• Show Date: 01/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Sydney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Clitheroe & District Kennel Association

Clitheroe and District Kennel Association Open Show Saturday 1st April 2023

Judge Elaine Sydney - Hounds

Many thanks to the Clitheroe KA committee for inviting me to judge their open show and for their hospitality on the day.

Thanks also must go to the exhibitors for allowing me to judge their lovely dogs. I was very pleased to find so many dogs of quality, conforming to a large degree to their respective breed standard. In several classes my placings were determined on minor detail. In particular the Hound Group was very impressive and I could happily have awarded GP1 to any of six or seven BOB winners. I did feel, however, that the longer legged sighthounds were at a disadvantage moving in the small ring.


Puppy (1) 1. Cannon and Wickstead : Caryna Stefano to Abayomi. Just six months old, this fawn boy is well developed for his age. Well balanced in outline with well laid back shouders, good depth of brisket , good length of back and sufficient length of loin, and moderately bent stifle. He moved well once settled, and in particular he moved beautifully in the Group with effortless light and lifting movement with both reach and drive. He should have a good future. BP, BOB, Puppy GP2


Puppy (1) 1. Haywood and Mannay : Rosskaja Lady in Red. 9month old young lady. Lovely correct head and eye. Correct oval narrow chest with good depth of brisket and tuck up. With correct graceful curve of back and well-balanced fallaway. I would have preferred a little more angulation. Unfortunately on the day she would not settle on the move. BP

Post Grad. (2) 1. Dawson : Stubbylee Mood Indigo. A very nice white/cream bitch with a lovely long narrow correct head and eye. I really liked her outline with correct graceful curve of back leading to long balanced fallaway. Her neck is set at the correct angle, correct depth of brisket and correct balanced fore and hindquarters, enabling her to move effortlessly with reach and drive.

2. Arden : Prime Rubin Hamal At Greenhaven. A very glamorous tall red dog with a lovely head and eye. Excellent depth of brisket with correct tuck up and correct graceful curve of back. I preferred the reach of 1.

Open (1) 1. Dawson : Stepdance Pintel At Stubbylee. I liked this 6 year old sable boy very much. Another with a super outline. Good layback of shoulder, well bent stifle, correct graceful curve of back and long fallaway, good depth of brisket and tuckup. He really came into his own on the move

with effortless, powerful springy action, long reach and powerful driving hind action. I was delighted to award him BOB and GP4.


Puppy (1) 1. Lewis : Fallowfield Chelsey. Very nice bl/tan/wh 11 month bitch, well developed for her age. Good bone, good layback of shoulder, straight level topline which she held on the move, good depth of chest. Very nicely balanced throughout. Good head and eye. BP, Puppy GP3.

Post Grad. (1) 1. Lewis : Fallowfield Channing. Another very nice youngster. I see he is litter brother to my puppy winner and many of the same points apply. Good front, strong bone, well sprung ribs and good depth of chest, good layback of shoulder and well bent stifle. Nice head and eye.

Open (4,1) 1. Griffin : Clarismore Twist and Shout. I liked this tan/wh bitch very much. A beautifully balanced girl with good muscle tone and strong bone, good width of front, deep brisket, good layback of shoulder, and good hind angulation, which gave her balanced, free movement with great reach and drive. Her straight, level topline flows cleanly into her shoulders and neck. She didn't put a foot wrong in the breed or the group. I was delighted to award her BOB and GP1.

2. Lewis : Fallowfield Vincent. Another very nice boy. Great front, lovely balanced front and rear angulation, good bone and muscle tone, good head and eye. Just not as settled today on the move.

3. Arden : Annavah Star Above Madika AW(B)


Puppy (5,4) 1. Jenkinson & Elliott : Coppermow Harfang Avec Elstoto. A very nice young boy, but at 7 months still needs to develop. He has a good topline, good depth of chest, moderate angulation, a lovely head and eye. He moved well. BP

Junior (8,3) 1. Holtappel : Windwalker Zephyr. A lovely brindle boy. Well developed for his age with great muscle and well filled front . He has a lovely balanced outline , good length of neck, good topline with graceful arch over the loin. A lovely free mover with reach and drive. He should have a bright future.

2. Blenkarn : Penwincoed Major North. A very close decision between 1 and 2, who lost out on maturity. He also has a lovely shape, good angulation, long neck. A little flatter in topline than 1. He moved very well with reach and drive.

3. Heys : Be My Baby Boy.

Post Grad (9,6) 1. Mallinson : Edenwhip Vera. A lovely brindle bitch, well balanced with a super outline. Well set back shoulder, straight front, deep chest, good bend of stifle, well muscled. Pretty head. Lovely balanced mover.

2. Barrowclough : Collooney Ice Maiden. A very close decision between 1 and 2. Another lovely bitch with correct conformation. Good length of neck, deep chest, good angles, lovely head and eye. Moved well. Slightly longer cast than 1 and not quite as developed.

