• Show Date: 08/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Emily Evans Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 14/12/2023

Labrador Retriever Club Of Wales

I would like to thank the committee for the invite to judge at their Show,also to all the exhibitors for bringing their dogs as well.I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging my first breed club show. Minor Puppy Dog (2,1) 1st Harvey-Major Made In a moment In Linjor 6 month old yellow dog.Strong level topline with an excellent otter tail.Good bone throughout and lovely tight feet.Broad skull with a gentle expression and great pigment.Strong rear,moved well once settled.Best Puppy Dog. Puppy (0) Junior Dog (2,1) 1st Barker Deerbrook I'm The Boss 14 Month Old Yellow Dog.Good masculine head,strong neck leading into a level topline.Lovely muscle tone and well let down hocks.Moved ok,Just needs to settle more in the ring. Yearling (4,2) 1st Chapman Daisypatch Annie's Boy JW 20 month old Yellow dog.Lovely broad skull and gentle expression.Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders.Deep chest,short over loin.Excellent strong level topline,finished with a good otter tail.Well muscled hind quarters and well let down hocks.Moved with drive,covering the whole ring well.Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog. 2nd Braddon Trendlewood One More Time 23 month old yellow dog.Good depth of chest and strong level topline.Longer in loin than 1st.Well sprung ribs.Powerful well muscles rear.Moved well.Preferred overall balance of 1st. Novice (1,0) 1st Barker Deerbrook I'm The Boss *See 1st in Junior. Undergraduate Dog (1,0) 1st Price Pencw Running Man For Rowanhol Broad skull,strong neck leading into well placed shoulders placing legs well underbody.Level topline and deep through chest and body.Would prefer more length of forearm.Moved well. Graduate Dog (3,0) 1st Chapman Daisypatch Ostratto 20 month old yellow dog.This boy has a good topline and tail set.Lovely bone.Broad skull and strong in neck.In good double coat.Well balanced outline.Moved well and covered ring. 2nd Phillips Bowsian Dancing Brave At Sheenaron Darker yellow boy.Broad head with lovely expression.Well sprung ribs,in good weight today.Strong neck.Well muscled hindquarters with well let down hocks.Moved well. Post Graduate Dog (1,0) 1st Essenhigh & Bishop Brynlluan Midnight Star Black dog.He was a bit nervous but settled throughout class.Good double coat,Broad skull,strong neck and good topline.Deep chest.Well laid back shoulders.Moved well. Limit Dog (2,1) 1st Chapman Daisypatch Jelly Tot JW Dark Yellow boy.Broad skull with a gentle expression.Level and strong topline with an excellent otter tail.Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders and return of upper arm.Deep through chest and good overall balance.Moved well. Open Dog (1,0) 1st Hodge SH CH/IR SH CH Naiken East Meets West (AI) JW Black dog.Excellent head with a kind and pleasing expression.Brillaint reach of neck,well placed shoulders placing legs well under body.Deep through chest and body,with well sprung ribs.Excellent level topline with an otter tail that doesnt stop.Well developed and muscled rear quarters and well let down hocks.Moved with drive and effortlessly covered the whole ring.Pleased to award him Best Dog and Best In Show. Special Working Dog or Bitch (1,0) 1st Hodge CH Naiken Etoile (AI) Chocolate Bitch.Lovely head with gentle expression.Strong neck.Deep in chest,well laid back shoulders placing legs well under body.Well sprung ribs.Level and strong in topline with an excellent otter tail.Great overall muscle tone.Moved with drive and fit for function.Can see why she is a full champion. Veteran Dog or Bitch (8,3) 1st Braddon SH CH Trendlewood Silent Night JW 10 year old yellow bitch.She really impressed me for her age.Excellent front and rear angulation.Brillaint strong and level topline which she holds on the move.In good coat today and moved very well.Pleased to award her Best Veteran Bitvh & Best Veteran In Show. 2nd Harvey-Major My Linjor Des Landes D'Eole (Imp FRA) 7 Year old chocolate dog.Broad skull,strong neck and good topline.Lovely bone and muscle tone throughout.Moved well.Best Veteran Dog. Minor Puppy Bitch (3,1) 1st Lapper Tomative Annabelle 8 month old black bitch.Lovely bone throughout.Good head with gentle expression.Not overdone in any way.Excellent