• Show Date: 08/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/09/2023

Japanese Spitz Club

I felt very honored and delighted to be asked to judge the breed Open Show, held in conjunction with the Three Counties Championship Dog Show. I was very pleased with the quantity and quality of Japanese Spitz entered for me to assess, also the friendliness of the exhibitors. A special thank you to Anne Kirton for inviting me to judge and being my steward for the day. Thank you to the club for presenting me with a super glass memento to remember my special day. It is always lovely to have something to keep and cherish.


1. Newton & Mott’s Anlemar Fly the Flag. Well proportioned puppy. Wedge shaped head, with slightly rounded skull. Well set, erect, small triangular ears and dark oval eyes. Black eye rims and nose. Well boned, with straight back. In good coat, with straight outer coat and dense under coat. Nice, plumed tail. Neat feet. I found it hard to assess his movement.


1. Warren’s Kessaku Scooby Doo. Nice size and overall type. Wedge head, with broad, slightly rounded skull and well-defined stop. Firm, level top-line. Good legs and feet. Quality coat with undercoat. Moved OK.


1. Benoist’s Kumotta Elite. Well balanced dog, showing a good outline. Strong, masculine head, with attractive, dark, oval eyes. Good nose and lips pigment. Nice ears, of correct shape. Moderate stop and neck. Nicely boned, straight forelegs, level topline and firm, strong body. Good, high, tail set, well plumed. Excellent mover, light, nimble, energetic, and smooth, to win his class.

2. Draper’s Tawvale Genshi. Nice body outline. Lovely masculine head. Nice dark eye and small pointed ears well placed. Good neck and fore chest. Right amount of bone and good spring of ribs. Correct hind angulation. Parallel hind legs, with good pasterns. Good set of tail, well plumed, curled over the back. Moved very well. In good coat.

3. Stevenson-Reynolds & Lewis’ Keagwyn Artic Snow.

4. Church’s Sanyinko Winter Star.

5. Warren’s Kessaku Hugo Boss.


1. Pittock’s Cheechako Aurelius JW. I really love this chap. He fits the breed standard so well. What a showman and character, in unison with his handler. Maturing into a super outgoing dog. Correct shaped head, with lovely, expressive dark eyes, good pigmentation and small, neat ears. Strong arched neck. Nice front and good depth. Holds a strong top line and good bone. Lovely small, round catlike feet. Well-muscled hindquarters and excellent well plumed high set tail carried over his back. Really looked the part in his side gait. Beautiful, perfect movement. Light, nimble and smooth. Presented well, in very good pure white double coat with mane on moderate neck. Producing a super silhouette. I am not surprised he received his third CC soon after this show.

2. Aston & Bowen’s Aust. Ch. Daesdaemar Romancing the Stone Glamglow. Very smart, clean outline. Wedge shaped head with good pigment and expressive, oval, small eyes. Well defined stop and slightly rounded skull. Nice front, correct neck with good lay of shoulder. Good bone, correct body proportions, in lovely condition. Moved very well. Light, nimble and smoothly. Pure white standoff coat. Neat feet.

3. Prout’s Ch Kessaku Bobby Dazzler.

4. Smith’s Kessaku Chilli Pepper at Snowshoes.

5. Draper’s Tawvale Chiko.


1. Toh’s Ferrybelle Natsu Taiyo. Literally 9 years old and missing teeth, but the bite was fine. Well-shaped, wedge head. Slightly light in eye, but black eye rims and black nose. Pointed ears. Well boned and in good condition. Very well presented, with pure white stand-off beautiful coat. Moved OK.

2. North’s Tawvale Taishita. Nearly 11 years old, with a good set of teeth. Appeared a bit grumpy and hard work to handle, he is entitled at his age! Good bone and excellent coat.

BEST DOG - Pittock’s Cheechako Aurelius JW.

RESERVE BEST DOG - Aston & Bowen’s Aust. Ch. Daesdaemar Romancing the Stone Glamglow.

BEST PUPPY DOG - Newton & Mott’s Anlemar Fly the Flag.

BEST VETERAN DOG - Toh’s Ferrybelle Natsu Taiy.


1. Prout’s Keesaku Irish Mist. Won on movement, with straight, accurate strides. Stands sound and square. Small, triangular, erect ears, well set. Coat coming. Well set tail.

2. Nicholls’ Cavitzs Idaho Rose. Good wedge-shaped head, with oval, dark eyes, pointed ears and black points. Well coated and good proportions. Well set on tail. Pure white coat. Unfortunately, I could not assess her movement. She insisted on going sideways. A nightmare for her handler.


