• Show Date: 26/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bogart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Borzoi Club

Thank you to the Borzoi Club for inviting me to judge at your March Open show. I had the most fabulous entry of 38 Borzoi. It was a real privilege to judge so many wonderful hounds - what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. There was a lovely atmosphere around the ring, which made my appointment even more enjoyable. Thank you to my steward Sharon who kept the ring in order. I was most delighted with all my winners!


1st Langley & Thomas, D & M Int/Cro CH Otrada Amur Zlatoyar at Zoribo (Imp Can) IR Jun CH

Dignified 9-year-old self fawn boy. Noble head of nice length and strength. Dark eyes with lovely pigmentation and strong dentition. Neck of good length, set into clean shoulders. Good depth and length to body with decent infill and broad loin, just losing his top line slightly. Width to rear, with ample bone and low set hocks. Moved steadily around the ring.


1st Harvey, Mrs L Astragorn Zeus Glory of Albaneiler (Imp Aus)

11-month-old white and sable male who instantly caught my eye. Aristocratic head of good length with dark expressive eyes and super pigmentation. He has the most lovely veining in his foreface, and strength to his under jaw. A strong arched neck fits smoothly into a well-made front. Forelegs clean and straight and standing on good bone and feet. Great depth of brisket and infill for age, back well ribbed and strength and breath to loin. Hind legs long and muscular, with width to second thigh. Long tail well feathered, carried low. Beautifully presented and shown in wonderful silky coat. A most promising puppy. BP & RBD

2nd Webb & Bates, MrC & Miss R Rosskaja Ashes to Ashes

9-month-old white and red male, still very much a baby. Pleasing head of good length, dark almond eyes and high set ears. Good strength in neck and decent shoulder placement - just needs to broaden in front. Elbows set well under with slightly sloping pasterns and neat feet. Fair depth to brisket in-keeping with age, back well ribbed and strength to loin. Well-angulated rear and broad low set hocks. Nicely presented.


1st Birmingham, Mr M Takatori Barnum

15-month-old upstanding white and fawn. Strong, well grown male with a balanced outline. Refined masculine head with dark eye and good veining, although ears a tad on the large size. Strong, muscular neck with fair shoulder placement. Well off for bone with forelegs clean and straight, standing on super oval feet. Deep brisket and well ribbed back, fair width to thighs with well let down, broad hocks. Shown in good coat. Steady mover around the ring.

2nd Harvey, Mrs L Lynx Ocean of Peace at Albaneiler (Imp Swe)

12-month-old white and red bitch, with the prettiest of heads. Dark almond shaped eyes and pigmentation, lovely veining with correct dentition. Good neck and shoulder placement, with depth to brisket and a nice rise over the loin. Well-muscled rear with width to second thigh and parallel hocks. Longest of tails, well feathered. Shown in immaculate silky coat. Lovely profile movement. Promising youngster, close decision.


1st Dove, Miss J Takatori Madam Butterfly at Saringa

Eye catching 14-month-old white and fawn bitch. She presents a beautiful outline on the stack. Elegant head with dark expressive eyes, strength to under-jaw and correct dentition. Muscular, well-arched neck flows into correct shoulder placement with good return of upper arm. Deep brisket allowing for plenty of heart and lung room. Back well ribbed, curvy tuck up and shapely top line. Strong loin, broad and powerful. Well angulated rear with strong hocks, which she used to her advantage on the move. Long tail well feathered, shown in super coat and condition. Moved with reach and drive. BEST BITCH, RBIS.

2nd Harvey, Mrs L Lynx Ice River of Albaneiler (Imp Swe)

12-month-white and red boy, well proportioned head with dark eyes, Roman nose and strong dentition. Well grown and stood foot perfect. Elegantly arched neck into clean shoulders, deep chest and good infill. Gently curving top-line into a well balanced fallaway. Lovely feet, strong parallel hocks and curvy rear. Moved with good drive and extension. Promising youngster.


1st Logvinenko, Dr T Ryazan Vladimir

3-year-old white and fawn male. Beautifully presented in coat and condition. Aristocratic head of good length and equal planes with dark almond shaped eyes. Muscular neck that fits smoothly into a well laid shoulder, deep chest though would prefer more infill. Back well ribbed with a sweeping underline. Well angulated rear with width to second thigh and strong low set hocks. Long tail carried in a graceful curve. A very light and effortless mover.

