• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/09/2023

Yeovil & District Canine Society

Unfortunately, our original judge was unable to fulfil their appointment at very short notice. As I am on a number of Staffordshire Bull Terrier B Lists, was available, also love judging the breed, I was able to step in at the last minute. 

PUPPY (1) 

1. Constant’s Sikaistaff Cask Strength. A very nice type of 6-month-old puppy bitch, who should have a promising future. Lovely black brindle colour. Correctly proportioned head and good mouth. Round, forward looking eyes, with correct ear placement. Good width in chest, straight front, level topline and great body condition. Correct length of neck and loin. Well-muscled hindquarter and moved OK. BEST PUPPY. 


1. Sandford’s Skyestaff’s Unspoken. 13 months old, a smaller type and needs to mature, but correct outline. Preferred head and skull to the other bitch. Nice head shape, with neck and loin of correct length. Straight front and body developing well, with more maturity to come. Noticeable tuck up. Hindquarters muscled enough. Tail set OK. Needs more ring training, as I found it difficult to assess movement accurately. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Bowin’s Esprimo Girl on Fire. 10 month old bitch and larger. Head OK, but I thought the skull detracts. Body shape good, but not as good as above, with less tuck up. Nicely muscled hindquarters, with a rather higher tail set. Needs more ring training for handling. 


Three bitches, all the same age. 

1. Sandford’s Fairlenium Iron Queen. White & Brindle pied bitch with lovely markings and correct pigmentation. Strong bitch but still very feminine. Beautiful head shape, good mouth, with pronounced cheek muscles, round eyes and correct ears. Strong neck, flowing into well laid-back shoulders. Good forequarters and width of chest. Going down to strong, neat feet. Good body, with level top line and noticeable tuck up. Well-muscled hindquarters. Low-set tail, held well. Moved free and powerful, earning her BEST OF BREED. 

2. Mitchell’s Vimaval Red Angel. Red and white, exuberant bitch. Correct feminine head with round eyes, bearing relation to coat colour. Because she was not settled, her body appeared to be shorter and not so level. Good, well-muscled hindquarters and stifles well bent. Nice low tail set. Difficult to assess movement. Super personality and general Staffie attitude! 

3. Squibb’s Sikaistaff Coz I’m Happy. 

LIMIT (2) 

1. Mitchell’s Chedanstaff Devil Star. Nice mature dog, with lovely temperament, presented in good condition. Good black coat, on tip toes, well boned and muscled. Very good head, broad skull with correct furrow, distinct stop, pronounced cheek muscles and short foreface. Correct ear placement and round eyes. Body of super shape, with level topline and good feet. Well-muscled, strong hindquarters. Tail set on the higher side, which he carried high, spoiling his profile. Moved well. 

Felicity A. Snook