• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Evan Ryan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/10/2023

Scottish Breeds Canine Club

Scottish Breeds Canine Society – 8th October 2023

Skye Terrier

Many thanks to my stewards Dot and Alex for their assistance. I was grateful to the Skye exhibitors for braving the elements and turning out on the day, whilst in my own mind being ever respectful of the time and effort that goes into preparing a Skye for the showring.

Postgraduate (3, 2)

1st) Hamilton’s Headscrook Heads Or Tails, 2.5 year old dark grey bitch. Excellent head and eye, with good ears & strength throughout. Well made in front, firm topline and good length to body; with ribbing carried well back. Very accurate on the move away and back, and holds herself well in profile on the go around. In just enough coat of the correct texture, I admired her a lot. RBOB. 

Limit Dog (2, 0)

1st) McLean and Weir’s Rhoderns Hamish, just over two years old, this black is maturing nicely. Another good head, expressive eye and enough strength throughout. Ears well set and fringed and used all the time. Good to go over, strong topline and well-ribbed back, generally all of a piece and well made; used himself well when he settled & presents a nice profile, maintaining his outline.

2nd) McLeod’s Esgia’s Glen Garioch, dark sliver of 6 years, in a beautiful coat which was excellently textured, very good in head and eye, firm in front & good neck. Excellent shape and outline, being a touch longer than the winner but not going with quite the same enthusiasm on the move. Another lovely one.

Limit Bitch (4, 2)

1st) Hamilton’s Headscrook Heads Or Tails, see Junior Bitch.

2nd) McLeod’s Esgia’s Lone Wolf, litter sister to Glen Garioch and shares many of his attributes. Good head and eye, enough neck and firm in topline. Uses herself well on the move and is both accurate and sound. I thought the Junior Bitch looked a touch more finished on the day. Well handled and presented.

Open Dog (3, 1)

1st) Pringle’s Ch Esgia The Exciseman ShCEX, vey stylish cream dog approaching his sixth birthday. Lovely head and eye, good strength throughout, enough neck and firm in front; holds his topline standing and moving, and is a good length; very sound and accurate on the move & really enjoys himself. Excellent presentation and handling. 

2nd) McLean and Weir’s Kometa Rossi Nazareth (IMP DEU) beautifully richly coloured clear cream dog with excellent points; a touch smaller than the winner which I admired, but not quite the strength in head, at the present time. Good to go over and well balanced throughout. Sound and accurate on the move, using himself well and being attractive from all angles. 

Open Bitch (2, 0)

1st) Pringle’s Ch Esgia First And Fairest, litter sister to The Exciseman and shared man of his attributes. Another with a super head and expression, good forehand & neck, firm topline and good length to body. Well angulated hindquarters and in really beautiful muscle tone; in excellent coat of correct textures & superbly handled. BOB & later Best In Show.  


2nd) McLeod’s Noap Charoit Madlen Mardzerhi at Esgia (IMP RUS), 9 year old grey bitch who looks half her age; mother of Glen Garioch and Lone Wolf and she has passed a lot of her attributes to her children. Good head and eye, nice strength but retaining femininity. Liked her neck and shoulder, firm topline and well angulated hindquarters. Used herself well on the move & had lots to admire. Well presented in a good jacket of correct texture and very well handled.


Evan L Ryan (Judge)