top line,she is deep through chest,short in loin with excellent front and rear angulation.Moved with drive.Pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show. 2nd Carpanini Nono 6 Month old yellow bitch.Good pigment and expression.Not as broad in skull at 1st today but still has plenty of time.Good bone.She has a good turn of stifle.Correct double coat.Moved ok Puppy Bitch (1,1) Junior Bitch (4,1) 1st Braddon Trendlewood Tiger Lily 18 month old yellow bitch.Broad head with kind,gentle expression and good ear set.Strong neck leading into well placed shoulders.Good bone and tight feet.Excellent rear angulation and well let down hocks.Moved with drive. 2nd Phillips Rochevale Gypsy at Sheenaron 15 month old yellow bitch.Good head with pleasing expression and good pigment.Excellent bone.Strong,level topline with a great otter tail.Not in her best coat today.Moved well. Yearling Bitch (5,1) 1st Collins Foxrush Joyfull JW 21 month old yellow bitch.Broad head,deep through chest,excellent topline with brillaint otter tail.Excellent bone and muscle tone.Good in both front and rear angulation.In good coat and moved with drive. 2nd Bishop The Girl is Fun From Linjor 12 month old yellow bitch.Good head,strong neck leading into well placed shoulders.Good rear angulation and well let down hocks.Good coat and moved well. Novice Bitch (5,2) 1st Perkins Keeninspires Poison Ivy Chocolate bitch.Deep through chest.Well barrelled ribs,good bone and lovely broad skull.Good topline.Legs placed well under body.Good rear angulation.Moved well and covered ring. 2nd McKee Linjor Cleopatra at Eastdew Yellow bitch.Good bone.Level topline and strong next leading into well placed shoulders.Good rear angulation.Moved well once settled. Undergraduate Bitch (7,2) 1st Miles Llanstinan Fancypants Black bitch.Lovely head and expression.Excellent bone.Deep through chest and body.Well laid back shoulders with return of upper arm placing legs well under body.Good topline with an excellent otter tail.Good rear angulation.Moved well. 2nd Stewart Streamanda Guelder Rose Black bitch.Longer in loin than 1st.Lovely head.She has a good level topline.Good front and rear angulation.In good coat.Think she needs time to mature,will watch her progress.Moved well. Graduate Bitch (6,3) 1st Hoban Meadowleigh Turn Back Time Chocolate bitch.She really caught my eye straight away.Broad skull,leading into a strong neck and well placed shoulders.Deep through chest and body.Excellent bone and muscle tone.Strong level topline which is held on the move.She also has a superb otter tail.In good coat.Moved with drive and covered ring well.Pleased to award her Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex. 2nd Kent Trewinnard Bespoke Yellow bitch.Broad skull,pleasing and gentle expression.Excellent bone and muscle throughout.Well laid back shoulders placing legs well under her body.Moved well. Post Graduate Bitch (2,0) 1st Evans Brynlluan Black Diamond at Bowsian Black bitch.Lovely broad skull.Strong neck,well placed shoulders.Deep chest.Excellent topline finished with a super otter tail.Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks.Moved well. 2nd Perkins Keeninspires News Flash Yellow bitch.Good head.Strong Neck.Good bone.Could benefit from shorter nails so feet could be tighter.Correct double coat.Excellent muscle tone.Moved well once settled. Limit Bitch (8,1) 1st Hodge Naiken Glass Slippers Chocolate bitch.She has a lovely broad head with a gentle expression.Excellent bone and muscle tone throughout.Deep chest allowing for a good front.Level topline,held on the move.Strong rear with well let down hocks used well on the move to allow her to drive.Pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch. 2nd Hoban Meadowleigh Black In Style Black bitch.Lovely head and expression.She has good bone.Good double coat.Well laid back in shoulders with a deep chest and well barrelled ribs.Moved well. Open Bitch (4,0) 1st Peggs Jancet Aurora Yellow bitch.Good bone.Deep chest.Level and strong topline.Well placed shoulders.Excellent rear angulation which she uses well on the move.In good coat.Brilliant otter tail.Moved well. 2nd Carpanini SH CH Carpenny Berry Black bitch.Broad skull with a kind and gentle expression and excellent pigment.Good topline held on the move.Deep chest with good front and rear angulation.In good coat today.Moved well Brace (1,1) Emily Evans (Eminala)