• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/11/2023

Evesham & District Canine Society

Thank you to the officeholders and committee for inviting me to judge some breeds in the Utility group, at this very well run Premier Open show. Most of the dogs were of very high quality and a delight to judge. Thank you to my very professional, efficient, helpful stewards, Colin and Michelle Stanley. Some of the best stewards I have had for a very long time. A shame we got soaked when trying to judge outside, but indoor accommodation was adequate.


I found all exhibits in good health and fit for show.


1. Crothers’ Hazembulls Raspberry Beret. Of correct size and weight for her age. Head shape good, with skull relatively large in circumference and furrow extending up the middle. Round eyes nicely positioned. Rose ears set high on top corners of skull. Mouth OK. Correct ‘tacked on’ shoulders. Good body shape and condition, although I would have liked more flow of her topline, however, her belly was tucked up. Tail set and movement OK.


1. Cradock’s Gypsytart Pin Up Girl. A very nice looking red and white bitch, just over a year old. Very good shaped head with skull relatively large in circumference. Flat forehead with furrow. Good ear placement and fine wrinkle, not overdone. Nice clear, dark, round eyes and correct mouth. Nostrils large, wide and open. Good front and bone leading to neat feet. Body well ribbed. Lovely flowing ‘bulldog’ topline. Slight fall behind shoulders, rise to loins and curving to the tail. Good tuck up and tail set. One of the best movers. BEST OF BREED.

2. Crothers’ Hazembulls Disco Boy. Brother to the Junior class winner, with similar attributes. He had a masculine better shaped head, with good eyes and ears. Nice, shaped front with ‘tacked on’ shoulders. Topline flowed correctly, with belly tucked up. Moved OK.

3. Mayo’s Gasholi Starlight Evie.

OPEN (3)

A hard class to judge.

1. Crowthers’ Hazembulls Paris. A very nice shaped head, with good flat wrinkled skull, having well placed rose ears, dark eyes with good width between them. Large nose with good nostrils, pigment and upsweep of underjaw. Correct shaped front with ‘tacked on’ shoulders. Straight, well boned front legs set wide a part, with strong pasterns and good feet. Well arched strong neck leading to broad back with rise over loin, deep brisket and good tuck up. Good hindquarters. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Parker’s Andlare Miss Fire at Albionpride. Attractive quality bitch all through. Good head properties with flat skull, nice width of muzzle and moderate turn up. Clean dark eyes and wide-open nostrils. Straight well boned front legs, plenty of brisket, enough spring of ribs and tuck up. I felt she did not have the flow of topline and mouth of my No 1.

3. Cradock’s Kinlockbulls Swiss Toni.


Thank you to the exhibitors for a wonderful entry, both quantity and quality. I am keen on good movement and enjoyed judging your lovely breed.


There were a couple of apprehensive puppies at a show for the first time in this class. I wanted to give them time and a chance to settle down to show themselves off. Then the terrible rain came, we had to abandon to the wet weather sheds and start all over again.

1. Richards & Davies’ Hafwenna King of the North. Absolutely lovely in every way. Balanced, strong, muscular and capable of endurance. 8-month-old dog puppy, who should go far. Correct head shape with flat skull, round sparkling eyes and good ear set. Fairly long, nicely arched neck. Clean shoulders and straight, strong round boned forelegs. Well sprung ribs, level back, strong loin slightly arched. Rounded, muscular hindquarters. Smooth, powerful movement with long strides. Evenly distributed spots of correct size. BEST PUPPY.

2. Bradley’s Hafwenna Valyria. Sister to above and most of the same attributes. Carried her tail rather high, but I thought the tail set was OK. She had a nice feminine head. Enough neck and level topline. Good hindquarters, giving her the same lovely movement.

3. Addis’ Lilibetbijou Greatest Love.

4. Addis’ Lilibetbjiou She’s the One.

5. Addis’ Lilibetbijou You Know Me.


A strong class.

1. Neath-Duggan & Coyne’s Kelevra Pickle my Fennel with Buffrey. A beautiful liver spotted bitch, with matching nose, eyes and points. Well defined spotting on a good clean elegant outline. A lovely feminine head, with lengthy muzzle. Good neck, nicely arched. Well laid shoulder onto straight legs with a good amount of bone. Ribs well sprung. Level topline which she held on the move. Muscled hindquarters. Very impressive on the move to win the class. Very well presented and handled. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Richards’ Mediolanum Winterfell (Imp SRB). A very nice well-balanced dog. Head of fair length, with flat skull. Medium neck. Elbows close to body, straight forelegs with strong round bone. Nice frame, good depth of body and level back. Well-muscled, strong hindquarters. Nice tail set carried correctly. Moved well.

3. Williamson’s Shydally Ultimate Edition.

4. Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream.


