• Show Date: 20/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bogart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Devon County Agricultural Association

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this popular, well-run show. The weather gods were kind to us today, providing us with glorious sunshine. Thank you to my stewards, Marilyn and Chris for keeping my ring in good order, and to all the exhibitors who bought their hounds today.



1ST Sharp, T Barnesmore Spanish Inquisition 13-month-old brindle male. Caught my eye when he entered the ring. Balanced in outline and nicely grown. Head long and lean, with strength to under jaw and correct dentition. Bright, oval eyes with good width between, and well-held, rosed ears. Elegant, well-arched neck which flows smoothly into a correct front assembly. Forelegs straight with bladed bone, slight spring to pasterns and tight well knuckled feet. Good depth of brisket, with ribs well sprung and sweeping underline. Well-muscled rear with width to second thigh and low parallel hocks. Moved with a long and easy stride. BOB. Shortlisted in HG

2nd Prowse, Mrs AC Freehamlet Saint Matilda 14-month-old cream bitch. Typical head with kind expressive eyes and fine, well-held ears. Good length of neck leading into a decent front assembly, shoulders well laid with flat muscles and correct return of upper arm. Good depth of chest with fair width to front and back well ribbed. Balanced in rear with broad well-muscled thighs and hocks well let down. Moved steady round the ring. Shown in lovely coat and condition.


1ST Prowse, Mrs AC Freehamlet Saint Cecilia 14-month-old fawn brindle bitch, of good body and substance, with balanced angulation fore and aft. Feminine head with bright, oval eyes and strength to under jaw. Muscular neck set into well-laid shoulders with good return of upper arm and elbows set well under. Good depth of brisket with decent infill and broad well-muscled back, could just be a tad shorter in loin. Strong rear quarters with width to 2nd thigh. Ground covering gait in profile, nicely presented.


1ST Woodward, Ms EA Bryntreia Whispered Love at Palmik JW 4-year-old fawn and white. Presented a beautifully balanced outline on the stack. Feminine head of equal planes, with expressive oval eyes and small, well-held rosed ears. Strong, elegant neck which fits smoothly into a correctly made front. Straight forelegs and neat feet. Lovely depth of chest giving plenty of heart room. Curvy underline with graceful arch over a well-muscled loin. Nicely muscled rear, with well-bent stifles and low set hocks. Stands naturally over a lot of ground. Beautifully handled with lovely profile movement, just a little wide in front coming back. RBOB

2nd Prowse, Mrs AC Crosscrop One Step Closer to Freehamlet 5 years old red fawn. Pretty head with good width to skull and strength to muzzle. Lovely length and reach of neck, good return of upper arm, with quality bone and well-knuckled feet. Ample depth of chest and length of rib. Pleasing tuck up that flowed nicely into well-developed rear quarters with strong parallel hocks, which she used to her advantage on the move. Presented in gleaming coat.



1ST Breeze, Mr G & Mrs E Dufosee Honestly of Parkebreeway 2 ½ years old tri – colour bitch. Liked her size and proportions. Lovely head, feminine and balanced with dark eyes giving an appealing expression. Muscular, slightly crested neck that fits smoothly into a well-made front. Super bone and compact, well knuckled feet. Deep chest to below elbows, with well sprung ribs, level top line and strength to loin. Shapely rear quarters with width to second thigh and parallel low set hocks. Good ground covering gait in profile, using her rear well. One to watch, just lost out on maturity. RBOB

2nd Barrow, Mrs RC Redcap Knucklebones at Meganjin 20-month-old tri-colour bitch. Typical head of good proportions with sweet expression and well-set leathers. Neck is strong and of good length. Fair shoulder placement with good depth of chest and back well-ribbed. Straight forelegs with round bone and tidy feet. Moderate angulation in rear, with parallel hocks, just a little soft in muscle tone at present.


1ST Roberts & Spearing, Dr C & Ms D Linkenlees Laurina ShCEx 6 years old tri-colour bitch, of nice size and body shape, with balanced angulation front and rear. Feminine head of good proportions, strong under jaw and correct dentition. Good length of neck which flows smoothly into a well-made front. Level topline with strength in the loin and good set on of stern. Nicely muscled rear with width to second thigh and low parallel hocks. Well-handled and presented, held her outline on the move.

2nd Breeze, Mr G & Mrs E Parkebreeway Wyseman JW 22-month-old tan and white, could just be a bit more compact. Attractive balanced masculine head with lovely eyes and expression. Strong neck flows smoothly into a decent front. Deep chest, back well ribbed and level topline. Straight forelegs standing on good bone and neat feet. Well-muscled hind quarters, stifles well bent and parallel hocks, allowing him to move with plenty of drive. Shown in good muscle condition.


1st Roberts & Spearing, Dr C & Ms D Linkenlees Lyric ShCM ShCEx 6 years old tri- coloured bitch. Compact body with good height to length ratio. Clean lines with nothing exaggerated. Refined head that is balanced; dark expressive eyes and ears set on low. Pleasing neckline which flows smoothly into correct front assembly. Ribs well-sprung and extending well back, topline level. Stands on super bone and feet with short nails. Well-muscled hindquarters with strong parallel hocks. Sound mover coming and going. Shown in super coat and condition. BOB and shortlisted in group.

2nd Breeze, Mr G & Mrs E Davicard Hummingbird of Parkebreeway 6 years old tri-colour bitch, well off for bone and substance. Attractive head and expression though would prefer a little more length to muzzle for balance. Good reach of neck which flows smoothly into well placed shoulders. Straight back and sturdy tail, well set. Chest let down to below elbows with a well filled in front. Balanced angulation front and rear. Sound true mover, looked good in profile.