• Show Date: 09/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bogart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/09/2023

Vale Of Glamorgan Agricultural Society

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this well run, friendly agricultural show. The weather was very kind to us, we were blessed with large flat rings which enabled the dogs to get into their stride - and the traffic gods were on our side. I would like to thank my two most efficient stewards, Ann and Graham and to the exhibitors who provided me with a quality entry - I was spoilt for choice.


1st Hoskins, S A Shelsue Jingling Jennie 11-month-old fawn bitch, balanced in outline and nicely grown. Typical head with kind expression, good length of muzzle and fine rosed ears. Strong neck which fits smoothly into a clean shoulder placement. Well-sprung rib cage and strength to loin. Good depth of brisket and infill for age, with curvy underline and gentle arch over the loin. Moved steadily around the ring, a promising puppy. BP

2nd Booker, Mrs B T Longmire Blue for Ewe 10-month-old pale brindle bitch. Feminine head with dark mask, bright oval eyes and nicely rosed ears. Reachy neck that fits smoothly into a decent front assembly with elbows set well under. Fair dept of chest with ribs carried well back, just a tad long in the loin. Nicely muscled rear for a young puppy.


1st Mulligan S S & T L Ashkyem Fisher Jazmyn 14-month-old athletic brindle and white parti bitch, she presented a nice shape on the stack. Typical head with good length to muzzle and correct scissor bite. Nicely angulated front assembly with neat, well-padded feet. Broad, well ribbed back, muscular loin with correct slope to pelvis and tail set. Well angulated rear quarters, sound moving in profile.

2nd Yates, Winter & Morland, Miss D, Mr LR & Miss A Zoraden Maserati 13-month-old fawn boy, unexaggerated with matching front and rear angulation. Attractive masculine head, expressive oval eyes with dark pigmentation and powerful jaws. Lovely length and strength to neck, back well ribbed and correct rise over the loin. Good width to rear with strong, parallel hocks. Moved soundly on the out and back.


1st Snelgrove, Mrs A E & Miss R C Kamasal Starlight Rascal at Huntinghill Upstanding 3-year-old fawn and white parti bitch. Presented a lovely outline, with curves in all the right places. Long, lean feminine head of equal planes, bright oval eyes and beautifully rosed ears. Gracefully arched neck which flows smoothly into a nicely angulated front. Forearms straight with bladed bone and well knuckled feet. Good depth of chest and infill, with curvy underline and well-ribbed back. Width to second thigh and strong low set hocks which she used to drive around the ring. Beautifully handled, considered for BOB, just lost out by the slightest of margins.

2nd Hoskins, S A Bodlon Kind of Magic at Shelsue. 21-month-old blue brindle bitch. Pretty head with good length to muzzle and powerful clean-cut jaws. Long muscular neck into a well angulated front, straight forearms, correct slope to pasterns and neat oval feet. Lovely sweeping underline and broad muscular loin. Balanced and feminine, shown in super coat and condition.


1st Kirby & Mansfield, Mr J & Ms H Collooney Black Tartan at Shingwidsi 3 years old black dog shown in gleaming coat and condition. Caught my eye when he came into the ring with a super curvy outline. He has a long flat skull, good length of muzzle and correct dentition. Lovely length and strength to neck that flows into a good front. Fair depth of chest with curvy underline and top line. Nicely angulated rear quarters, moved with a long and easy stride.

2nd Mulligan, S S & T L Ashkyem Dark Star 8 years old handsome brindle boy belying his years. Masculine head with lovely eye shape and expression, strength to under jaw and beautifully rosed ears. Correct length of neck flowing into a well-made front assembly, with forearms straight and the best of feet – oval, well knuckled with strong short nails. Definite tuck up and firm broad back. Sound mover in all directions, just carrying a tad too much weight.


1st Snelgrove, Mrs A E & Miss R C Palmik Carousel for Huntinghill JW 4 years old quality fawn bitch, beautifully balanced and smooth in outline – nothing exaggerated. The prettiest of heads of correct proportions, oval eyes with dark pigmentation, and lovely rosed ears. Strong, elegantly arched neck flows into a super front assembly. Lovely curvy underline with good depth of chest. Ribs well back, with a strong, broad loin and gentle sweeping croup. Correct top line which she held on the move. Powerful rear with well bent stifles, width to second thigh and strong, low hocks. Presented in good hard condition with an easy and graceful movement, sound in all directions. BOB HG2

2nd Hoskins, S A Glamtam Gwen Stefani at Shelsue 6 years old pale fawn bitch. Feminine head with length and leanness of skull, oval eyes and well held rosed ears. Muscular neck, with good depth of brisket and rib cage carried well back. Curvy top line and underline with strength and width to loin. Nicely angulated rear quarters, and low set hocks. Moved with a long and easy stride.