• Show Date: 19/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: EDWARD Forsey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/11/2023

Devon County Agricultural Association

Judge Mr E Forsey (Muzoku).


Post Graduate D/B (1)

1. Jacobs-Pearce, ARUNDALL MITHRA, 4 year old fawn male, strong muzzle on this boy and a nice dark eye, strong well arched neck, well angulated forequarters and level topline, loin slightly long, moved true at a steady gait. RBOB

Open D/B (1)

1. Jacobs-Pearce, SALIERI HEAVEN KNOWS AT ARUNDALL ShCM, pretty 7 year old compact well boned black female, body just slightly longer than height at withers, well ribbed and toned throughout, Moved with driving gait. BOB


Post Graduate D/B (3,1a)

1. Critchlow & Rudd, PAVOSKAS HIILI HELMI (B), young female with a pretty headpiece, nice muzzle, dark oval eyes and well placed erect ears gave her a lovely expression, well toned and energetic on the move, was perfectly true when free standing. BPIB, RBOB

2. Critchlow, PAVOSKAS FUCHSIA (B), older girl in a super full coat. Another with a pleasing headpiece, super alert ears, strong neck, well ribbed with good breadth of chest and nice bone. Wasn’t keen on the ground and not as clean on the move as first.

Open D/B (4,1a)

1. Critchlow, CH PAVOSKAS DISCO JW (B), Exceptional 4 year old female, very pretty expression, good just off square body outline, well toned and angulated front and rear, strong pasterns just off vertical, short strong loin, moved true in all aspects with energy that befits a herding breed. BOB

2. Cooper & Critchlow, CH PAVOSKAS ALY ARTTU JW, ShCM, ShCEx (D), Sturdy 8 year old male, pretty but distinctly masculine head, strong neck with nice arch, in good coat, well boned with tight oval feet, good rear angulation and strong hocks. Moved true at a gentle pace.



Open D/B (2,1a)

1. Hillier, MYBEARDS ZIP (AI) (D), Well built B&W coloured male with body outline longer than height at withers. Broad head with slight dome and well defined stop, good angulation front and rear, nice spring of rib and tight oval feet. BOB


Post Graduate D/B (1)

1. Downes, BELSHANMISH OCEAN SOUL (B), 15 month old youngster with a very pretty head, strong neck well set on shoulders. Shoulders moderately angulated and of equal length to upper arm. Pasterns could be tighter, compact feet. Clean underline and level topline with slight rise over loin. Moved with a clean leisurely gait. RBOB

Open D/B (5,3a)

1. Spier, BELSHANMISH MIDNIGHT MAGIC (D), 2 year old male with a lovely outline. Masculine head but without coarseness, dark almond shaped eyes and well set small ears, balance angulation front and rear, strong loin. Free on the move and true in all aspects. BOB

2 Williams & Hall, BELSHANMISH DARK STAR (D), pretty girl with a more square overall outline, nice arch to neck, good depth of chest , strong pasterns and tight feet. Excitable and with a tendency to pace on the move.


Post Graduate D/B (3,1a)

1. Willcock, TI AMO BOSCHI VECCHI FOR DYNAR (IMP ITA) RSM JCH, (B), lovely bitch who was in a full coat of a good texture. Sweet expression, nice wedge to skull broad at the rear with well set small thick ears. Well bodied throughout and moved with a strong drive in the side profile. RBOB

2. Sobieraj, SAMYDUST CLOUDY DREAMS (B), youngster with a soft feminine head, good depth and breadth to chest, legs straight, a little fine in bone. Good overall outline in profile on the stand although out of coat. Unsettled on the move today which should improve with maturity.

Open D/B (4)

1. Prout, JACKSON MALTAYED AT FURZELAND (IMP PL) (D) , Good sized 19 month old male, broad masculine head but not course, good muzzle and fill under the darkest almond shaped eyes and well set ears complimenting his expression. Well angulated front and rear, tight good sized feet, level topline and complimenting underline. Covered the ground with purpose.

2.MISHKA NA SEVERE JAM N HONEY FOR TEA AT DYNAR (IMP RUS) BE JCH (B) Another nice youngster with lots of breed type, feminine head, well balanced with a nice expression. Strong neck, moderate angulation and sufficient bone for her size, another who excelled on the move.



