• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/11/2023

Leonberger Association

Thank you to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge your lovely breed’s club show. Also, to the warm welcome and help given by your officeholders. I considered it a great honour to be invited and loved the super engraved gift you gave me. The weather was a great disappointment and really spoilt the day for me. It stayed fine for the championship show judging and as I came across the showground the heavens opened and I got soaked to the skin. Luckily, someone lent me a towel to try and dry off. It rained continuously, stopping literally any judging outside of the marquee. Such a shame as I had to assess your lovely big dogs in quite a small very wet area. But it could not be helped. A special thank you for the super photographs on your Facebook page, making my critique writing so much easier.


1. Burrell’s Leosrus Never Forget ShCEx. 7-year-old dog of a darker colour and lovely dark mask, which gives a masculine expression. Well-proportioned head. Dark, oval eyes giving kind expression, with close fitting eyelids. Wide open nostrils and tight lips. Correct ‘roman nose’. Well laid shoulders and elbows close fitting. Well-proportioned body. Good depth of chest. Level topline, standing square on well boned legs and tight feet. Of good overall type showing correct outline. Firm, broad back, strong loin and well-rounded rump. Well-muscled hindquarters, good rear angulation and strong hocks. Appeared a little close behind, good side gait. Nice thick double coat. BEST VETERAN.


1. Simmonds & Crawley’s Dragongardens Turn it on at Billboos (Imp Swe). Just 12 months old, quite immature, playful and not easy to show. Well proportioned head with nice side view. Lovely dark, oval eyes giving a kind expression. Well feathered ears with rounded tips, set on high in correct position. Nice scissor bite with strong jaws. Developing a good double coat with mane coming around his neck and chest. Carrying his tail rather high and curled in his playfulness. It will be interesting to see what he is like when he has grown up.


1. Iveson’s Onaway Dark Trumperter. Iveson’s Onaway Dark Trumperter. A nice 2-year-old upstanding masculine dog. Well balanced, with good proportions and strong bone. Masculine head. Good scissor bite. Lips close fitting, black, corner of lips closed. Correct ‘roman nose’. Shoulders well laid and elbows close fitting. Straight fore legs, well boned. Good depth of chest. Back firm and straight both stacked and on the move. Well-muscled hindquarters and moderate bend of stifle, with strong hocks. Certainly covered the ground with ease, extending well in front with very good drive from behind. Well-furnished tail carried a little high at times. Good double coat and mane. RESERVE BEST DOG.

2. Peplow’s Mayaberg Elkap Be Bold. 2-year-old masculine dog, appeared of top size. Nice, pleasing head with a gentle stop that blends nicely onto his strong muzzle. Eyes are correct and of medium colour, good ear size, set and carriage, with nice furnishing. Forelegs straight and well bone, but appeared to stand too close, giving narrower forechest. Good depth of chest and holds a level top line while stacked and on the move. Moved soundly but carried his tail a little high. Presented in good condition and coat.


1. Simmonds’ Teffills Zalman (Imp Rus). Fully mature at 4 years old. Much to like about this very stylish dog. A well balanced, very well constructed, large, strong boned chap. He had a very appealing, well-proportioned head. Correct scissor bite. Good oval eyes, giving kind expression. Enough neck to very well laid shoulders, straight in forelegs with good width of chest. Level topline above a well ribbed body. Good croup with relatively long, broad rump, gently rounded. Well-muscled, strong hindquarters with moderate bend to stifles and strong hocks. Moved quite well, but carried his tail a bit high, which spoilt his overall outline. Very well presented in super double coat.

2. Brown’s Davenheath Guilty Pleasure to Brenaljay. A 3-year-old mature, well boned dog. Strong, well proportioned head. Moderate stop with oval dark eye. Neck fits into well laid shoulders. Chest has depth and width, with elbows close fitting. Back firm and straight with broad loins. Flowing down to well set tail, which was beautifully carried at all times, not curled or over his back. Good hindquarters, medium stifles, firm hocks and good feet. Moved well. Good double coat with mane.


1. Niall & Rothery’s Davenheath Gladiator. Another 3-year-old dog. Well presented in excellent condition. Just beginning to lose his coat when going over him, but still plenty of double coat there. He had such a lovely temperament. Due to the ground conditions, his handler fell into a large puddle. He stopped, licked her face, as if to say, ‘what are you doing down there, Mum’? Well proportioned, strong head with black mask and broad skull. Oval, medium sized dark eye with kind expression and good ‘roman nose’. Cheeks developed. Nice flow from neck into withers. Well laid shoulders and straight fore legs. Back firm and straight with broad loins. Moderate bend of stifles. He had good bone and tight feet. Moved soundly and steady with good reach and drive. BEST DOG.


