• Show Date: 07/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Elaine Bogart Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Edwinstowe & District Canine Society

Thank you to the committee of Edwinstowe & District Canine Society for inviting me to judge at this well run, friendly show. We had the pleasure of a huge ring, which I made full use of. Thank you to my very efficient stewards, Jenna and Judith, for their smooth running of the ring and to all the exhibitors for bringing their wonderful hounds.


1st Hodge, Mrs K Kxoxo I’m Old Fashioned For Colkeririn (Imp Fin)

9 ½ month-old wheaten male. Well grown, eye catching puppy of lovely proportions. Handsome head of level planes, flat skull and strength to under-jaw. Darkest of eyes with a lovely soft expression and high ear set. Muscular, clean neck flows smoothly into a correct front assembly, straight forelegs with excellent bone and compact well-knuckled feet. Super depth of chest for age and back well ribbed. Ridge clearly defined and symmetrical. Width to rear, with well-developed 2nd thigh and good turn of stifle. Lovely profile movement, a most promising puppy. BP

2nd Griffin & Webster, Mrs L & Mrs N Kazembe Classique

6-month-old wheaten bitch, very much a baby. Well balanced angulation both fore and aft. Pretty head of nice proportions with dark expressive eyes and correct stop. Neck of good length flows gently into a clean shoulder placement with deep brisket and correct infill for age. Well sprung ribs, gentle curve of croup and correct tail set. Fair width to thighs with low set hocks. Nicely handled, moving better each time she went round the ring.


1st Nolan, Mrs H Priorpark Pucker Up

6-month-old wheaten bitch. A lot to appreciate about this raw puppy. Clean head of nice planes, lovely, sweet expression with round amber eyes, liver nose and rich pigmentation. Good reach of neck, fair shoulder placement with depth and breadth to chest. Slightly longer cast with a nice length of ribbing and shapely rear quarters. Low set hocks and neat well-padded feet. Standing slightly high on her rear at present, just needs to settle in her movement.


1st Thomas-Bassett, Mrs T Bonfirebeau Red Skye

25-month-old red wheaten bitch shown in gleaming coat. Prettiest of heads, good width and length of skull, darkest of eyes with a delightful expression and correct dentition. Powerful neck, clean shoulder placement with forelegs straight and elbows well under. Deep in chest with back well ribbed. Fair width to rear with parallel hocks, would just prefer more angulation to stifle. Moved steadily around the ring.

2nd Conlon, Mrs J & Mr K Tukela Kusasana At Ngirozi

2 ½ year-old wheaten bitch. Standing I thought she would be my winner. Refined, feminine head, lovely detail with super expression and high set ears. Strong neck of good length fits smoothly into a decent shoulder placement. Well bodied with deep brisket and well ribbed back. Nicely defined hindquarters with width to second thigh and low set hocks. Pleasing side gait, just slightly close coming towards.



1st Ashman, Mrs M & Mr N Patemeliann Red Tarka At Kitaarka JW

5-year-old red wheaten male. Handsome and upstanding, presented in hard condition. Masculine head with dark eye, broad between the ears which are set on high. Strong muzzle and correct dentition. He has strength and substance all through, without exaggeration. Muscular neck that flows into a well-made front, forelegs straight and heavy in bone, standing on super feet with well knuckled toes and short nails. Deep and capacious chest, well-ribbed back, with a powerful and muscular loin and clearly defined symmetrical ridge. Well-muscled rear, with width to second thigh and broad low set hocks which he used to drive effortlessly around the ring. Beautifully handled, a lovely partnership. BOB

2nd Hodge, Mrs K Colkerirn The Sun Runhr

2 ½ year-old red wheaten bitch. Beautiful outline on the stack. Attractive head of good planes, dark eyes with a super expression, with length and strength to under-jaw. Shapely neck flows smoothly into clean, well-placed shoulders and lovely return of upper arm. Deep chest and plenty of infill, well-ribbed back and firm in top line. Ridge symmetrical and clearly defined. Nicely muscled rear quarters with good turn of stifle and parallel, well let down hocks. Lovely free and active movement. Skilfully handled to get the best of her; a great team. RBOB.