• Show Date: 03/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bogart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tyne Wear & Tees Hound Association

Thank you to the committee for asking me to stand in for Grant Carter who had to withdraw due to illness. I hope you are well now, Grant. Thank you also to my two stewards who kept me on my toes!


Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1

1st Revens, Miss A C & Hyde, Mr P G Beabass Tulia 11-month-old red wheaten bitch. Pretty head of correct proportions, dark eyes with a lively expression and well-set ears. Muscular neck fits smoothly into a good front assembly, though legs could be straighter, neat tight feet. Good depth of chest for age, strong rear with parallel hocks. Shown in harsh coat. Moved true, just a little exuberant in the challenge. BP & PG3

Open Dog or Bitch 1

1st Pocklington-hall, Ms M Merlin Do Casal Dos Choupos (Imp) 6-year-old red wheaten male. Masculine, well-balanced head with dark eye and correct ear set. Good width to front with decent shoulder placement, straight legs and good feet. Deep chest with well-ribbed back and strength to loin. Decent angulation in rear with hocks well let down. Just losing his top line slightly on the stack. Brisk free movement around the ring. BOB


Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1

1st Foote & Macaulay, Mr & Mrs E, G & R Erylan Fantastique Freya Ir J Ch Cjw22 2-year-old sable and white bitch, presenting a well balanced outline. Appealing head of good proportions, with lovely dark oval eyes and correct ear set. Good length of neck leading into well placed shoulders, level top line and short muscular loin. Tail set on high and carried correctly. Lovely side gait movement, just a little close in rear.

Open Dog or Bitch 2

1st Foote & Macaulay, Mr & Mrs E, G & R Ir Ch Ch Erylan Hera La Reine 3-year-old quality sable and white bitch of lovely proportions who caught my eye when she entered the ring. Beautifully balanced in outline, nothing exaggerated. Feminine head with slightly domed skull. Dark oval eyes with a lovely, intelligent expression and ears set on low. Strong neck that flows into clean well-laid shoulders, with elbows close to chest. Quality bone and neat well-padded feet. Deep chest and well-ribbed back, level top line with strength to loin. Free movement in all directions, driving from her strong hocks. Beautifully handled and presented. BOB

2nd Foote & Macaulay, Mr & Mrs E, G & R Ir Ch Clonalion Just Beginning Alec Erylan ShCM Vet Ch Vw 10-year-old sable and white bitch. Still in tip-top condition. Typical head, carried proudly, with dark eyes, well-set ears and strong dentition. Good length of neck, with fair width to front and good lay of shoulder. Back well-ribbed, top line just losing its shape. Balanced rear angulation and strong parallel hocks. Coat rough and harsh. Lovely profile movement. BVIS


Special Yearling Dog or Bitch 2 (1)

1st Johnston, Mr T Burnvale Queen of Diamonds 21 month red and white bitch, well presented. Feminine head of good proportions, dark eyes with a lovely, calm expression. Correct dentition and strength to under jaw. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, broad back and level top line. Balanced angulation both fore and aft, with quality bone and large well-padded feet. Stern well set and carried correctly. Effortless movement around the ring.

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2(1)

1st Mcevedy, Mrs J Dilheath Jerry Lee Lewis 3-year-old imposing tri-colour male. Masculine head, with dark eyes of good shape, good length and set on of leathers. Well-arched neck that flows into a decent front assembly, ribbing nicely rounded and carried well back. Muscular rear with strong hocks that he used on the move. Nice profile movement, just slightly untidy coming towards me.

Open Dog or Bitch 1

1st Johnston, Mr T Burnvale Black Diamond 21-month-old quality black blanket bitch, strongly made with plenty of bone and beautifully balanced. Lovely feminine head, elegant domed skull with dark eyes and fine velvety leathers, set on low. Muscular neck fits smoothly into a good front assembly with plenty of infill, broad well ribbed back and level top line. Strong, well-muscled rear quarters with stifles well bent and strong hocks. Shown in super coat. Movement was true in all directions. BOB


Special Yearling Dog or Bitch 3

1st Say, Mrs J Lynelouper’s Little Shields Powerful, well grown rangey 13-month-old light brindle bitch. Plain head of equal planes with dark eyes, well held rosed ears and strength to under jaw. Good length of neck that fits smoothly into decent lay of shoulder, would just prefer better return of upper arm. Good depth of chest, back well ribbed and broad loin. Fair width to thighs, with moderate bend of stifle and low set hocks. Just needs to settle in her movement.

