• Show Date: 11/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Fay Matthews-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 05/11/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Bournemouth Canine Association – Premier Open Show – 11/08/23

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Class 69 – Junior Dog or Bitch

1. LIVERTON-OVEY, Miss Hope, Chantismere Conchetta For Halosey (IKC), 7 month old bitch, nice puppy with a gorgeous head and expression, she’s well bodied for her age and had good angulation, such delightful temperament with a little happy tail as required, she moved well in all directions. 

2. WILLIAMS, Mrs E D, Granasil Tea House Moon On Sancana, 11 month old bitch, sweetest of head although would prefer a slightly longer muzzle, despite advantage of age she didn’t appear quite as together as 1, her proportions are good and she moved well.

3. BENNETT, Mrs E, Rishtte I’m Tinisha Of Remmya.

Class 70 – Graduate Dog or Bitch

1. LONG, Mrs Lorraine & LONG Miss Helen, Arroline Kryptonite, 9 month old male, handsome young man who has a lovely head and expression, in stance he appeared a little longer in body, good movement in all directions. Needs time to mature.

2. HAWKINS, Miss Kayleigh, Lexody Pandemonium, 12 month old male, melting head and expression, balanced conformation just not holding it together as well as 1 on the move today.

3. BENNETT, Mrs E, Rishtte I’m Tinisha Of Remmya.

Class 71 – Postgraduate Dog or Bitch

1. WATERMAN, Burleybeck Albert Prince Consort, 2.5 year old male, typical head and expression, could a little uncooperative on the move today, would’ve wanted a better top line and stronger rear.

Class 72 – Open Dog or Bitch

1. WILLIAMS, Mrs E D, Charnell Gintastic For Sancana JW, 2 year old bitch, alert and feminine expression, I found her to be well balanced, she held her top line well with the require happy tail, she was by far the best over of the day.

2. WATERMAN, Mrs Kim, Burleybeck Bear Gryils, 2.5 year old male, masculine typical head, rear could be stronger, simply couldn’t match the movement of 1.

3. LIVERTON-OVEY, Miss Hope, Bon Ray Of Hope At Halosey.

BOB - Charnell Gintastic For Sancana JW

BOS - Burleybeck Bear Gryils

BP - Chantismere Conchetta For Halosey (IKC)


Class 101 – Graduate Dog or Bitch

1. WELLS The Rev’d Kirsty & BROWN, Ms Amanda, Metamorphic Maxim, 7.5 month male, alert young man who was nicely proportioned and is developing well, nice eye with beautiful expression and using his ears well, good angulation front and rear, moved well with typical puppy playfulness at times.

2. LAST, Miss Michaela & LAST, Mrs Shireen, Melangel Miss Dollymix, 17 month bitch, feminine head with attractive expression, another using her ears well with nice fringing, nicely proportion however not as accurate as 1 on the move.

3. HEADLEY, Mrs Christine & HEADLEY, Mr Tony, Yeldaeh’s Miss Elizabeth.

Class 102 – Post Graduate Dog or Bitch

1. HEADLEY, Mrs Christine, & HEADLEY, Mr Tony, Yeldaeh’s Mr Chizlewick, 13 month old male, masculine head but not overdone, well placed ears with good fringing, not as settled on the move as he could’ve been.

Class 103 – Open Dog or Bitch

No entries

BOB – Metamorphic Maxim

BOS – Melangel Miss Dollymix

BP – Metamorphic Maxim

Finnish Lapphund

Class 147 - Junior Dog or Bitch

1. JACKSON, Mrs T, handling for Jackson, Mr P & BULL, Miss Katie, Elbereth Maija, 8 month old bitch, strongly featured head but still feminine, she excelled in head qualities with nice eye, good ear, and correct mouth, her body balanced with deep chest, correct spring of rib and nice angulations, coat profuse with adult coming in, she moved well in all directions, if being ultra-picky I would prefer a slightly higher tail set.

2. ELLIS, Miss K, handling for ELLIS Miss Kate Louise & CROSBY, Mr Max, TabanyaRuu Borealis Bliz, 13 month old bitch, exquisite head qualities however darker eye would be preferred, she is well balanced with a good coat, she moved well side on although a little close on both up and down.

3. TREASURE, Pavoskas Galaksiiti.

Class 148 – Post Graduate Dog or Bitch

1. MOORE, Mrs & Mr S & R, Morval Soturi (A.I.), 2 year old male, smaller than ideal and not my favourite colour however this cannot detract from his overall structural quality, he’s a real showman who was eager to please his handler, he has an honest head with good eye, ear and mouth, his body is super balanced with a good coat, he moved out well and in all directions.

2. ELLIS, Miss K, handling for ELLIS Miss Kate Louise & CROSBY, Mr Max, TabanyaRuu Borealis Bliz. As 2 JD/B.

3. WOOLLARD, Mr A, Mrs C & Miss M, Infindigo Onnekas Kielo.

149 – Open Dog or Bitch

1. MOORE, Mrs & Mrs S & R, CH Morval Salainen Haave JW, 7 year old bitch, correct head upon examination which holds the most delightful expression, her eye, ear and mouth all faultless, her conformation is ideal and her movement excelled; she moved out like that of a bitch much younger. She has a profuse, correct coat and was my worthy BOB winner today.

2. WOOLLARD, Mr A, Mrs C & Miss M, CH Infindigo Lintu Miika, 6 year old male, another attentive to his handler and vocal with it, he has a strong masculine head and expression without being overdone, good eye, ear and mouth, nicely coated, balanced proportions and moved well although today I preferred the rear of 1.

3. TREASURE, Mr Mark & TREASURE, Mrs Jane, Infindigo Riemu Emmi Sh.CM VW ShCEX.

BOB - CH Morval Salainen Haave JW

BOS - CH Infindigo Lintu Miika

BP - Elbereth Maija

Judge: Fay Matthews-Jones