• Show Date: 09/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hampshire Gundog Society


Puppy D/B (4, 2abs)

1st Welch, Drake & Hazeltine Clamerkin Jubilee Surprise at Hookwood

Shapely black and white bitch puppy who has immediate appeal for her typical outline. Pleasing expression, eyes of good colour and shape, clean through the neck and front. Correct amount of bone and excellent feet, ribs and body well developed for her age. Firm in topline and held it standing and moving, tail well set and carried. Moved freely and easily in all directions covering the ground with ease. BOB & BP. Went on to RBPIS, Congratulations.

2nd Adams & Matthews Carofel Wings of Hope

Quality orange and white dog who presents a good outline stacked, stands on well boned legs and compact feet. Masculine head and eye of good shape and colour. Firm topline, ribbed well back, body developing well. Strong well muscled quarters which he used to advantage on the move.

Special Yearling (5, 2abs)

1st Welch, Drake & Hazeltine Clamerkin Jubilee Surprise at Hookwood

As previous class

2nd Meenen & Sweeny Joneva Just Imagine

Upstanding orange and white dog who was well conditioned. Appealing head, clean through the neck, moderate front angulation. Well sprung ribs, short coupled body. Well muscled quarters, hocks well let down.

Post Graduate D/B (7, 3abs)

1st Meenen & Sweeny Lundgarth Wild Yarrow

Black and white dog who was positive and free on the move. Well boned legs and excellent feet, clean and compact in outline, ribs well developed and carried right back. Presented in excellent muscletone, moving out freely.

2nd Welch Hookwood Starman JW

Stronger headed dog who is a little longer cast, holds a firm topline standing and moving, tail well set and carried. Has well boned legs, ok feet. Body of good depth, shown in the best of condition. Moved positively.

Open D/B (4, 0abs)

1st Drake Fleurfield moonflower with Clamerkin

Orange & white bitch who really appeals for her head, dark eyes well positioned, pleasing expression. Of good balance, stands on well boned legs and excellent feet. Balanced in her angulation and moving out freely in all directions, really driving off wide well muscled quarters. RBOB and I understand the dam of the BOB.

2nd Welch, Maber & Hazeltine Sharnphilly Toggi with Hookwood JW

Black and white with a shapely outline, front with good angulation, enough bone and excellent feet. Deep in body holds a firm topline standing and moving. In ideal body and muscletone. Moved ok. 

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Puppy D/B (3, 0abs)

1st Tagg's Oiyou Double Espresso

One I have judged before and she continues to develop well. Clean in outline, appealing head, well moulded, eyes of pleasing shape and colour. Well boned legs and the best of feet, body of good depth and ribbed well back, maintained her topline standing and moving. Tail well set, well muscled quarters. Moved out very positively in profile, pleased to hear she went on to BPIS, Congratulations.

2nd Bowen Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine

11 month old dog who is also very promising, longer cast but presenting a good outline. Masculine head, eyes of good shape. Clean through the neck, shoulders well positioned, excellent bone. Firm in topline, good tail carriage. Moves very positively in all directions, the small ring did not really do him justice.

Junior D/B (3, 1abs)

1st Durrant Glenturret Gypsy Tart

Liver bitch of good colour, not the largest but well balanced. Head developing well, eye of good colour and shape. Clean in outline, enough bone and good feet. Body is developing well and has good depth. Moved positively in all directions once settled. 

2nd Hewison Casblaidd Gun Sergeant

3rd in the previous class. Stronger headed dog with an excellent temperament. Still needing to develop a little more in front and all though as he was looking a little tucked up here. Attentive to his handler and moving out with plenty of enthusiasm.

Graduate D/B (5, 2abs)

1st Knight Blacklake Nerisa

Black bitch out of a smaller mold but one who is well balanced. Head is well moulded and of sufficient length, eyes could perhaps be a touch darker in colour. Clean through the neck, shoulders quite well positioned, correct amount of bone for her size. Firm level topline she holds standing and moving, tail well set and carried, moved out soundly in all directions, covering the ground with ease. 

2nd Wilson Hameldowntor Pedfo Ximenez

Upstanding substantial dog who has plenty of bone and substance. Presented in excellent condition, well bodied and well muscled. Clean through the neck, shoulders a little forward set, deep in body and well ribbed. 

Post Graduate D/B (5, 3abs)

1st Bellamy Moontorn Better Half of Me JW 

Quality youngster who projects an impressive outline, long head well moulded, dark eyes of pleasing shape. Shoulders well laid, has excellent straight forelegs and compact well padded feet. Deep in body, firm level topline which she held at all times. Moves straight and true and covers the ground with ease. Just not in the bloom of the Open winner on the day but close up.

2nd Slade Hightyne Fly Me to the Moon

Mature dog who is longer cast. Masculine but not overdone, head is well balanced. Shoulders quite well positioned, a little soft in topline and this showed on the move. Well bodied and conditioned, moved soundly fore and aft.

Open Dog (1, 0abs)

1st Durrant's Glenturret Happy Go Lucky JW

Medium sized dog with a pleasing outline, head of good length. Quite long neck, straight forelegs well boned and he stands on good feet. Body has good depth, ribs are well developed and he is shown in good condition. Could be a little firmer in topline. Shown in excellent condition and moving out positively.

Open Bitch (6, 1abs)

1st Merriman Candilz Pina Colada

9 year old bitch who completely belies her age, typical in outline. Feminine head of good length, well proportioned, dark brown eyes and a kind expression. Clean through the neck, shoulders well positioned, straight legs and excellent well padded feet. Deep though the body, ribbed well back, in firm hard muscular condition. Strong well muscled rear, hocks well let down. Tail well set and carried, moved very freely fore and aft and in profile. BOB.

2nd Wilson's Hameldowntor Music of the Night (Imp)

Another one who appeals for her excellent outline. Typical in head and eye, pleasing expression. Long neck, shoulders well positioned and has well boned legs and ok feet. Deep in body, ribbed well back. Tail is well set and carries. Moves straight and true and positively in profile, just not with the freedom of 1.

Mr Ed Casey