3. Ellams : Pargarni's Kiss Me Red.

Open (6,3) 1. Winkley-Balmer and Poole : Edenwhip Can I Be Him. A very nice red well developed young boy. Lovely shape , well laid shoulders, straight front with good infill , well muscled, great length of neck, deep chest, well bent stifle. A totally balanced hound both standing and on the move. His movement shone in the challenge. I was delighted to award him BOB and Hound GP2.

2. Be My Baby Boy. 3rd in junior. More leggy than 1 and not not as developed, but at only 14 months old he has plenty of time. He has all the basics; good angulation, good topline, nice head and eye, good depth of chest and tuck up. Not quite as settled on the move today as his competitors.

A.V.N.S.C Hound

Puppy (1) 1. Pearson : Armadio Candle In The Wind (Bassett) Very nice 7month bitch. I liked the shape of this girl. Well developed for her age with good bone and muscle tone. Lovely, typical head, well muscled long neck, good layback of shoulder, level back with good length, well bent stifle and straight hocks. I particularly liked her prominent breastbone and moderate wrinkling. Good depth of chest with sufficient clearance. Moved soundly. Best AVNSC Puppy, Hound Puppy GP4

Post Grad (2) 1. Pearson : Armadio Wind Of Change. (Bassett) Litter sister to the puppy winner and very similar in many respects. Well boned and full of substance. Correct topline and depth of chest, well sprung ribs, balanced angulation. Moved soundly.

2. Bligh : Ravencrag King Of Swords (Irish Wolfhound) A very nice 18month boy of great size and strength. Great depth of chest with good tuck up, long well muscled neck, good width in front, well muscled straight forelegs. Unfortunately the small ring may have hindered his movement.

Open (3,2) 1. Knowles : CH Bushwacker Dragon Tattoo At Sarawana JW (Basenji) A lovely red and white lightly built graceful bitch. Fine bone, lovely head held proudly both standing and on the move. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder, deep brisket and definite waist. Pretty, well chiselled head. A well balanced hound. She moved beautifully with long swinging stride. Best AVNSC

AV Imported Breed Register Hound

Open (1) 1. Gunn : Stonemartin Ailbe With Katanga (Azawakh). A pretty bitch with a lovely head and eye. Good depth of chest and good tuck up. Long legs with moderate angulation. Good length of neck. Appeared a little nervous at first and took some time to settle. Moved well. Best AV IBRH

Hound Group

Best Hound : Clarismore Twist And Shout (Beagle)

Res Best Hound : Edenwhip can I Be Him (Whippet)

GP3 : Adams : Ellesophia Fly Me To The Moon JW (Wire Haired Dachsund). I really liked this handsome young boy. Well muscled throughout. Sloping shoulders blending seamlessly into straight back and slightly arched strong, short loin. Well balanced fore and hindquarters, good depth of chest leaving adequate clearance to ground. Moved beautifully with free flowing long reach and drive, and head held high.

 GP4 : Stepdance Pintel At Stubbylee (Borzoi)

Hound Puppy Group

Best Hound Puppy : Parsons : Priorpark Poetry In Motion ( Rhodesian Ridgeback). A very apt name for this lovely young girl. A very attractive feminine head with correct stop and brown nose in keeping with her coat colour. Strong and muscular, level back with clearly defined ridge and strong slightly arched loin. Well boned, straight forelegs with good angulation of shoulder and well turned stifle. She shone on the move with total balance and straight free flowing reach and drive. I am sure she will have a bright future.

Res Hound Puppy : Caryna Stephano To Abayomi (saluki)

GP3 Puppy : Fallofield Chelsea (Beagle)

GP4 Puppy : Armadio Candle In The Wind (Bassett)

AV Hound

Veteran (6,4) : There was nothing to separate these two lovely oldies. I wish I could have awarded 1st place to both of them.

1. Winkley-Balmer : Crosscop Me And My Girl For Edenwhip (Whippet) . 9years old bitch. A lovely balanced shape, good front, well angulated, good depth of chest and tuck up, good topline, lovely head. She moved beautifully.

2. Arden : Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(G) (Beagle) 8 year old bitch. Another with a lovely outline. A sturdy, compact, quality hound. Level topline, which she kept on the move, good depth of chest, good angulation. She also moved beautifully with free, long reaching stride and drive from the rear. Such a happy girl, who never stopped wagging her tail.

Junior (10,8) 1. Penwincoed Major North (Whippet)

2. Kehoe & Phillips : Kekoa King Midas Of Luanda At Redcrown. A very handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback boy not yet 12 months old. He has all the basics; good muscle, bone and substance, good balanced shape, good laybackof shoulder and turn of stifle. Correct ridge ad strong loin. When settled he moved very well, but needs to get used to being handled by strangers in the ring.

Open (5,3) 1. Edenwhip Vera (Whippet)

2. McIntosh : Benicloujam Lola Of Chagall (Rhodesian Ridgeback) A lovely 3 year old girl. Level topline with correct ridge , plenty of muscle and bone, good layback of shoulder and turn of stifle. Deep chest and correct spring of rib. Good length of neck. Straight free movement. Attractive head. Unlucky to meet 1st on such good form.