2nd Tinker-Haldane, Mrs E Malinkey’s Acacia 8-month-old brindle bitch. Typey puppy, well-proportioned for age. Beautiful feminine head with super furnishings, darkest of eyes with good pigmentation. Long, powerful neck flows smoothly into well-laid shoulders, straight fore legs, though feet could be a bit tighter. Deep chest, rib cage well sprung and of good length. Gentle arch over the loin and curvy tuck up. Just needs to strengthen in her rear to enable her to drive from her hocks. Enjoyed her day in the ring. BP

Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 3

1st Taylor, Mrs C Bribiba’s Midnight Special 16-month-old shapely, black bitch. Beautifully presented and balanced. Feminine head with dark oval eyes and lovely rosed ears. Reachy neck into well-laid shoulders, straight forelegs with correct feet. Good depth and width of brisket with ribs well back. Strong loin and curvaceous underline. Powerful rear quarters with width to second thigh and parallel low set hocks which she used to her advantage on the move. Shown in good harsh coat. Lovely, easy profile movement. BOB

2nd Morris, Mrs D Hydebeck Golden Gift for Draymorr 22-month wheaten male. Upstanding and well grown. Strong, masculine head with length and strength to muzzle and correct dentition. Ears on the large side but beautifully rosed. Powerful neck with decent shoulders, would prefer more return of upper arm. Straight forelegs with good spring of pasterns. Good depth to chest, well ribbed broad back with muscular loin. Width to rear quarters with good bend of stifle and low set hocks. Moved positively in a small ring, just a little close in rear. Nicely handled. BOS

Open Dog or Bitch 2

1st Taylor, Mrs C Bribba’s Midnight Special First in Post Graduate

2nd Taylor, Mrs C Bribba’s Calamity Jane 16-month-old wheaten bitch. Feminine head with dark eyes and pigmentation and super, rosed ears. Strong neck into decent shoulder placement with fair depth of chest and good infill. Well ribbed back, with gentle arch over a broad loin. Moderately angulated rear, good bend of stifle with perpendicular hocks. Coat in good condition and texture. Slightly close in rear going away.


Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1

1st Bloomfield, Mrs J Caryna Hyperion Well grown and nicely proportioned 8-month-old black and silver dog. Typical head with lovely expression, beautiful dark oval eyes and good ear placement. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, just needs to develop in front. Straight forelegs with slightly sloping pasterns and correct feet. Good depth of brisket for age, back well ribbed with gentle rise over the loin. Moved well for such a young boy, light and effortless. A promising puppy. BP

Open Dog or Bitch 1

1st Bloomfield, Mrs J Glenoak Laquan Shcex 7 year old black and silver. Mature, gracefully balanced male. Quality masculine head with dark oval eyes and lovely long fringed ears. Long, well-muscled neck flows smoothly into a decent front with shoulders set sloping and good infill. Good depth and length of brisket with a well ribbed back. Topline just starts a tad early. Good width to croup with a lovely sweeping rear with hocks low to the ground. Shown in super gleaming coat. Lovely, light and easy movement. BOB


Open Dog or Bitch 2(1)

1st Clark, Mrs K Magida Sabilh Al Sahra at Thiefside (Imp Deu) Shcex 5-year-old black masked sand bitch. Balanced angulation front and rear. Beautiful feminine head of equal planes with dark expressive oval eyes and lovely pigmentation, fine flat ears, correctly set. Strong, elegantly arched neck fits smoothly into a well-made front. Standing on super feet. Back ample ribbed with broad muscular loin and definite tuck up. Moderately angulated rear with length to second thigh and strong parallel hocks. Moved freely and effortlessly around the ring. BOB