1. Williamson’s Shydally Ultimate Edition. Although placed third in the Junior class, I found him a very nice specimen who appeared to get better as time went on. A well built, balanced, masculine dog, well boned and muscled, with well distributed black spots. Nicely proportioned masculine head with flat skull. Good eyes giving intelligent expression. Well placed ears. Fairly long, well arched neck. Good depth of chest and ribs extending well back. Nicely bodied, round, compact feet with well arched toes. Correct tail set and carriage. Very good hind action propelling him around the ring. He won this class on movement as he moved smoothly, powerfully, rhythmically with long strides.

2. Wootton’s Tolkain Caliban. A very nice, elegant dog, who I initially placed first, but felt he did not move with the long stride of the above. He had good sized spots on an immaculate white coat. Well-proportioned head, flat skull, with good eyes and ear placement. Correct length of neck. Nice depth of chest, ribs well sprung and powerful level back. Well-muscled hindquarters. Moved well.

3. Chappell & Williams’ Steyndal Star Sapphire with Waltzaway.

4. Pedlar’s Capearlla Diamond.

5. Chappell & Williams’ Nalderhill Aphrodite at Waltzaway.

OPEN (7)

1. England & Edens’ Dalens Queen of the Seas at Silverspot. A very striking bitch with a lot of quality. She nearly threw her chances away by playing up her handler. However, when she finally behaved herself and concentrated, she was the one to beat with outline and movement. A really beautiful bitch. Well balanced feminine head, with flat skull. Round eyes with plenty of sparkle, giving an intelligent expression. Ears high set. Neck of moderate length. Good straight front with strong round boned forelegs and compact feet. Clean shoulders and elbows close to body. Level back. Nice depth of chest and well ribbed back. Firm loins. Rounded hindquarters. Good turn of stifles, with well-developed second thighs to aid her with her wonderful movement. Hocks firm. Good tail set. Great freedom of movement, smooth, powerful with long strides. Very ‘Fit for Purpose’. Her coat is in excellent condition and well spotted. Such a likable character. BEST OF BREED.

2. Williamson’s Shydally Ultimate Edition. See above.

3. Wootton’s Tolkain Caliban.

4. Richard & Davies’ Hafwenna We Will Rock You.

5. Chappell & Williams’ Tolkain Storm King from Phadante JW.



1. Foster’s Claran Court Your Eye. A 10 month old dog puppy. Correct shaped head with nearly flat skull and small triangular ears, set high. Nice body with level top line. In excellent coat for a youngster. Very pretty light colour, but had black eye rims and points. Tail profusely covered with long spreading hair. It was difficult to assess his movement on the day. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.


1. Foster’s Bemojo Pearls of Honey. A bitch lacking in top coat, spoiling the outline in this type of breed. Correct head with triangular ears. She decided not to behave making it difficult to assess movement.

OPEN (1)

1. Jackson & Minshall’s Ch Perrymere Just Bertie JW. I see I have judged this chap several times and he never disappoints. A very worthy champion. Absolutely beautiful. Mature 5 year old dog. Good pigmentation and breadth to skull. Lovely eyes, triangular ears and head proportions. Well laid shoulders, good length of neck, level topline, held on the move, compact body and super cat-like feet. Good hindquarters. High set, well plumed tail curled over his back. Finished off with a lovely cream coat. Moved well. I was pleased he was placed fourth in a very strong Utility group. BEST OF BREED.



Both nice puppies.

1. Francis & Pearce’s Longsdale’s the Aviator. Absolutely beautiful specimen and lovely to go over. An 8 month old black dog puppy, who must have a great future. Such a little showman. Well-proportioned head and lovely dark eyes of correct shape. Jet black pigmentation on fully made up nose. Well boned straight legs and cat-like feet. Super body, well-muscled underneath the coat. In super double coat for one so young, even a distinctive ruff coming around the neck and shoulders. Stood four square front and rear. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Smith’s Jansanleis Night Fever. Another nice dog puppy who was not so mature as the above. He had excellent feet and coat. He moved extremely well, effortlessly and briskly.

OPEN (2)

1. Francis, Pearce & Roberts’ Ch. Longsdales Rebel Rouser at Cwrtafon JW. A beautiful black dog. Not surprised he is a champion. He produced a lovely outline and moved well. Of good size and proportions, compact in outline. Lovely well-proportioned masculine head, flat skull, moderately defined stop and clean cheeks narrowing to a wedge shape at the nose. Dark brown oval shaped eyes with black rims, neat triangular ears set on high. Good neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Moderate forechest, straight front with good bone down to well-rounded feet. Nice spring of rib, level topline and strong loin. High set, beautifully plumed tail carried well over the back. Good rear angulation. Moved well. Profuse double coat, presented immaculately. BEST OF BREED.

2. Smith’s Sobriety Suited and Booted. Very nice for 7 years old. Appeared not so compact and longer in body. But a nice type. Good head and super coat. Moved very well.



1. Purser’s Twybrook Charming Prince. A very nice specimen, giving a beautifully balanced outline. Well-proportioned head. Ears long feathered with ‘ear rings’ and correctly set. Almond eyes with alert expression. Shoulders well laid back and straight forelegs. Good spring of rib and level back. Strong and broad hindquarters. Small, tight feet. Lovely tail with a well feathered white plume carried correctly. Quality coat, shown in good and muscular condition. Moved well with reach and drive, holding his topline.


