• Show Date: 18/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bogart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Greyhound Club

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge the Greyhound Club Open Show. It was an honour to judge such delightful Greyhounds; thank you for giving me the opportunity. There was a wonderful atmosphere around the ring, which made the day even more special. Thank you to my efficient steward Roisin for keeping everything in check. I was delighted with my winners.


1st Harrison- Stratford, Mrs K Southpoint Niemeyer at Highwick (Imp Prt)

10-month-old upstanding red. Masculine head, long skull with slight stop and dark pigmentation. Strength to under-jaw and lovely chiselling to foreface. Long, muscular neck which flows into a good shoulder placement with elbows well set under. Straight forelegs and compact well-knuckled feet. Good depth of chest for age and decent infill. Long, broad back, well-ribbed, though would prefer a little more spring. Muscular rear with good width to second thigh and low hocks. Moved steady around the ring. A promising puppy. BPIS, BEST DOG & BOS. 

2nd Wilce Quinton, Mrs J & Mr J Azravi’s Marked by the Sunrise at Kirjojax (Imp Nor)

8 ½ month white and fawn boy. Well grown with the right amount of bone and substance. Balanced head with dark eyes and well held ears. Good length of neck, which fits into a decent shoulder placement. Deep chest with a well-developed brisket for age. Ribs carried well back, though a tad short coupled. Curvy underline. Broad thighs with good bend of stifle. Sympathetically handled. Just needs to tighten up in his movement.


1st Boggia, Ms C Whirlaway All Fired Up at Boughton (Imp Aus)

2-years- old red. Well proportioned head, with good length to muzzle and strong dentition. Balanced angulations both fore and aft. Arched neck that flows smoothly into a good front assembly, with straight forelegs and nice feet. Good depth of chest and infill, strong back with broad loin. Would prefer a shade more spring of rib. Nicely angulated rear quarters and parallel hocks. Moved well in profile. Reserve Best Dog.


1st Sawyer, Mrs H Jaxx Teller at Stonelow

8 ½ years- old white and brindle parti, with kind eyes and well held ears. Would prefer a little more length to muzzle. Strong neck, mature body with deep chest with good underline. Balanced angulation both fore and aft with a well-muscled rear and strong low hocks. Coat texture a little woolly. Steady mover around the ring.

OPEN DOG 2 (1)

1st Howden, Miss E, Howlett Ms M & Howlett Ms R Skyswift New Moon

6-year-old white and fawn. Strong head with flat skull, good length and strength to muzzle. Long, strong arched neck which flows into well-laid shoulders with good return of upper arm and elbows well-set under. Deep chest, well filled in front with good length of ribbing and spring of rib. Strong muscular loin. Just a smidgeon short coupled. Powerful, broad rear quarters and well-developed second thigh. Curvy underline but top line just falls away slightly over the croup. Well presented and shown in super condition.


1st Ball, Miss A Satteo Jet

5-year-old eye catching black. Shown in gleaming coat and hard condition. The darkest of eyes and good dentition. Strong neck with decent shoulder placement, forelegs long and straight with good feet. Decent top line, broad muscular loin and curvy underline. Strong rear with width to thighs and low hocks. Nicely handled. BEST SR/LCD

2nd Bakewell, Miss K Affleck Barney Bestest Bud

5-year-old fawn brindle. Handsome head with kind eye and good ear carriage. Nicely balanced with moderately angulated front and rear, decent bone and slight spring of pasterns. Fair width to thighs and parallel hocks. Shown in good muscular condition, moved soundly around the ring enjoying his day.


1st Clarke, Miss S Wachovia Benjy

7-year-old red. Well-balanced and shown in super condition. Nice looking head with dark eyes, although marginally broad in skull. Muscular neck with fair shoulder placement. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Strong loin and curvy underline. Well muscled rear and strong hocks. A credit to his owner. BEST SR/LC VETERAN DOG

2nd Sawyer, Ms H


1st Abell, Mrs M Ballyoak Queen

2 ½ year old black and white. Presented in super condition. Soft expression with dark eyes and well-held ears. Strong neck leading to a decent front, elbows well under. Lovely underline, good length of ribbing and strong loin. Super muscled rear with low set hocks. Very collected on the move, nicely handled.


