Miss Vivienne at Teshleystaf. Lovely bitch, having super colour and shiny red and white coat. Good bone for a bitch. Much to like about her, with pleasing overall balance. Super, correctly proportioned head, with broad skull, pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop and short muzzle. Wonderful eyes. Dark, round and set to look straight ahead. Correct ear carriage, mouth and length of neck. Lovely front and fore chest, straight front legs, level top line, good depth to brisket and noticeable tuckup. Nicely angulated and muscled hindquarters. Moving out very well, holding her topline throughout. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Wareham’s Maynestaff Morning Glow. Another nice black brindle bitch, with correct bite and ears. Preferred the head shape of the above on the day. Stood with front feet wider apart. Well-shaped body, with good bone and neat feet. She has good spring of ribs, level topline and noticeable tuck up. Moved very well.

3. Mitchell’s Vimaval Red Angel.

4. O’Connor & Fisher’s Vergarastaff White Bear Chezatree (imp Esp).

OPEN (3)

1. Mitchell’s Chedanstaff Devil Star. Aptly named! A dog I have judged several times and he still hasn’t grown up! A super mature dog, presented in excellent condition and super temperament. Good black coat, on tip toes, well boned and muscled. Very good head, broad skull with correct furrow, distinct stop, pronounced cheek muscles and short foreface. Correct ear placement and round eyes. Body of super shape, with level topline, strong loin and good feet. Well-muscled, strong hindquarters. Tail set on the higher side, which he carries high, spoiling his profile. Moves well. He appears to love playing his handler up, which sometimes affects his placing. BEST OF BREED.

2. Turner’s On the Hill Two at Tidestaff. A nice type of mature brindle and white bitch. Well balanced, stood square. Correct dentition. Head OK, with dark round eyes and well pronounced cheek muscles. Correct neck length. Good depth and width in front, standing on well boned front feet. Held a firm topline both stood and on the move, good spring of ribs, noticeable tuck up and correct tail carriage. Moderate, muscled hindquarters. Moving out OK.



1. Gillman’s Mytilene Pumpkin Spice. A very promising black and white puppy bitch, beautifully presented, giving a lovely, well-balanced outline. Feminine head, moderately narrow skull, medium stop and short muzzle. Dark, oval eyes frontally placed. Correct reverse scissor bite. Head carried on well arched neck. In good overall body condition. Strong topline and loins. Good angulation and high set tail. Moved well, free and jaunty. Her coat was presented to perfection and flowed. I was pleased she was placed Best Utility Puppy. BEST PUPPY & BEST OF BREED.

2. Birkett’s Littondale Estelle. Another nice bitch, in full coat. Good head and neck. I preferred the eyes, topline and presentation of the above. Moved freely and jauntily. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

OPEN (1)

1. Birkett’s Sifrasons Take it Easy. A mature dog, under a very heavy coat, which did not impede his movement. Nice head proportions, dark eye and good head carriage. Balanced with substance. Level topline and high set tail. Nice feet. Moved well.

Felicity A. Snook