• Show Date: 19/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Evan Ryan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/12/2023

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society

Thame & Oxfordshire County Canine Society 

Thank you to the committee for the kind invitation to judge at this well-run show, and also to the sporting exhibitors who turned out.


Open (2, 0)

1st) Dowsett and Jackson’s Ch Avantagrde Italys Secret with Ttweswood JW, now almost 5 years old and carrying a worthy crown, have always admired this lovely dog for his super quality, and stylish movement. Presented in first class order and well deserved BOB. 

2nd) Maskell’s Scapafield Scwarz Quarrel, much to admire about this 2.5 year old, good head and eye, sound on the move and very stylish. Not quite the enchanting expression of the winner but still a very good one.

Chinese Crested 

Puppy (2, 0) 

1st) Eaton’s Chestnutcres Sun Set River for Elmsatce, lots to like about this one, excellent head and eye, well made all through – sound and free on the move. BP & BOB. 

2nd) Panayiotis’ Ynchreenoo Masquerade, excellent shape and size, doesn’t need to grow on any further but goes so well & is presented in first class order.

Special Yearling (1, 0) 

1st) See Puppy winner.

Limit (1, 0)

1st) Eaton’s Chestnutcres Miss Fammie at Elmsatce, very nice for type and quality, good shape and enough body, fair size and in good coat of reasonable presentation. Sound on the move. 

Open (3, 0) 

1st) Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsaid Cody of Zanjero (IMP DEU), I thought rather too long in the body, but otherwise really good for style and type; and very sound on the move. BOB.

2nd) See Limit. 


Limit (3, 0) 

1st) Harrison-Stratford’s Southpoint Niemeyer at Highwick (IMP PRT), super example of the breed of over 2 years, built on elegant lines and much to admire. Really good headpiece, excellent to go over, in super muscletone and came to life on the move. BOB. 

2nd) Cutter and Lubin’s Ina’s Fashion Finest of Chosovi (IMP DEU), super bitch, close up to the winner and lots to admire. Put down in first class order, excellent head and eye, super outline and good clean lines. Sound on the move. RBOB.

3rd) Clarke’s Wachovia Benjy 

Irish Wolfhound 

Special Yearling (2, 0) 

1st) Webb & Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two For Inkleyboys, much to admire here, very typical hound & presented a good picture standing and moving, excellent head and eye; commendable type and goes so well on the move. RBOB. 

2nd) Guntrip’s Brachacn Giorno Di Natale, another very nice hound, just not so collected as the winner on the move today and I did prefer the feet of the winner. Very nice to go over, correct head and eye, with strength and quality. Lots to admire in general.

Limit (2, 1) 

1st) Hooper’s Floydian Affric, I liked this hound, good head with strength; eyes perhaps a tough light and could have more substance throughout; but good for angles and in really super fit muscle. Sound on the move and made the best of himself at all times. 

Open (4, 1) 

1st) Heather’s Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra, really super looking hound with a lot going for her. Correct head and eye, good forehand and chest, firm topline and good quarters; easily capable of doing what she was bred to do. BOB.

2nd) Addington’s Wolfhouse Herbie Hancock of Wolvebrigg (IMP DEU), really liked this dog, although older he did look a touch less mature than the winner for body; correct head and eye and really sound on the move. Lots to like and put down in first class order.

Norwegian Elkhound

Limit (1, 0)

1st) Maun’s Bowerhinton Bright Lady, lots to like in this young bitch and a real class act. Super head and eye, well made all through and goes so well. Very typical and one with an assured future I am sure.

Open (2, 1) 

1st) Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio, smashing dog, with everything going for him, correct head and eye, good neck and shouler, lovely topline and tailset; in super muscular condition, he really looked the part on the day. He was the one to beat and ended up, deservedly so, winning the group. BOB & G1.

Pharaoh Hound

Puppy (1, 0)

1st) Kelly-Pilgrim’s Celt and Dac Unforgettable Love (IMP FRA), very smart puppy showing lots of promise. Shows lots of class at this tender age, good head and eye, super front and quarters; much to admire throughout and sound on the move. BPIB.    

Limit (2, 0) 

1st) Panayiotis’ Ymchreenoo Gold Edition, very smart hound, good head and eye, good to go over but can firm in topline, very sound and accurate on the move and in fit condition. RBOB.

2nd) Ashby’s Regina Alessandra, lots to like about this bitch too, perhaps not quite the balance of the winner but she is very classy throughout and does have a better topline; very well off for type and quality and both sound and accurate on the move. 

Open (1, 0)

1st) Ashby, Cappelaere and Samway’s Kuriera Krystal Amethyst, loved her as soon as I saw her, so classy and typical. Such a correct head and eye, really good to go over with each part fitting neatly into the next, firm topline and good underline, excellent muscletone throughout and a real star on the move. A pleasure to judge. BOB. 

AVNSC Hound 

Puppy (1, 0) 

1st) Surman’s Hamiltonstovare Sweet Hope For Sufayre, good quality puppy with a lot to like. Correct head and eye, firm quarters and well made throughout. In good body condition and muscletone, firm topline, neat underline and both sound and accurate on the move. BP AVNSC. 

Special Yearling (2, 0) 

1st) Austin and Roger’s Cirneco Dell’etna Kinabula’s Ekanite, lovely dog, lots to admire, good head and eye, firm quarters, well made throughout and very sound on the move. Really well presented and handled. RBAVNSC. 

2nd) Prior’s Bloodhound, Houndseeker Dauntless, smart Bloodhound and was good to go over, appealing for his type and balance. Refused to do anything but pace on the move, which was a shame as I would have liked to have seen him gone steadily. Looks promising and should have some better days. 

