• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: emily Lewis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham & District Fox Terrier Club

Birmingham and district fox terrier club

Smooth fox terrier

Veteran dog or bitch

1. CH Zetamaz Gerard depardiue - 9 year old male in good condition. Lovely head and great expression, short backed and moved well. BV

2. Yoxella warm spell - 8 year old female in great condition too. Good outline, moved ok.

Puppy dog

1. Tamedale secrates - 6 month old puppy who is very raw. He has a great head and expression and a good outline. Needs to settle on the move. BPD

Special beginners

1. Tamedale secrates - Same as puppy dog

Limit dog

1. Icepeak vd bismarckquelle to kanis - 3 year old male that was slightly bigger but had a lovely head and expression, long neck, short back and in great condition. This dog moved really well. Best dog and BOB

2. Zetamaz I’m your man - Lovely dog, being slightly naughty today. I would like a little less body on this dog but moved well. RBD

Puppy bitch

1. Kanix rosemarie - 8 month old bitch that is very fine. She has a long neck and a short back that makes a pretty picture however I would like to see a little more substance to her. BPB, BPIB, BPIS

Junior bitch

1. Zebec ice crystal - 15 month old bitch with a very long neck and short back. This bitch is slightly on the taller side for myself and didn’t really settle in her movement.

Limit bitch

1. Zetamaz maraschino - This bitch took my eye with her lovely size, long neck and short back. She has a lovely head and expression but moved slightly wide in the rear at times. RBB

2. Yoxella well in touch - This bitch was a lightly bigger bitch all over and was not showing great for her handler today.

Open bitch

1. Foxindean future legend - This bitch caught my eye as soon as she walked in the ring. She is very showy, a lovely size, long neck, short back and has a great tailset. She moved really well. BB

2. Lorecon space monster - This was a bigger bitch than 1 in all aspects. In great condition.

Wire fox terrier

Veteran dog or bitch

1. Winning colours at duchmorn - 8 year old male with a lovely head and expression. Long neck, short back in great coat. Moved and showed well.

2. CH Willowyre watastar - 13 year old in great coat. I was so shocked to open its mouth and see all of its teeth. What a great representative of the breed. This amazing dog was having a great time.

Puppy dog

1. Ashleyheath one and only - A 6 month old baby and I do believe it was his first time on a lead. This puppy was extremely raw but has great potential. He has a lovely head and expression and showed glimpses of what’s to come, he just needs to mature.

Junior bitch

1. Oh la kamee nickers at duchmore - This girl was really on her toes today and putting on a great show. She has a lovely long neck, short back ad great tailset, moved really well. RBB

Limit bich

1. Selvina Isadora - A lovely compact bitch with a lovely head and expression. She was in excellent coat prepared and handled exceptionally well. BB, BOB, BIS

2. LLanisbury gilnivers Tully - This bitch is a longer bitch but was shown in great coat. She moved really well today.