• Show Date: 11/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Evan Ryan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

South Wales Kennel Association Open Show

11th February 2023

Bridget Croucher and her team did a super job running this, the SWKA Open Show. Good dogs, good humour & a warm welcome all contributed to a very well-run and enjoyable show and it was a pleasure to be a part of it.

English Springer Spaniel

Open (1, 0)

1st) Lewis & Bullock’s Trixhund This Is My Destiny, classy young dog with typical head and eye, some chiselling and fluting, good forehand and enough depth to chest; well ribbed and firm in topline, well muscled hindquarters powered him around the ring and he returned true in front. Well presented & handled, a lovely young dog.

American Cocker Spaniel

Open (3, 1)

1st) Sheppard’s Nasaileen On A Mission at Shadowview, really super shape and type, good head and eye, correct expression, good forehand and enough chest; good bone throughout, well ribbed & firm topline, good tailset; went with a lovely carriage around the ring & was a pleasure to watch. Really filled my eye, put down to perfection; BOB & subsequently G2.

2nd) Bedding and Jennings’ Alibama Now Or Never JW, another lovely young dog, different in type to the winner but also very striking, correct head and eye, good forehand and well ribbed, firm, strong loin & correct tailset and carriage. A sound, accurate mover & expertly presented and handled.


Open (5, 4)

1st) Phillips’ Time To Play Clementine Rivertone (IM FR) NAF TAF, lovely young bitch, good head and eye, typical expression, firmly built throughout and has substance whilst retaining her femininity, sound and free on the move, a touch proud of her tail, well handled and enjoyed her time in the ring. BOB & BPIB.

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Junior (3, 0)

1st) Rooney’s Copymear Reign On My Parade, most impressive young bitch, full of herself & good to go over, lovely head and expression, good forehand, firm topline and well ribbed, lovely tail, firm action away and back & really eyecatching in profile. A real sassy little miss! BPIB.

2nd) Edward’s Chilbull Crackling Rosie, very nice youngster with a typical head and eye, also very nice to go over and shows a lot of promise. Perhaps has more leg at this age than the winner, but not quite the self-assuredness; a lovely bitch on the move, beautifully presented.

3rd) Lewis’ Lestatt Love Machine at Tyssul NAF

Graduate (3, 0)

1st) Lewis’ Tyssul Carat Gold, very nice shape and type, typical in all respects, correct head and ears, good expression, enough neck and chest, good topline, correct tail. A sound, accurate mover & went with a typical, brisk action. BOB.

2nd) Edwards’ Tinasjoy Dollie Daydream, also very nice for type & quality, preferred the head and expression of the winner, good forehand, firm topline and neat underline, accurate on the move, well presented and handled.

3rd) Lewis’ Tyssul Dwynwen

Open (3, 0)

1st) Edwards’ Tinasjoy Super Dupper, very smart and typical, good head and eye, correct ears, correct neck and shoulder, firm topline & tail, accurate on the move and was the best mover in this class, particularly in profile where he was most impressive.

2nd) Lewis’ Tyssul Coalman JW, also typical, perhaps a better shape but not quite the head of the winner, firm topline and well ribbed, good carriage all round & a keen and willing showman who made the best of himself.

3rd) Graham’s Donami Jenson Button.

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Graduate (3, 0)

1st) Rooney’s Yorone We’ve Got The Moves, she does and she is an absolute star! Loved everything about her, beautiful to go over, so typical in all respects, skeletally so correct & on the move she shows this; so much to commend her & although I had to leave her out of a very strong Toy Group, I have absolutely no doubt she will impress many over the coming months with this skilled breeder and handler. BOB & BPIB.

2nd) Edwards’ Copymear Dances In The Dark, I notice a dancing theme here! Another lovely bitch and one who, as she grows in confidence, will impress many as she has it all there, just needs a little time to make the best of herself; but a quality bitch with a future I am sure. Well handled and presented.

3rd) Graham’s Chihgra Artful Dodger

Open (1, 0)

1st) Graham’s Chihgra Rosa Bud, another of good overall type and shape, much to admire here, is good to go over & moves with effortless ease, accuracy and a brisk action. Typical throughout, just beaten by the exemplary profile movement of the puppy.

Japanese Chin

Graduate (3, 0)

1st) Rooney and Green’s Jaschin Hold That Thought, brought a smile to my face the minute I saw this young dog standing in the ring, each foot in a perfect position on the floor and he turned to look at me as only a Chin can, just enough white in his eyes & a true, typical Chin expression. To go over he is so well bodied and well knit, each part blending seamlessly into the next. In the most perfect body & coat condition, it is on the move where he impresses even more, with excellent accuracy away and back and in profile, moving with such style & perfect footfall, he could not be overlooked. I found nothing to dislike about him & in what I considered to be a quality group, I could not look passed him – he upped it a gear & impressed me so much. Reminded me greatly of some of his illustrious ancestors. A delight to juge. BOB, BPIB, Toy Group 1 & Toy Puppy Group 1.