Post Graduate D/B (1,1a)

Open D/B (1)

1. Sharpe & Dyer, CH CATSUN COMANCHE LEGACY (D), 6 year old male in full coat, short muzzle, dark eyes and nice dome to skull, longer in body than height at withers, good topline which he held on the move, clean and true on the move with an energetic quick pace - BOB


Post Graduate D/B (2,1a)

1. Morton-Hadley, KINGSFROME END OF AN ERA (B) – Nice overall outline to this youngster who had a pretty head, high set erect ears, muzzle balanced to head length. Firm body, well angulated with a strong loin. Bit nervous at the start but grew in confidence as the class progressed ending with her showing a ground covering gait. RBOB

Open D (3)

1. Fenn & Foster, CHALKSVILLE COOL RUNNING OVER JANDEBURN ShCEx, veteran male who despite his age was in top condition and had an air of confidence about him. Masculine head, well-constructed body with good lay of shoulder and strong oval bone, slightly sloping pasterns and tight feet, held a lovely topline as he powered around the ring with ease. BOB

2. Shaw, ASTRADINE KNIGHT PRINCE (D), Another pleasant veteran, sound head, with dark almond shaped eyes, ears set high but could be thicker. Good neck carried well, well set on shoulders, moderate bone to legs. Good depth to ribs, held elbows tight, and with short strong loin. moved true in all aspects.


Open B (2)

1. Morton-Hadley, KINGSFROME END OF AN ERA (B) – As Post graduate

2. Shaw, ASTRADINE KEEPSAKE JW – A nice veteran with a present head and expression, strong muzzle, with good planes to top of skull, ears well set but could be a little thicker. Strong neck, well angulated and in good body tone, moved true with elbows tight.


Post Graduate D/B (3,1a)

1. Smith, CASH THE CHECK SHAMANROCK AT SNOWSHOES (IMP CZE) NAF TAF (D) – lovely exuberant youngster, full of confidence at only 6 months old. Strong masculine head, good length to neck and slightly sloping topline with well set tail, good bone and angulation throughout, perfect footfall on the move and covered the ground with powerful gait. BOB, BPIB

2. Smith, SNOWSHOES FANCY FERRARI (B) – Another tidy puppy with a balanced outline, Smaller girl with a pretty head and expression, held a nice topline on the move with moderate angulation front and rear, just needs time to mature.

Open D/B (4,1a)

1. Smith, SNOWSHOES WHO DARES WINS – 3 year old solidly constructed male, Broad head, with clean mask, well set dark eyes giving a nice expression, firm neck and good lay of shoulder, well angulated with large tight feet, outline longer in body than height at withers a little off his stride on the move today.

2. Smith CH SNOWSHOES KINGS LEGACY ShCM ShCExx (D) – Older male with a very pretty but masculine head, nice small well set ears, good length of neck and depth of chest with sufficient spring of rib, longer cast in body than 1st, but well toned and presented in coarse coat.



Post Graduate D/B (2,1a)

1. Capell, LLEPAC AGAINST ALL THE ODDS (D) – Good sized boy with a pleasing square outline, clean head with good parallel planes to skull and muzzle, masculine but not coarse, strong neck, well set on shoulders and flowing topline, well-toned throughout, moved true away and back. BOB, BPIB

Open D/B (1,1a)


Post Graduate D/B (3,1a)

1. Miles, PEKAKICALI KANEQ (D) – 10 month old well trained white male, balanced head, well set alert ears, well angulated font and rear, sufficient depth of chest for size, good spring of rib, nice underline and tuck up, moved with reach and drive at a steady gait – BOB, BPIB

2. Melville, SHAALIS SPARKLE (B) – pretty girl on the smaller side, good arch to neck, well angulated front and tight feet, requires more depth and breadth of chest, clean topline and well set tail, took time to settle on the move.

Open D/B (1,1a)

1. Miles, TRAILHUNTERS EYWA FOR PEKAKICALI (B) – Pretty, foxy head on this wolf sable girl. Good alert expression, nice arch to neck, well laid shoulder, legs straight, a little fine in bone, good depth of chest and tuck up under loin. Another who was clean on the move. RBOB

2. Melville, SHAALIS SURPRISE (B) – Balanced head on this girl, nicely chiselled taper to muzzle, well set defined stop. Strong neck and moderately angulated shoulders, slightly sloping topline and sufficient rear angulation, hyper energetic on the move.


Post Graduate D/B (4,2a)

1. Carter, ZENTAUR THE FIZZ FACTOR (D), Good size sturdy male coming up to 2 years old. Broad head with short broad and deep muzzle, strong neck, shot strong loin, well boned throughout with large tight feet. Moved true and with purpose. BOB

2. Howard, MILEOAK DIDN’T START THE FIRE (B), super excitable puppy, bouncy on the move but well bodied when settled. Broad deep muzzle, broad head and well set small ears. Body longer than height at withers, with level topline BP

Open D/B (1,1a)

1. Franklin, SHINGLEBAY I’VE GOTTA BE ME (B), Large girl with well angulated front and balanced rear, well off for bone. Pretty head and expression, broad rump and straight hocks on the move, just carrying a little weight which gave her a slightly rounded feel in Rib. RBOB


Post Graduate D/B (2,2a)

Open D/B (1)

1. Broadbank, BEVANRAY SHIRLEY AT NYANDOR (B) – beautiful balanced head on this girl, broad across skull, correct muzzle proportions and good fill under cheeks with the darkest almond shaped eyes, solidly built and well toned body, slightly sloping pasterns, and round compact feet, covered the ground with ease on the move - BOB