1st Holder& Boggia , Mrs M & Ms C Fionn Clann Bluebelle (Imp Rus)

 2-year-old blue brindle. Lovely, refined head, beautifully chiselled with flat skull and slight stop. Elegant arched neck which runs smoothly into a well-angulated front. Slightly sprung pasterns and neat feet. Curvy underline and good top-line, which she held on the move. Back well-ribbed with a strong, well-muscled loin. Nice angulation to rear quarters, with width to second thigh. Coat fine and close. Lovely profile movement.

2nd Shakespeare, Mr K & Mrs S A Zoraden A Little Tenderness with Cairdean

6-year-old white and brindle parti. Sweetest of expressions, long muzzle, correct eye placement and well held ears. Strong neck that is set correctly into decent shoulders, elbows well under and pasterns slightly sprung. Good depth of chest and infill, flowing underline, just a touch long in loin. Good bend of stifle and width to thighs, parallel hocks and the longest of tails. Moved well around the ring, beautifully handled. A lovely partnership.


1st Harrison- Stratford, Mrs K Southpoint Lady Loki at Highwick (Imp Prt)

 2-year-old white and dark brindle parti with lovely shape and proportions. Typical head with strength to foreface and strong dentition. Good neck set into well placed shoulders and front assembly. Strong straight forelegs with good feet and pasterns. Deep chest, well-ribbed back and strength and breadth to loin. Shapely top and underline with well muscled unexaggerated rear. Shown in good condition. Moved with a light and easy stride.

2nd Boggia, Ms C Boughton Birrong

2-year-old red and white parti in good coat and condition. She presents a beautiful outline on the stack. Pretty, feminine head with good length of muzzle and lovely pigmentation. Strong, arched neck flowing gently into a good front assembly. Well off for bone and standing on super feet. Deep chest with lovely in fill and spring of rib. Curvy underline and correctly arched top line. Unfortunately, just not wanting to co-operate today.


1st Howlett & Howlett, Mrs M & Miss R Skyswift Moonlight Serenade

6-year-old red and white parti, strongly built and of generous proportions. Lovely flowing lines from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail. Beautiful head with dark eye and pigmentation, well-held rosed ears and lovely chiselling. Elegantly arched neck that flows into a good shoulder placement and return of upper arm. Capacious chest with good depth and spring of rib, lovely arched top line and sweeping underline. Well-muscled and angulated hindquarters, with width to second thigh and strong low set hocks. Moved soundly in all directions with a free and easy gait, I couldn’t deny her top honours. BEST BITCH & BIS

2nd Rishworth, Mrs C Ch Out of the Blue Ad Honores

4-year-old stylish red in perfect harmony with her handler. Beautiful in outline. Classic head with the darkest of eyes and lovely rosed ears. Long, muscular neck which flows smoothly into a good shoulder placement. Great dept of chest and well ribbed back, though I would prefer just a little more spring. Sweeping underline and strength to loin. Strong, well-muscled rear without exaggeration and parallel low set hocks. Presented in super coat and condition. Moved effortlessly around the ring. RBB & RBIS


1st Scoles, Mrs W Nuts Corner

5-year-old black strongly built, with dark well-placed oval eyes and small rosed ears. Powerful, balanced front and rear angulation, with straight forelegs and well off for bone. Curvy tuck up, well-muscled rear and strong hocks. Steady mover, keeping her shape around the ring. BEST SR/LCB

2nd Abell, Mrs M Ballyoak Queen


1st Boggia, Ms C Ina’s Fashion Coquette

8 ¼ year old red brindle. Beautiful silhouette. Pretty head with dark eyes and well held ears. Strong, elegant neck flows into a good front assembly with slightly sprung pasterns and well-knuckled feet. Good depth of chest with lovely infill and sweeping underline. Gorgeous sweep over croup to tail. Curvy, well-angulated rear with width to second thigh and strong hocks. Expertly handled to get the best out of her. BVB & BVIS


1st Ball, Miss A

Two lovely black Greyhounds moving in tune with each other. Difficult to move indoors on the small mat, but they done their best and pulled it off. A credit to their owner.