Limit (2, 1) 

1st) See 2nd SY. 

Open (3, 2) 

1st) Nash’s Ch Tokaji Moon Oer Miami with Mutoko JW, beautiful Basenji and not at all surprised to see she is a Ch. Stood away here for her quality and class; so beautiful to go over, correct head and eye, sound and accurate on the move and knows she is a star! BAVNSC. 

AV Imported Hound 

Limit (2, 1) 

1st) Parker’s Kantilou Mischief, BBDG dog, lots to like and a real showman! Correct head and eye, firm topline and both free and sound on the move. Very typical throughout and really enjoying his time in the ring. BIMP. 

2nd) Simm’s Stonemartin Anlon at Ezhar (IMP), Azawakh, close decision here as I really liked this one too. Very typical of the breed and beautiful to go over. Lots to admire and presented in super, fit condition. I thought perhaps not giving as much as the winner on the day. 

Open (1, 0) 

1st) Parker’s Kantilou Merriement, sister to Mischief and it was apparent. Much to admire here, not quite so free up and back as Mischief but a really beautiful hound, good head and eye, firm quarters and presented in A1 order. Reserve BIMP. 

AV Hound 

Puppy (10, 4) 

1st) Croxford and Halliday’s Whippet, Aarminias French Fancy at Whittimere, gorgeous whippet bitch with lots to admire, built on very clean lines and a real star; super head and eye, good to go over and really sound on the move. I understood this win gave her a very well deserved JW. 

2nd) McCarthy’s Nagshall The Odd Excuse, lovely M/L puppy with a lot to admire, correct head and eye, good forehand and keel, firm topline, good hindquarters and used herself well on the move. 

Special Yearling (9, 4) 

1st) Rowe’s Boloria Sugar’N Spice, W/H bitch with so much going for her, super head and eye, correct expression; really good to go over, firm quarters and uses herself so well on the move. In super jacket and expertly handled. 

2nd) Webb and Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two For Inkleyboys, see Iirish Wolfhound breed critique. 

Limit (7, 3)

1st) McCarthy’s Nagshall I’m So Dizzy, another lovely M/L from this exhibitor, cut from the same mould as are all from this kennel, good head and eye, keen expression; firm quarters and well ribbed back. Sound and accurate on the move.

2nd) Wilenczyc’s Nibrass Celestial Lotus at Kashiba, lovely Borzoi, excellent head and eye, excellent forehand and chest, good angles in front, correct topline and neat underline; used himself well on the move and shows a lot of promise for the future as he is still young yet.

Open (6, 3) 

1st) McCarthy’s Nagshall The Odd Reason, classy M/L, good head and eye, good in front and firm topline, neat underline and tail set well and used on the move. Very nice for style and carriage and went well on the move. Very attractive. 

2nd) Barrett’s Normpug Tiger Eyes, M/S, lots to like, good head and eye, firm topline and well muscled quarters. Well ribbed back, neat underline and stands on good legs and feet. Sound and free on the move.    

Veteran (6, 3) 

1st) Leech’s Ch/Ir Ch Gavelkind Conquistador by Jamchala, BFDB, attractive dog and full of quality, good head and eye, correct expression, well laid shoulders and good depth to chest, firm topline and tailset is good. Used himself well on the move and presented a good picture at all times.

2nd) Shepherd’s Ch Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM ShCEX, very nice Whippet and not surprised to see he carries a crown. Good to go over, correct head and eye, good ears, nice neck and shoulder, firm topline and neat underline. Stands on good legs and feet and went with a free, easy action. 

Hound Group 

1st) Norweigan Elkhound, Maun’s Ch Bowerhinton Bassiano, see breed critique.

2nd) W/H Dachshund Howett and Phillips’ Ch Tendrow Makes The Right Turn JW, really gorgeous bitch, so much going for her and was still going well at the end of a long, hot day.

3rd) Irish Wolfhound, Heather’s Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW, see breed critique.

4th) Min W/H Dachshund, Dance’s Emem Letty Bee Sunshine, typical of the stylish and quality hounds from this kennel & lots to like about this one, good head and eye, and most sound and appealing on the move. Very outgoing and presented in super jacket. 

Hound Puppy Group 

1st) Deerhound, Helps’ Beardswood Xanthe, gorgeous bitch who really caught my eye. So much going for her and must be a star of the future, super head and eye, well made throughout and choc full of type. Classy and sound on the move & thoroughly deserved her win here.

2nd) M/L Dachshund, McCarthy’s Nagshall The Odd Excuse, see AV hound critique. 

3rd) Pharaoh Hound, Kelly-Pilgrim and Pilgrim’s Celt and Dac Unforgettable Love (IMP Fra), see breed critique. 

4th) Saluki, Warner and Layton Smith’ Kushiel Freespirits Sirrush (IMP USA), really beautiful for shape and type; good head and eye, super expression, firm topline and in great muscular condition. Very good on the move and very accurate from all angles.

AV Harvest Puppy Dog Stakes 

1st) Upton’s Tragus Mr Bumble Bee, lots to like about this HWV, really classy and so typical of this kennel and his pedigree. Really attractive headpiece, super forehand and chest, well ribbed & firm in topline, in excellent muscular condition & goes so well on the move. Really deserved his win here. 

2nd) Webb & Mullins’ Protocol’s The Midas Touch (IMP USA), upstanding and quality Doberman, most attractive head properties, good neck and shoulder, firm topline, well set and carried tail & another in great nick; sound and free on the move and stands on really good legs and feet.

Evan L Ryan (Feorlig/Cavallibrook)