1. Jones’ Gladsheim Savanna at Maplecoombe. A very feminine bitch. Pleasing head, well set ears and dark eyes with correct pigmentation. Medium length neck. Body had good spring of ribs and level topline. Not in the best of coats. Loved the markings, with ‘earrings’ on the ears and dark ring around her tail. Moved OK.

OPEN (4)

1. Davies’ Millhanger Kemboy. A very eye catching, smart dog, good type, top quality, with lovely outgoing personality. Super markings and colouring, so well balanced. Well-proportioned head with dark eyes giving alert expression. Well set pendant ears with ‘earrings’. Correct neck. Well laid shoulders and straight front legs. Good bone and feet. Strongly made body, level back, deep chest and good spring of ribs. Muscled hindquarters and angulated stifles. Well set and carried tail with white plume. Presented in excellent coat and condition. Wonderful movement. The front straight with extension, driven by the hindquarters. Jaunty and springy. I was very pleased he was placed third in a strong Utility Group. BEST OF BREED.

2. Jones’ Valleyrise Inspiration at Maplecoombe. A bitch of quality, with nearly square body. Well-proportioned head with good eyes. Nice ears with ‘earrings’. Medium neck. Well-constructed body with muscled hindquarters and correct turn of stifle. Level topline. Moved well. Very nice, but not that extra style of the above. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.



1. Plummer, Plummer & Bingham’s Araki Krazie Maizie for Tetsikarma. What a wonderful 11-month-old bitch puppy, so mature for her age. A star in the making and so beautifully presented. My notes say ‘absolutely gorgeous’. Sturdy and square in outline. Well-proportioned head. Medium length skull, narrowing slightly from ear to eye. Marked stop and large, round dark eyes with black rims. Correct neck. Nicely laid shoulders, straight parallel front legs down to large round feet. Well muscled, compact body with level top line. Ribbed well back and short loin. Muscled hindquarters and well bent stifles. She moved very well, smoothly, effortlessly with reach in front and drive from rear. Wonderful double coat. I was so pleased she was placed runner up Best Utility Puppy. BEST PUPPY.

2. Green’s Verony Looks Like a Lady. A very nice, well balanced 9-month-old bitch puppy who was not so mature, but very nice and square. Feminine, well proportioned head. Correct large, round eyes. Medium length neck. Well placed shoulders, straight front with correct feet. Nicely bodied with good depth of chest, level topline and spring of ribs. Muscled hindquarters, well bent stifles and good tail carriage. Moved well with good reach and drive.

3. Tonge’s Araki Santana for Aonachmor.


1. Green’s Verony Danish Romance. Not much to choose between the first two. I see I have judged this one before. Nice square outline, black and white in colour. Very smart and presented in wonderful condition. Super reverse scissor bite. Well-proportioned head with pleasing expression. Correct neck. Excellent front assembly. Good body shape and bone overall. Level topline and good turn of stifle. Nice tailset with tail carried in a gay curl over back. Moved very well with reach and drive. She is in good overall muscular condition and has an abundance of well-presented coat. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Chessell’s Araki Areu the Queen of Bees for Stylaxian JW. Very nice and similar attributes as above. A striking golden and white colour. She too is square in body with a super head. Well laid shoulders and good body. Not quite the topline of above and appeared longer in back. Enough bone and ribbed well back. Bent stifles with low set hocks. Correct set tail and good feet. Moved well. In good coat, but not quite the finish of above.

3. Tonge’s Araki Santana for Aonachmor.


1. Plank’s Araki All About Koori Bear. Black and white parti-colour. Well-constructed and presenting a very nice outline. Good head. Medium length skull, narrowing slightly from ear to eye. Strong, muscular neck. Good shoulders and straight fore legs. Level topline, well-muscled hindquarters and hocks well let down. Moved out well.

2. Plummer, Plummer, Knight & Bingham’s Home Town Glory by Tetsikarma. Very well presented in excellent double coat and very well handled. Moved well with reach and drive.

OPEN (5)

1. Plummer’s Araki Dream Perfection for Tetsikarma JW. Both bitches appeared nice, but this one had the edge, with a very nice square shape and good construction. Typical head with correct proportions of skull to muzzle. Eyes were dark and round, giving the correct expression. Strong, muscular neck flowing into well laid shoulders and straight fore legs. Depth of brisket to elbows. Firm, level topline and strong loins. Well-muscled hindquarters, bent stifles and hocks well let down. Good bone and typical large feet. Tail is set high and carried well. Great mover, enhanced by her handler. Smooth effortless stride with reach and drive from the rear. Lovely side gait. Well presented in good coat. BEST OF BREED.

2. Plank’s Rogell’s Victim of the Kick (Imp Nor). A very nice, beautifully presented 6-year-old dog. He appeared to have almost too much coat. Overall, he was very nice but did not appeal as much as the bitch above. He moved OK, but not with the same amount of reach and drive.

Felicity A. Snook