2nd Allen, Mrs G Lynx Life of Brian with Araura (Imp Swe)

2-year-old, well grown white and fawn male. Attractive, lean head with dark eyes, lovely veining and a Roman nose. Strong neck with fair shoulder placement, well off for bone and decent feet. Deep chest with back well ribbed, strength to rear and broad strong hocks. Presented in good coat. Pleasing side movement.


1st Raczka Mr P & Mrs C Jamarqui Alchemy Argent

4-year-old white/fawn. Upstanding male of generous proportions. Balanced head with the darkest of eyes, good pigmentation and a lovely veining. Strong neck flows into a decent shoulder placement, though would prefer a slightly better return of upper arm. Stands on good bone with strong well-padded feet. Great depth of brisket with good length of ribbing and a broad well muscled loin. Ample width to thighs with well angulated stifles and strong hocks. Shown in good coat and condition. Considered him for top honours.

2nd Odell, Y Sukeshi Dazzling Dan

3-year-old male shown in good muscular condition. Pleasing head of good planes, expressive dark eyes and neat ears. Balanced angulation both fore and aft. Strong neck that flows into a decent front, with quality bladed bone and well arched toes. Good depth of brisket and broad, nicely arched loin and good width to rear. Long, well feathered tail carried in a graceful curve. Sound and collected on the move.


1st Dawson, Mr A, Mr N, & Mrs E Steppdance Pintel at Stubbylee (Imp Nor)

6-year-old red sable. Aristocratic boy, full of quality with a balanced elegant outline. Lovely flowing lines from nose to tip of tail. Handsome head that is beautiful in profile with dark eyes, fine neat ears and strength to under-jaw. Long, strong neck flows smoothly into good shoulder placement, with a deep chest, well-ribbed back and a broad muscular loin. Sweeping hind quarters with width to second thigh and low set hocks. Expertly handled which got the best out of him, excelling on the move with his light, free and easy movement. BD and BIS


1st Dawson, Mr A, Mr N & Mrs E Stubbylee Mood Indigo

3-year-old red/white bitch. Pretty head of equal planes with dark expressive eyes and strong dentition. Long muscular neck that flows smoothly into a good front with straight forelegs, bladed bone and well arched feet. Chest of good depth, with oval ribbing and a curvy underline. Strong rear with good angulation and broad low set hocks. Moved around the ring with an easy flowing gait.

2nd Webb & Bates, Mr C & Miss R Mischran Hinterland

4-year-old red sable, presented in decent coat. Feminine head with dark expressive eyes and high set ears. Long neck into decent front assembly though would prefer better return of upper arm. Good depth of brisket, back well ribbed with ample width between hip bones. Width to rear with low set hocks. Steady mover.


1st Webb, Mrs K Mischran Calanthe at Parsax

Almost 2-year-old self black. Feminine head, dark eye with strength to under jaw. Balanced angulation, front and rear. Strong, well-muscled neck with a decent lay of shoulder, straight forelegs, just a little upright in pasterns and would prefer more knuckling to the toes. Shapely underline, fair width to thighs and low set hocks. Nicely handled.


1st Dawson, Mr A, Mr N & Mrs E Ch Metel Augusta Ala Azul at Stubbylee JW (Imp Rus)

4-year-old self black bitch. Feminine, beautifully veined head with the darkest of eyes, and small high set ears. Elegantly arched neck that runs smoothly into a well angulated front, pasterns slightly sloping and good feet. Deep chest, well-ribbed back and strength and breath to loin. Curvy underline, gentle sweep to croup and a long well feathered tail. A graceful hound, shown in good coat. Super mover, showing reach and drive. RBB

2nd Clare, Ms J Ryazan Vogue

3-year-old elegant red/white. Appealing, well balanced head with dark expressive eyes and strength to under-jaw. Good length of neck flowing into decent front assembly, straight forelegs with bladed bone and elbows well under. Good depth of chest, well-ribbed back and sweeping underline, although a little flat in top line. Ample width to rear with strong second thigh and low set parallel hocks. Easy and free movement around the ring.

ELAINE BOGART (Incitatus).