2nd) Calvert’s Somergemz Balenciaga, not quite so forward as the winner either in terms of confidence or body, typical head and eye, good neck and forehand, firm topline, tail well set and carried; went with a good, free action and with more confidence she should do well.

Open (2, 0)

1st) Calvert’s Jaschin Fendi with Somergemz, most typical & impressive in outline; lovely head and eye, good neck and shoulder, enough chest, firm topline and in really good coat and condition. There was very little to separate her and Paws For Applause, I just thought on the final circuit Fendi held it together a touch more on the slippery surface, but no doubt they will swap places throughout the year as they are two lovely bitches.

2nd) Rooney & Green’s Jaschin Paws For Applause, she too is beautiful and has so much to commend her. Correct head and eye, so stylish on the move and so full of type as with all dogs from this kennel. Most impressive & will, no doubt, have a good career.


Open (3, 2)

1st) Edwards’ Megatoy Tobe Or Not Tobe, correct head and eye, neat ears, good expression, firm in body & well-muscled, good to go over and moved with ease and accuracy both directions. Well presented and most stylish.


Puppy (2, 0)

1st) Phelps’ Bilohka Beretta, beautiful shape and type, super head and eye, really classy and well made throughout. Good to go over, has substance without being coarse in any way, super legs and feet & carries himself so well on the move, upstanding and going with a true and typical Pug action. I liked him a lot & he could not be left out of the quality group and so he had Adult Group 4 & Puppy Group 4, and I expect like those others placed in that group, he will have a very good summer for his most sporting & talented owner/breeder.

2nd) Crothers’ Hazempugs JayJay, not quite the excellent balance of the winner, nor the quality in head, but it is a typical head. His body is good, if he is somewhat difficult to handle on the table, but I am sure this is down to age and exuberance. On the move, he goes well up & back but did not carry himself with the class or style of the winner. A great shame his owner did not feel the need to accept her second place prize card.

Graduate (1, 0)

1st) Hazempugs Miss Lucy, smaller throughout and could have more substance, would prefer more head but it is balanced and not overdone; well made for body & muscle, and goes with a good, free and easy action when she settled down.

Open (1, 0)

1st) While’s Roxmarr Evening All JW, lovely young dog with much to admire and much to commend him, super to go over, excellent head and eye, most typical throughout, firm topline and neat underline, tail set and carried well and he has bone and substance; I admired him a lot and he was presented in first class order.

Chinese Crested

Graduate (4, 2)

1st) Kempster and Rees’ Oolagh Kristol Aayla, a most striking and impressive powderpuff bitch put down in first class order, not a hair out of place! Excellent head and eye with chiselling to her cheeks, beautiful expression; excellent forehand and good depth to her chest, firm topline and neat underline, excellent carriage in all directions & went with such a free, easy and effortless stride it was hard not to be captivated by her. She too could not be left out of the final four & I was delighted to award her BOB, BPIB, Adult Group 3 and Puppy Group 3. No doubt she will impress many others over the coming months if she continues to mature as she is. Presented and handled beautifully.

2nd) Skivinton Bartlett’s Dalrosmics Cruella De Ville at Gustafski, a very smart hairless bitch, good head and eye, nice ears, enough neck & topline was good when she settled on the table. On the move she went with a good action and when she relaxed showed just what she is made of. Handled well.

Open (1, 0)

1st) Skivington’s Ajatiaza’s Crystal Sparks, lovely type, good for balance, correct head and eye, good ears. Enough neck and deep enough chest; firm topline and good underline, tail set and carried correctly when she moved, went well with a precise stride in all directions.


Graduate (1, 0)

1st) Currie’s Faehat Trilby, very smart youngster who appealed for his breed type; lovely to go over, super facial features which combined to give a correct expression, well built all through and skeletally so correct, most impressive on the move and he very nearly did beat what turned out to be his sire for BOB, really smart and in great coat of correct texture.

Open (1, 0)

1st) Currie’s Ch Vanistica Lindy Hop for Faehat, sire of the Graduate winner and you can see where his son gets his quality from, this is another super dog & a real stallion. So much to like about him; really good to go over & so typical, on the move he I sound and accurate and I edged him ahead of his son on maturity, but they are both of great quality. BOB.

