• Show Date: 10/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Emma Hunter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Dundee Canine Club

The Poodle Club of Scotland Open Show 10th June 2023

Many thanks to the Poodle Club of Scotland for the opportunity to judge today, and thank

you to all exhibitors who braved the hot sun and long day for me to go over your dogs. My

best in show line up was the miniature puppy bitch, post graduate toy dog and open

standard dog. Although I was smitten with the miniature, I gave BIS to the toy – he owned

the ring and gave his all.

Miniature Poodle

1. Puppy Dog/Bitch (1,0)

1st Watt, Mrs Angela and F. Bruce, Donaska Tilted Halo

7 month black (b) with plenty coat. She has a dark, almond shaped eye and her

foreface has chiselling already coming through which I suspect will only get better as she

matures. She has a pretty, fine head with lovely long ear leathers. Good length of neck

flowing into a deep chest with well sprung ribs. I would prefer her a touch shorter in length.

She has good front and rear angles with correct tailset. She is in good body condition and

has plenty of reach and drive. RBIS, BPIS, BB, BOB, BPIB

2. Junior Dog/Bitch (1,0)

1st Foulds, Miss Nicola, Starianna Herbie

14 month upstanding black (d) with dense coat. He has a handsome masculine head

with some refinement and chiselling. Long ear leathers, and good reach of neck. In my

opinion he needs more depth of chest and bone. He moved well – a shame he never came

back to challenge as an unbeaten dog.

3. Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (2,0)

1st Hutton, Ms. Zoe, Natica Chocolate Surprise

3 yr old mismarked (B) in pet trim. Her coat is hard and she has a good depth of

chest. I would prefer her to be more refined with a better topline and tail set. Carrying a bit

too much weight but well schooled and moved around the ring with ease.

2nd Harvie, Ms. Fiona, Penchrystona Bobby Dazzler

4 yr old black (d). He has a dense black coat with a masculine head. Nice dark eye

and good spring of rib. Unfortunately he just wasn’t happy moving which lost him the class.

4. Limit Dog/Bitch (4,1)

1st Watt, Mrs Angela, Dorian Gray’s Kissing Cousin at Angelands (IMP DEU)

4 yr old silver with a dense, hard textured coat. Firm and muscular with a good tail

set. I really liked his head and expression, and his dark pigment showed off his super eye. He

has a good reach of neck but tends to poke but despite this his movement and construction

certainly gave him the class and then BD.

2nd Harvie, Ms. Fiona, Penchrystona Bobby Dazzler

Critique as previous class but in this class he perked up and moved as I have seen him

before – with his tail up and certainly a lot happier, showing off his ease of movement.

3rd Hutton, Ms. Zoe, Natica Chocolate Surprise

5. Open Dog/Bitch (2,0)

1st Wylie, Miss Laura, Arcaneon Rising Rivals

Upstanding black (d) with super black hard coat. I would prefer a less strong backskull

but he has a nice eye and well chiselled foreface and good front and back angles. He tends to

pace at slower speeds. BVIB

2nd Hutton, Ms. Zoe, Natica Chocolate Surprise

Toy Poodle

6. Puppy Dog/Bitch (2,0)

1st Tollin, Miss Laura, Dorian Gray’s Ace Up My Sleeve (NAF)

7 Months old silver (b). A bit on the small side for me but she has an ever so pretty

head with super dark pigment showing off her lovely expression. She has a good tail set. She

is a bit loose in front but that should tighten up as she matures. (RBB, BPB, RBPIS)

2nd Winnington, Mrs Bridget, Keelmara Queens English at Fingolfin

9 months old brown (b). Very much still a baby but has a good tail set and showed

glimpses of her reach and drive – despite the puppy jumps! I would prefer a smaller eye but

this may improve as she matures.

7. Junior Dog/Bitch (0,0)

8. Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (2,1)

1st Brunton, Mrs T, Tafari Ta Da it’s Afterglow

2 year old black (d) with a profuse amount of dense coat. His head is masculine without any

coarseness with a good chin and his eye is small and dark. His neck is strong , flowing into a

good front assembly and well sprung ribs. He is a lovely shape, short and cobby. I would

prefer him to be more tailored, to show off his square shape. Nice angles front and back

which allowed him to move with purpose, reach and drive. (BD, BOB, BIS)

9. Limit Dog/Bitch (2,0)

1st Mcginty, Mrs Lynn, Malanthios Nadia Dream Girl at Martlynn

4 year old black (b) with a dense, hard coat. She has a pretty head, long and refined

with a small dark almond eye. Another who is short and cobby. Her tailset is ok. She moves

well with purpose. I like her attitude. (BB)

2nd Brunton, Mrs T., Vanitonia Sumthin to Say SHCM

A smashing wee dog for 8 ½ years old. Shown in pet trim. He is slightly longer cast

and I would prefer a bit less backskull. He is full of verve and zest for life, moving with

balance and ease. (RBD, BV, RBVIS)

10. Open Dog/Bitch (0,0)

Standard Poodle

11. Puppy Dog/Bitch (1,0)

1st Winnington, Mrs Bridget, Fingolfin’s Celebrimbor

11 month brown (d). He has a nice head and eye which will keep getting better as he

grows up. The glimpses I got of him on the move show he has a nice outline. He just needs

time. (BPD, BP)

12. Junior Dog/Bitch (1,1)

13. Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (5,2)

1st Crosbie, Miss Caroline, Caramarvel Agent Carter

4 year old blue (b) She has profuse dense coat well tailored to enhance her colour.

She is longer cast, and her head is a bit heavy for me but she has lovely dark pigment, nicely

chiselled foreface and dark eye full of expression. On the move she covered the ground well,

showing purposeful drive.

2nd Humphreys, Miss K., Bolero Iz Volzhskoy Serenady (IMP RUS)

2 year old apricot (d). He is a lovely size and short backed. His pigment is dark and

complements his dense apricot jacket. He covers the ground well. I just felt he was a little

upright in shoulder – hopefully this will drop in time.

3rd Clement, Mrs Antonia and AJ Clement, Inmaglove Tulip at Fiorghlan VW (BV, BVIS)

14. Limit Dog/Bitch (3,1)

1st Humphreys, Miss K., Bhanyanan Fire Game Iz Volzhkoy Serenady (IMP FIN)

2 year old apricot (b) with so much to like about her. I loved her size and tight feet.

She has a beautiful head and dark pigment. She covered the ground with super reach and

drive. (BB)

2nd Clement, Mrs Antonia and Miss AJ Clement, Fiorghlan’s Magic Swan

4 year old upstanding white male. He is solidly built with a wealth of harsh dense

coat. His sound construction allowed him to move round the ring with ease. (RBD)

15. Open Dog/Bitch (4,2)

1st Crawford, Mrs Lorraine and Mr Ross Crawford, Exalon Apache Moon at Tussars SHCEX

3 year old white (d). This dog makes a beautiful picture stacked, with his tailored

harsh coat, good tailset and black pigment. He is a bit too much for me but he does

move round the ring with ease and elegance. Unfortunately in the challenge for Best

in Show he was pacing. (BD, BOB)

2nd Auld, Miss Chloe and Miss CR Auld, Afterglow Glitter n Twisted

What a beautiful head on this white yr old (b). She is slightly longer cast but her good

construction lets her move with elegance and drive. I think more tailoring underneath will

make her look more balanced. So unlucky to be up against the winner. (RBB)

Emma Hunter (Silvora)