• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: FELICITY SNOOK Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Oswestry & District Kennel Association

I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge the Utility group at their Open show. A special thank you to my main steward, who was very friendly and hard-working.


Two nice puppies, brother and sister, of an attractive colour.


1. Bagshaw’s Pommary New Beggining. Good head proportions, with broad, nearly flat skull and small, erect, triangular ears. Compact body, with level topline. Moderate angulation, with hocks moderately well let down. Small, rounded, cat-like feet. Good tail set. Beautifully presented with a lovely double coat. Moved well. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

2. Moore’s Pommary Court Jester. Good head with lovely ears. Small, rounded, cat-like feet. Moderate angulation and good tail set.

OPEN (3)

1. Jackson & Minshall’s Ch. Perrymere Just Bertie JW. I see I judged him nearly four years ago and so pleased to see he now has his well-deserved title. My notes are very similar to before. Absolutely beautiful. Good pigmentation and breadth to skull. Lovely eyes, ears and head proportions. Well laid shoulders, good length of neck, level topline, held on the move, compact body and super feet. Finished off with a lovely cream coat. Moved well. BEST OF BREED.

2. Moore’s Pommary Mark My Word. Good head proportions with correct eyes. Nicely boned. Compact body with nice ribcage. Red gold in colour, in excellent coat, which was dense with good undercoat. Hocks moderately let down, nice and straight from the rear and front, giving very good movement.

3. Moore’s Pommary Let Rumour Begin.


OPEN (1)

1. Harris’ Vonstry Mr Sunshine. Well balanced, compact 19-month-old dog. Correct bite. Good head and nose. Very nice structure, underneath a super coat of correct texture. Level topline. Moved well, showing pads on the move. Just no animation. BEST OF BREED.



1. Jones’ Carlita’s Star of Dreams. 7-month-old puppy. Correct broad head with square muzzle. Chrysanthemum effect lay of hair and correct nose. Large, dark, round eyes. Level topline and well-rounded thighs. Smooth flowing movement.

OPEN (2)

1. Burkey’s Jazala Rebel Yell. Mature dog. Good breadth of head with nice size to round eyes, giving warm expression. Wide open nostrils. Good undershot bite. Arched neck. Ample bone, level back and firm couplings, producing a nice outline. Moved well. BEST OF BREED.

2. Jones’ Carlita’s Star of Love. Litter sister to the puppy. Very much a baby against the above. Super mouth. Good head with Chrysanthemum-like muzzle shaped hair growth. Good lay of shoulders and quite straight front legs. Moved OK when settled. BEST PUPPY & RESERVE BEST OF BREED.


OPEN (3)

1. Carr-Tomlinson’s Tuyet Will-I-Am. Super head carried proudly. Slightly domed skull and lovely dark brown, oval shaped eyes. Body quite long with good spring of ribs and level back. Hare feet. High set, richly plumed tail, carried over back. Super double coat of correct texture. Not much animation in movement. BEST OF BREED.

2. Harford’s Tuyet Elvis Wonder of You at Mennimoonz. Attractive black and white dog, with a lovely white blaze. Small, masculine head with correct muzzle and mouth, with dark eyes. Good width and depth of chin. Well-constructed, level topline and strong hindquarters. Straight, positive movement. In good coat. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.

3. Harford’s Velrok Legend of Zorro.



Both the first 2 puppies were really nice and not a lot to choose between them.

1. Graveney’s Poodle (Standard), Villanders Luxury Lover. Quite mature for his age. Lovely long, fine head with well-defined chin. Skin fitting tightly at the throat. Well laid-back shoulders and straight front legs. Deep chest and ribs well sprung. Well developed, muscular thighs, with good bend of stifle and hocks well let down. Correct tail set. Presented in super condition. Very profuse, dense coat of harsh texture. Moved very sound and free with plenty of drive. BEST PUPPY.

2. Green’s Tibetan Terrier, Verony Living Legend. A very promising puppy with a super character. Lovely balanced head with good eyes. Sufficient neck with correct depth of chest. Fairly compact body, level topline. Moved very well, with good reach and powerful drive.

3. Preston’s Poodle (Standard), Volgarus Be My Guest.

4. Millington’s Tibetan Terrier, Boshanti Gerald.

5. Rhodes’, Chow Chow, A Glimpse of Faith.


1. Green’s Tibetan Terrier, Verony Danish Romance. Super reverse scissor bite. Well proportioned head. Lovely outline, with good body shape and bone overall. Level topline and good turn of stifle. Good tailset with tail carried in a gay curl over back. Coat coming through well and beautifully presented. Moved with reach and drive.

2. Hocking’s Akita, Karijini’s Ice and a Slice. Attractive fawn and white bitch. Very feminine head. Good thick, muscular neck, flowing into powerful well laid shoulders. Well grown, with good bone. Strong, muscular hindquarters and well-developed thighs. Moved OK.