Yorkshire Terrier

Open (3, 1)

1st) Kerchey’s Murtagh The Macho, good shape and size, correct head, nice ears & good expression. Enough neck, firm topline and good tail for both set and carriage. Coat of good colours; moved with a typical action and was presented well.

2nd) Conway’s Stadmeyer Romeo, close up to the winner and little to separate them, another with a good head and eye, enough neck, just firm enough in topline and went well on the move, working well with his handler. Good colours and presented well.


Puppy (4, 2)

1st) Watkins and Budgen’s Hawksflight Hot Pursuit, super Min Pin who has it all going for him, beautiful head and eye, intelligent and so keen all the time, good to go over and skeletally so correct as each part blends into the next & your hands just flow over him. I admired him greatly and he delighted on the move, going with such a typical action, and in profile where he impressed using himself so well & most certainly keeping his talented handler on her toes. There is so little I would change about him, and I have absolutely no doubt he will have a very exciting career. Handled to get the very best out of him, a treat to judge. BAVNSC, BPAVNSC, Toy Group 2 and Toy Puppy Group 2.

2nd) Thomas’ Meritorous Welsh Whisper, a lovely Pekingese with so much to admire, correct head shape and good eye, good enough in front, correct shape to his body & he picks up well; well boned and went with a typical action. This clever breeder knows how to get the best out of her charges.

Graduate (4, 3)

1st) Thompson’s Vendetta Forum Romanum of Bytheiad (IMP POL), very nice Italian Greyhound, good head and eye, enough neck and correct topline, stands on good legs and feet and went well away and back & carried herself well in profile. Most attractive.

Open (5, 1)

1st) Thompson’s Blue Lagoon of Bytheiad, another good Italian Greyhound from this kennel, his balance and proportions, good head and eye and carried himself well on the move, going with good drive and carrying himself well in profile. Well handled and presented in good order.

AV Imported Breed Register (Toy)

Graduate (4, 2)

1st) Harrison’s Russiandream Floki Cannoli and 2nd) Harrison’s Russiandream Fifi Banoffee, both of these Russian Toy Terriers were presented in first class order, by this clever handler. Much to commend both of them and they are both very typy and are good to go over, being correct in most departments. The winner went slightly better in profile carrying himself with ease and dignity & he was most impressive.

Open (3, 1)

1st) Harrison’s Russiandream Emily Poppins, very smart Russian Toy bitch who was good to handle on the table & impressed with her overall construction and breed type. Much to admire here and she really came to life on the move; sound and accurate and a pleasure to award her Best AV Import Register.

2nd) Harrison’s Russiandream Coby Tolkien, another nice one from this clever breeder, they must all be so good to look at together at home. Little to separate this fellow from his kennelmate, I just marginally preferred the profile movement of Emily Poppins.

AV Toy

Puppy (8, 5)

1st) Thomas’ Meritorous Forever Dreamer, gorgeous Pekingese puppy, just right for age and coming together beautifully, good to go over & picked up heavy; well boned and goes with a typical Pekingese action; liked him a lot.

2nd) Hawkins’ Lexody Pandemonium, this is a very nice Cavalier puppy who presents a good picture of balance and type. His head his good, but it does certainly need time, his body proportions and balance are good & he carries himself well on the move, using his tail well and is an accurate mover from all directions.

AV Toy Stakes

Veteran (7, 2)

1st) Currie’s Ch Orlock Evernight for Faehat, super Affenpinscher gentleman who belies his years, so much to admire and even now at this age, he retains many of those qualities which must have carried him to his title in his youth. I admired him a lot and thought he was the good winner of this nice class. So typical, in a good jacket & went with great accuracy and style.

2nd) Crowley’s Multi Ch Tillarn Kilgharrah, another who must have impressed many in his youth judging by the titles before his name and after it! Lovely ETT, so typical and stylish; good to go over, correct head and eye and he is well bodies and muscled. Goes with a good, easy action & carried himself well.

3rd) Beach’s Lady Lilibet Myfanwy

AV Toy Champion

1st) Crowley’s Ir Ch Adargwn Brunel, lovely type and style, very good to go over and such a classic outline on this ETT. In good, fit condition and a really good dog on the move, much to admire & I thought she carried herself very well on the move. Presented and handled well.

2nd) Crowley’s Multi Ch Royomas Tenneee Waltz to Adargwn, another very nice one from this kennel an I see the mother of the winner. Sharing many of the same attributes with much to commend, good head and eye, nicely made throughout and a free, easy mover standing on good legs and feet. Well boned and in good, hard condition.

Evan L Ryan (Feorlig/Cavallibrook)