• Show Date: 17/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Emma Martin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/12/2023

South Of England Gundog Club

South of England Gundog Club on 17th December 2023

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this show and my very competent stewards for keeping everything running smoothly. I also extend my thanks to the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs under me today and accepting my decisions so sportingly.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Puppy (1,0)

1st Campbell’s Haywire Texana Vadasz. 9 month dog still learning his craft. Already has the beginnings of a good coat and furnishings which will continue to improve as he grows. Sweet, intelligent expression with correct eye set onto a lovely head which still needs to finish but has time. Correct V shaped ears and mouth. Slightly arched neck, well laid shoulders, upper arm and neat elbows. Brisket still needing to drop but well ribbed. Moderate hind angulation and good feet. Level topline and correct slightly sloping croup. Needs to settle on the move. BP & RBOB.

Special Yearling (3)

1st Swann’s Zoltarous Wasabi For Dhalascar. Striking 17mth dog with a fabulous skull, eyes, mouth and ears. Less coat than 2 but still very much harsh and close fitting. Excellent body proportions and very well balanced. Standing over the ground he looks very smart. He has a clean neck, powerful shoulders, close fitting elbows and the desired pro-sternum. Slightly sloping pasterns and the best of feet. Ribs extending well back with a level topline. Good angulation fore and aft. To be picky, I would prefer a lower tailset as he can be a bit too proud of his tail. Scored on movement. BOB.

2nd Briley’s Coudy Z Janikova Dvora At Canalgame. This 15mth dog had never been to a show before and he was quite difficult to assess at times. He has a substantial coat, but not overdone, and is heavier set than 1. Very well muscled and when he stood still I found that he has good proportions and an excellent front assembly. He has a kind eye, lively expression and looks like he’d be a lot of fun to have around! Correct ears, mouth and feet. Movement was a bit erratic and his handler did well to get to grips with him.

Post Graduate (1)

1st Roff’s Thoradale Rule The World. Petite 2.5 year bitch of a finer make with a sweet face. Good coat, head, eye, ear, mouth. Correct length of body, well ribbed, good topline. Moved well. Unfortunately, I found her a little narrow at the front.


Puppy (3)

1st Morris Kalimor Tinker. 10mth bitch. Won this nice class on maturity, when a few months makes all the difference, and her sound and true movement. Sweet headed pup with fabulous ears, good head with characteristic median line, prominent occiput and good mouth. Clean and moderately long neck leading to well laid shoulders, well developed chest and good front angles. Excellent feet under strong, straight forelegs. Correct length to height ratio, ribs well sprung and extending well back. Moderate tuck up and a level topline held at all times. Good hind angulation finishing a picture of balance.

2nd Burton’s Aschfahl Kepa Spy Von Trubon. When she first came into the ring, I thought this smart little bitch might be my class winner today. 8mth and of a different type to 1, being more workman like but still very feminine. She has a very pretty head displaying all of the desired breed traits, a kind eye, correct ears and mouth. A lovely pale grey, she has a nice neck, shoulder placement and front assembly standing on good forelegs and feet. Correct and level length of back with a slightly sloping croup and tail set well on. Movement was ok but still needs to settle a bit, there is lots to like and time is on her side.

Special Yearling (4, 1)

1st Suett’s Silberliss Peckham Pouncer JW. 18 mth male who powered around the ring like he owned it! Well balanced lad with a handsome, masculine head which is not coarse in any way. Kind, endearing expression, correct ears, stop, median line and mouth. Good neck, well laid shoulders, good length of back and angulation fore and aft. Correct tail set. Best mover in the class. RBOB.

2nd Morris’ Kalimor Tinker. 1st in Puppy.

Post Graduate (2)

1st Morris & Randall’s Kalimor Dottie JW. I have admired this almost 2.5 year bitch for some time and was delighted to finally get the chance to go over her. She has the most fantastic outline and the best of fronts yet nothing is overdone. She has a sweet face with all of the breed characteristics, fabulous long ears with the correct fold and a beautiful neck reaching into well laid shoulders. She has strong forelegs with great angulation fore and aft standing on very good feet with short, tidy nails. Her ribs are well sprung and extend well back with a level topline and slightly sloping croup. Hocks well let down and shown in good muscular condition. Moved well. BOB.

2nd Suett’s Silberliss Saucy Mare JW. Longer cast than 1 and built on a slightly bigger frame. This young bitch has everything going for her. She has a typical head with correct measurements, a moderate stop which I feel is lacking in some dogs lately, correct median line and prominent occiput. She has a clean moderately long neck into strong shoulders and a good front assembly. Excellent angulation fore and aft, ribs extending well back into a firm loin. She held a level topline at all times and moved ok but did not match the winner today.

Open (5,1)

1st Morris Kalimor Gem. This bitch has a lovely pale coat, good head with well set long ears. Her shoulders are well laid and she has a good chest with a moderate tuck up to her flank. Well sprung rib cage, good length of back and slightly sloping croup. Good angulation front and hind, hocks well let down and very good firm feet. Moved very well.

2nd Suett’s Silberliss Summer Of Love. This was my surprise of the day as I had expected to like her half sister, who was placed 3rd, better but today she could not be denied with her ‘look at me’ attitude. She wasn’t wearing her best coat but scored highly on movement and looked like she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Built on a bigger frame than 1 and a tad darker in colour. She is very well balanced, with a good head, neck, deep chest and a powerful front assembly.

Judge Emma Martin (Teufel).