1. Roberts’ Charney Santa’s Donner. I thought this was a lovely example of a Japanese Spitz. Super shape and outline. She had a beautiful wedge-shaped head with well-defined stop, lovely small, triangular, erect ears, set well. Nice eyes, giving a super soft expression. Catlike, neat feet. Well plumed tail, set on high and carried over the back. In full double coat. Moved well.

2. Smith’s Snowshoes Iris. Very feminine all over, both head and body. Everything on a smaller scale, even the movement appeared to have a shorter stride. Small cat like feet. Very pretty.


1. Edens’ Snowshoes Hex Girl at Dalens JW. Well presented. Pleasing head and expression, well defined stop, small ears, well set. Moderate length of neck. Correct amount of bone and neat feet. Good depth of body, firm topline, tail well set and carried. Correct coat.


1. Church’s Sanyinko Chrystmas Angel TAF. Lacking in coat, making her not look her best. A shame, as coats are such an important feature in this breed. Well-shaped head, defined stop, with good ears. Moved OK.


1. Stevenson-Reynolds’ Kessaku White Bryony with Keagwyn. A very nice all-round type, showing off a good outline. Correct head, with well-defined stop. Good mouth and teeth. Slightly domed skull, with correct ears and eyes. Black eye rims and black round nose. Quality body, firm and strong, good coupling and bone. Presented in good coat. Beautiful, plumed tail curled over her back. Moved very well with light, nimble, smooth strides.

2. Church’s Sanyinko White Ivory TAF. Quite a different type to the above. Good scissor bite. Correct head. Small, triangular, erect ears, set correctly. Moved OK. Not the style of the bitch above.


1. Smith’s Snowshoes All That Glitters. Appropriately named. Such a showman and what a personality. A real delight to show and judge. Gorgeous outline, standing so very square and exact. Beautiful, wedge shaped, well proportioned, feminine head. Correct stop, dark oval eyes giving lovely expression. Neat, small ears used all the time. Black eye rims and black round nose. Presented in excellent coat. Well bodied and boned, with a firm top-line. Level croup with high tail set. A beautiful well plumed tail carried over her back, completed the picture. Tight feet. Moved with purpose, very smoothly, lightly, nimbly, and energetically.

2. Dickson’s Cheechako Miss Mouse in Bernavia. Another very nice feminine bitch, with soft expression. Much the same comments as above. A nice specimen and good to go over. Dark eyes with dark rims and small triangular mobile ears, set high. Arched neck and straight back. Balanced outline, with tail well plumed and carried over the back. Well-muscled hindquarters. Moved light and nimbly.

3. Benoist’s Kumotta Double Trouble.

4. Izmirlieva’s Glamglow Dare To Be Wise for Bellsperar.


1. Ferry’s Ferrybelle Take Cover. Still quite young. Lovely shape and size. Another that stands so square and true. Super well-proportioned wedge-shaped head, with well-defined stop. Dark, oval shaped eyes with black rims, giving a kind expression. Well placed small, triangular ears and black round nose. Good shoulder placement, straight forelegs and firm, tight elbows. Super body shape, under a profusion of coat. Well sprung ribs and straight topline. I was pleased to see she received her third CC soon after this show.


Two lovely veteran bitches, who are credits to their owners. I see the last time I judged them I placed them the other way round. They are both lovely.

1. Church’s Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit. A worthy champion and lovely to go over. In super condition, producing a wonderful outline. Beautiful wedge-shaped head, with expressive dark eyes. Black eye rims and black round nose. Small, triangular ears, set well. Good neck, shoulder placement and fore chest. Nice cat like feet. Good shoulders, straight top line, and well sprung ribs. Moved excellently for her age. In super double coat, with stand- off topcoat. Very well presented. Plumed tail curled over her back completed the picture.

2. Dickson’s Kessaku Yum Yum in Bernavia. 9 months older and wonderful for her age. Well-proportioned and balanced. Outline of correct size. A real showgirl of good breed type and quality. Lovely head, with nicely shaped eyes, giving soft expression. Correct triangular ears, set high. Well boned. Excellent muscled hindquarters, with moderate angulation. Small, round cat like feet. Excellent double white coat. Moved exceptionally well for her age.

BEST BITCH - Church’s Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit.

RESERVE BEST BITCH - Ferry’s Ferrybelle Take Over.

BEST PUPPY BITCH - Prout’s Keesaku Irish Mist.

BEST VETERAN - Church’s Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit.

BEST IN SHOW - Pittock’s Cheechako Aurelius JW.

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Church’s Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit.

BEST OPPOSITE SEX IN SHOW - Church’s Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit.

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Prout’s Keesaku Irish Mist.

BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW - Newton & Mott’s Anlemar Fly the Flag.

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW - Church’s Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit.

Felicity A. Snook