3. Growcott-Jones’ Dalmatian, Rodengrove Rudoph.


1. Davies’ Boston Terrier, Amadar Captain Jack. A good example of a Boston Terrier, however, for me, I would rather have a longer tail. Smart appearance and handled well. Head in proportion to size. Flat, square skull, correct muzzle. Nice small, erect ears and round dark eyes. Moderate length of neck neatly set into shoulders. Nicely bodied in lovely athletic condition. Tail set on low. Easy and graceful movement.

2. Matthews & Lynn’s Poodle (Standard), Afterglow Swing and Dance. I think this could have been a nice bitch, but very difficult to assess, as she was all over the place. Well-constructed with good hindquarters. Moved OK when settled.

3. Millington’s Tibetan Terrier, Boshanti Tedrick.

4. Steinert’s Poodle (Standard), Frosty Ice.

OPEN (7)

The first two were both lovely examples of their breed and could change places at any time. On the day and after considerable deliberation, I felt the Dalmatian showed herself off better.

1. Foster’s Dalmatian, Perdita’s Tomorrowland JW. Feminine bitch with outgoing personality. Capable of great endurance and fair turn of speed. Good head of fair length, flat skull, moderate amount of stop, black nose and scissor bite. Bright eyes giving intelligent expression. Good length of arched neck. Straight forelegs with strong round bone. Elbows close to body. Deep chest, balanced body proportions, strong loin, angulated and well-muscled hindquarters. Lovely to go over, everything flowed. Spots of correct size and evenly distributed. Moved smoothly with power. BEST ANY VARIETY NOT SEPARATELY CLASSIFIED.

2. Green’s Tibetan Terrier, Verony Like a Charm JW. Black bitch, of medium size, presented in super condition. Very well balanced. Good, well-furnished head, black nose, dark round eyes, scissor bite. V shaped pendant ears, heavily feathered. Moderate length of neck, well laid shoulders, legs parallel and straight. Level topline, short loin, well-muscled hindquarters. Tail set fairly high and carried in a gay curl over the back. Double coat of correct texture, presented to perfection. Moved smoothly. RESERVE BEST ANY VARIETY NOT SEPARATELY CLASSIFIED.

3. Matthews & Lynn’s Poodle (Standard), Afterglow Swing and Dance.

4. Rhodes’, Chow Chow, A Glimpse of Faith.


OPEN (3)

1. Prince’s Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless), Sangre Caliente Amidala Padme (Imp UKR). Good outline, nothing to hide. Smooth, soft skin. Correct head and good mouth. Shoulders well laid back. Strongly built body with level back. Gentle tuck-up. Rounded, solid, muscular rump. Well angulated. Moved with long, free elegant strides. BEST ANY VARIETY IMPORT BREED REGISTER.

2. Unwin & Winter’s Korean Jindo, Liubice Diante at Snowtrekka (AI). Feminine bitch, well boned and bodied. Blunt triangular head with correct eyes and erect triangular ears. Medium length of neck flowing into strong shoulders. Tail set on high, thick and carried like a sickle. Moved true with level topline. RESERVE BEST ANY VARIETY IMPORTED BREED REGISTER.

3. Kelly-Lavender’s Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless), Sangrereal Con Artist. BEST PUPPY.



1. Jones’ Shih Tzu, Ch. Carlita Reason to Dream. 7-years-old. Absolutely fabulous and a very worthy champion. Broad, round head, wide between the eyes. Square muzzle and large round, dark eyes. Good beard and whiskers, plus chrysanthemum hair growth. Good nose and correct full dentition. Nicely arched neck. Good length of body, broad, deep chest, firm shoulders and level back. Heavily plumed tail carried gaily over back. Flowed smoothly around the ring. Excellently presented good quality coat, of correct texture. BEST VETERAN.

2. Marina’s Shih Tzu, Marinbox Murder She Wrote. Good quality Shih Tzu. Nice head with chrysanthemum hair growth. Well-constructed. In good coat and condition. Moved well.

3. Harford’s Tibetan Spaniel, Mennimoonz Sleepy Slug.

4. Moore’s German Spitz (Klein), Longsdale Little Bear.

BEST UTILITY GROUP: Foster’s Dalmatian, Perdita’s Tomorrowland JW.

RESERVE BEST UTILITY GROUP: Jackson & Minshall’s German Spitz (Klein), Ch. Perrymere Just Bertie JW.

GROUP THREE: Prince’s Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless), Sangre Caliente Amidala Padme (Imp UKR).

GROUP FOUR: Burkey’s Shih Tzu, Jazala Rebel Yell

BEST UTILITY PUPPY: Graveney’s Poodle (Standard), Villanders Luxury Lover.

RESERVE BEST UTILITY PUPPY: Bagshaw’s German Spitz (Klein), Pommary New Beggining.

PUPPY GROUP THREE: Jones’ Shih Tzu, Carlita’s Star of Love.

PUPPY GROUP FOUR: Kelly-Lavender’s Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican Hairless), Sangrereal Con Artist.

Felicity A. Snook