Four lovely bitch puppies.

1. Durrant’s Prideofelsa Double Whisky. I just fell in love with this beautiful 11-month-old bitch puppy. So mature, confident and calm. She produced an elegant outline at all times. Feminine head in balance with her body. Well proportioned, enhanced by a lovely dark mask. Oval dark eyes with kind expression and well-placed ears. Good scissor bite and strong jaws. Good lay of shoulders, straight fore legs and strong pasterns. Good depth of chest. Firm and straight back flowing to a moderately sloping croup. Well-muscled hindquarters and moderate bend of stifles. Super set of tail, well-furnished and carried correctly. Very attractive colour and good double coat with breeches and feathering coming. Ground covering movement with change of handler. Extending well in front with good drive from behind. I will eagerly watch her progress. BEST IN SHOW, BEST PUPPY & BEST PUPPY BITCH.

2. Heginbotham’s Sulandi Fallen Angel NAF. 7 months old bitch puppy developing well, but nothing like as mature as above. A very pleasing type and good size for age. Head developing nicely, with dark oval eyes. Good reach of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders. Straight fore legs of nice width and strong pasterns. Good body and excellent croup. Nice hind quarters and moderate bend of stifle. Good bone and excellent feet. Moved well with plenty of reach and drive. She did not hold her topline too well and rolled a bit, but I am sure will improve with maturity.

3. Hope’s Leosrus How About That.

4. Pritchard-Woollett’s Prideofelsa Double Malt.


1. Durrant’s Prideofelsa Double Whisky. See above.

2. Pritchard-Woollett’s Prideofelsa Double Malt. Sister to my winner and a lot more immature. Very good outline and body shape, holding her topline on the move. Good head with correct mask. Nice oval dark eyes giving kind expression. Well built with tail carried a little high. Moved well. Love to see her when she has matured.


1. MacDougall’s Leoflaed Just for You Prideofelsa. A larger, higher, longer, 3-year-old bitch. Strong, elongated, well-proportioned head, but not too heavy, maintaining her femininity. Slightly arched skull and medium stop. Muzzle moderately tapered, nice ‘roman nose’ with black close-fitting lips and good black mask. Dark oval eyes giving kind expression. Well feathered ears carried correctly. Strong neck blending into well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest and elbows close fitting. A wonderful topline, firm, straight back, broad loins, moderate sloping croup, broad rump ending with a super feathered straight tail. Carried beautifully, not curled or above the back line. Well-muscled thighs, moderate bend of stifles and strong hocks. She moved out very well, covering the ground. Plenty of reach in front and drive from her good hindquarters, keeping her lovely topline at all times.

2. Niall & Rothery’s Davenheath Gin and Frolic. Quite a different type, shorter in back. A smaller bitch of similar age. Lovely red colouring, in super double coat and feathering. Good head proportions with correct stop. Oval eyes giving a kind expression. Rounded ears set correctly. Excellent feet and bone. She was being awkward and playing up, making life very hard for her handler. This made assessing her movement very hard, not moving straightly or with a good topline. She had a nice straight, well feathered tail reaching to the hock carried correctly.


Two nice bitches.

1. Westwood’s Amathus Especially for You Jocolda JW. This lovely lady caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She seemed to have such lovely ring presence. Nice size and bone, but still shows her femininity. Super well-proportioned head and mask. Lovely oval eyes with kind expression. ‘Roman Nose’ and good muzzle. Strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Elbows close fitting with well boned straight fore legs and strong firm pasterns. Chest deep and broad. Back firm and straight with broad loins. Moderately sloping croup to well set tail. Nicely furnished, straight and carried well. Well-muscled hindquarters, moderate bend of stifle and strong hocks. Wonderful mover, covering the ground with ease. Extending very well in front with good drive from the rear. Side gait was superb. Excellently handled and presented in good double coat and feathering of super colour. RESERVE BEST IN SHOW & RESERVE BEST BITCH

2. Brown’s Ch Davenheath Gipsey Girl to Brebaljay JW. A worthy champion but did not seem to have that extra something to beat the above. Another 3-year-old who was very well put together with very good balance throughout. Well-proportioned head, good muzzle of correct depth, ‘roman nose’, correct stop, very good dark oval eyes and correct ears. Enough reach of neck to well laid shoulders. Deep chest and close-fitting elbows. Excellent topline at all times. Firm back, strong loins and good angle to croup. Moderate bend of stifles and low set strong hocks. Correct tail set and carriage. Well presented, in excellent double rich coat, with feathering and mane. Handled very well and moved freely and cleanly with drive from her rear.

Felicity A. Snook