• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Edward McKenzie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Tayside Lochee & District Canine Club

Tayside, Lochee and DCC

Members Limited Show 18/02/23


Saluki Open (2,1 abs)

1, Phillips, Luachmhar Jamilah, 2 1/2 yr old sable bitch. Correct long narrow head with dark eye, long neck into sloping shoulders. Deep chest, good lenghth of loin, moved well. BOB and G2.

Bassett Hound O (6)

1, McCord’s, Kelansue Toffee Apple, 3 1/2 yr o/w bitch. perhaps on the heavy side but best topline and mover here. Domed head, arched neck, deep chest, well sprung ribs, low set hocks. BOB, G3

2, Miller’s, Mandalaz Z Sennej Krany of Tayjinx. 17 mth tri bitch I liked. Still needs to mature and is a little high at backend but promising youngster.

3, Cruickshank’s, Burnvale Dazzling Diamond at Culsalmond.

Beagle PG (1)

1, Findlay’s, Rhiconich Diamonds, very pretty 7mth old tri bitch. Sweet head and expression, arched neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, good hind angulation.

O (1)

Findlay’s, Rhiconich Obconica, 2yr male who was a little naughty on the move but settled enough to assess. Good head and expression, arched neck, level topline, correct tail carriage, good angulation. BOB

Whippet PG (4,1)

1, Brander’s, Windwalker Heart of Gold, 13 mth fawn male, lean head with dark eye, arched neck, well angulated fore and aft, deep chest, correct arch, good first and second thighs, best mover here, BOB

2, McDonald’s. Windwalker Rimington Steel, 16 mth blue/wh male, good topline which he held on the move. Needs to tighten in hind movement.

3, Wood’s, Cotherstone Ayers Rock

O (2,1)

1 W Rimmington Steel

Irish Wolfhound O (5,2)

1, Hanlon’s, Ranfurley Prince Over Achnagonlan, 5 yr male, good head and dark eye, strong neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest, long back, well angulated. Ring was just too small for the dogs to get into their stride but moved well enough to take BOB and G4

2, Strathearn’s, Pride of sligo, 3 yr old bitch I liked a lot with feminine head, strong neck, deep brisket, moved well.

3, Hanlon’s, Balnuith End Of The Storm Over Achnagonlan.

Rhodesian Ridgeback O (4,1)

1, Field’s, Chaser Jake Jumanne At Kalabaney, 15 mth male, with dark mask and most beautiful dark eye, Long neck, sloping shoulders, well angulated front and rear, best mover in class. just needs to mature and will make a nice masculine boy. BOB

2, Bowers, Celtic Lore’s golden Archer At Lyonglen, 4 yr old male, i would prefer a darker eye but good head free from excessive wrinkle, clean sloping shoulders, good turn of stifle and correct low set hocks.

3, Field’s, Jelany red Florencia At Kalabaney.

AVNSC Hound O (5,2)

1, Balfour’s, Clentry Mickey Mania, red S/H Dachs, 4 yr feminine girl, long slightly arched  skull , long arched neck, broad shoulders, good length of sternum, level topline kept on the move, great movement, BNSC and delighted to award her G1.

2, Balfour’s, Clentry Mango Passion, 12 mth bitch who just needs to mature, sweet head and expression, level topline, moved well.

3, Moyes, Lockett-Davies, Hunter-Ryan, Shaws, Merrick Picture Perfect By Bryellis, Afghan.

AV Hound Special Puppy, (7,1)

1, Spacey’s, Inchydoney Memories Talisman At Hallimans, fawn greyhound 6mths at his first show. Long flat skull, dark eye, arched neck, deep well sprung ribs, well bent stifles, would like to see him when he matures. Best AV hound puppy.

2, Downing-Christie’s, Zigouse Running Up That Hill, whippet male unlucky to meet 1 as i did like him.

3, Findlay’s, Rhiconich Code, beagle.

Puppy Stakes (10,4) Strong class where first 3 could easily change places on another day.

1, Ritchie’s, Muirfauld Fully Charged At Cheolview, 10 1/2 mth Lhasa Apso, my find of the day, i just loved him. Bl/wh, good head with beautiful dark eye, strong arched neck, well laid shoulders, long level topline, exceptional mover and presented to perfection.

2, I Memories T at H

3, MacDonald’s, Bartonholm Beaufort, Cocker spaniel.

Open Stakes (21,9)

1, C Mickey M

2, MacKay & Kirk-Gellatly’s, Whitwich no Mercy, 2 yr Scottish Terrier, correct long head with dark eye, level topline held on the move.

3, J Red F at K

Veteran Stakes (13/8)

1, Black & Howie’s, Belldinla Mystic Delight At Chinzaes, delightful chihuahua girl belying her 11 yrs. Well rounded skull. Arched neck, level back, correct tailset and a sprightly mover.

2, Miller’s, Rhum Night Legend, 9 yr Gordon Setter, masculine head with dark eye, low set ears, arched neck, sloping shoulders, deep brisket, moved well, unlucky to meet 1 in such good form as i liked him a lot.

3, Neatham’s, Shoogsea Jessica Rabbit, cocker.

Bred By Exhibitor O (13,10)

1, Field’s, Kalabaney Gertrou Dame, 7 mth R Ridgeback girl, dark mask, lovely dark eye, has all the right angles, best mover in this class, hope she matures into a class girl.

2, Frame’s, Elfallons Desert Warrior, 12 mth cream Chinese Crested boy. Good head with dark eye and alert expression, long neck, sloping shoulders, deep brisket, naughty on the move.

3, B End Of T S at A, IW

Not Bred By Exhibitor O (19,8)

1, J Red F at K, RR

2, Gianntti & Newlands, Bouncyparade Last Song, 3 yr old Boxer male, much more settled in this class than he was in puppy. Strong head, dark eyes, muscular neck, deep chest, short loin, good hind angulation.

3, Adams, Balgay Then Thunk, Tibetan Spaniel.

Edward McKenzie (Judge)