• Show Date: 20/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ed Casey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/08/2023

Cheshire Agricultural Society

Akita PUPPY (1, 0abs) 1st Burgess COLMILLOS'S RISING SUN Adolescent puppy with well boned legs and good feet. Pleasing head shape, ears quite well set and carried. Enough neck which is strong, moderate front angulation. Deep in body and carrying plenty of weight, in a growing stage and a little bum high here. Shown in excellent coat. BP JUNIOR (2, 1abs) 1st Burgess Colmillos's Rising Sun As per previous class. OPEN (6, 3abs) 1st Connor's TAZFUJI'S LIBERION GIRL Positive moving bitch who covers the ground easily and freely in all directions, head is strong but retains femininity. Pleasing front, shoulders well positioned, firm level topline, tail well set and carried. In firm well conditioned body, presented in excellent coat and condition. BOB 2nd LOUVET & PEARS SATREBOR NEVADA AT SHALUNA Pushed 1 hard but not in her best jacket here, understandable for this time of the year. Strong head, dark eyes, ears well set and carried. Well constructed front, shoulders well positioned, well boned legs and excellent feet. Body of correct depth, firm level topline, tail well set and carried. Moves very positively in all directions, sound and free in profile. 3rd Hughes WHITEWREATH A STAR IS BORN FOR FINKIME FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPY DOG (1, 0abs) 1st Walton's BANKHOLT NORTHERN LIGHT Black masked fawn with a typical head, ears of medium size correctly set. Dark eyes of correct shape. Has a good forehand, well boned legs, ok feet. Body of correct depth though a little longer cast. Moves on a good stride when he concentrated, shown in good body and muscletone. JUNIOR DOG No Entries POST GRADUATE DOG (4, 2abs) 1st Hepworths ANESSABULL LOUIE’S A LOOKER Pied dog who was ultra compact. Head is appealing with flat skull, well set and carried ears. Enough neck, moderately angulated front, well boned legs. Body short and deep, firm in condition. Moved steady and true in all directions. 2nd Korreneja’s ONNIS OF MY SWEET MOMENTS Sound and active moving fawn who was longer cast. Head of pleasing size and in proportion to his body, ears used at all times and well set. Well bodied, free and positive mover in all directions. LIMIT DOG (3, 2abs) 1st Rankin's GURU SUNDAY AT WILDAX (IMP RUS) Well grown and conditioned brindle dog. Masculine head, quite large ears well set, dark eyes and appealing expression. Neck of pleasing length, shoulders well positioned and has well boned legs. Body and ribs well developed, firm in topline standing and moving. Shown in excellent condition, moved out well in a all directions, RBD. OPEN DOG (2, 0abs) 1st Timms & Henderson IR CH OLIJAH TOTAL KNOCKOUT JW OSW One I have judged and done well for before. He is well grown and of pleasing size, could be a touch more compact. Head with dark eyes, ears well set and carried. Has good bone, correct in topline. Moves positively in all directions. PUPPY BITCH 1st Timms & Henderson BUDBULLS MAXIMUM IMPACT FOR OLIJAH (IMP SRB) Brindle puppy who really appeals, for beautiful head and eye shape. Well angulated front, enough bone, correct topline, short though the loin. Moves straight and true and presented in excellent muscletone and shows to advantage. 2nd Korrenaja STARKOR BAMBI BOUNCE Fawn bitch who stands on well boned legs. Has plenty of substance, though longer in the body than 1. Still needing to settle in topline, well conditioned and moving out very positively in all directions. Junior Bitch (2, 0abs) 1st Eskrett's Katakia’s Light The Way Pleasing outline and size on this one. Has excellent well boned legs, feet could be better. Firm in body, pleasing topline, well muscled rear. Moves positively in all directions. 2nd Anessabull She’s Mirabel Ultra compact pied on the smaller end for size but is well balanced. Pleasing head and eye shape, ears of medium size. Could have more strength in the rear, moves ok. Post Graduate Bitch (4, 2abs) 1st Eskrett's Katakia’s Light The Way 2nd Hepworth's Anessabull She’s Mirabel As previous class. Limit Bitch (3, 2abs) 1st Eskrett's Katakia’s Minnie The Minx Pied bitch of correct size and balance. Pleasing head shape, ears well set. Firm in body, pleasing topline, sound and positive mover. Excellent body condition and muscletone. OPEN BITCH (1, 0abs) 1st Spenser GAVANA WEATHER STORM AT VULABOPS (IMP RUS) JW Brindle bitch with a look of quality, square head, dark large eyes, flat skull and medium sized ears well set. Compact body, just the right amount of bone for her size. Deep body, ribs well developed and carried back, pleasing topline. Well muscled quarters which she used well on the move. Sound and fit she moved out positively in all directions but couldn't quite match the freedom of the dog in the challenge for BOB. BB POODLE (MINIATURE) PUPPY (3, 0abs) 1st Baileys AKNA BLUE MOON Blue puppy I have judged before, quite compact in body and with good legs. Fee and positive mover in all directions, tail well set and carried. Moves with enthusiasm and good carriage covering the ground easily in all directions. Could have a little more finish to his coat presentation. 2nd Godfrey & Peacock LORICS BROWN ROCKET TO GODPEAKIKI Well grown brown of pleasing overall balance, head of good length, defined chin, pleasing eye colour. Long in neck, has well boned legs and feet. Still needing time to develop in body condition. Holds a firm topline standing and moving but not all together happy with proceedings here. 3rd Byrne's RORY CRIMSON KING JUNIOR No Entries POST GRADUATE (2, 1abs) 1st Reeve-Kettle KIMEDEE HOT LOVE AT VADISIMA JW Well presented black bitch I have judged before, head is of good length and shows good chiseling, chin well defined. Clean through the neck and shoulders, well boned legs and good feet. Compact firm body, firm topline and tail well set and carried. Excellent muscletone, coat of pleasing texture, well presented. BOB OPEN No Entries POODLE (STANDARD) PUPPY (1, 0abs) 1st Rogerson's MAGIN HERE TO ETERNITY Feminine black bitch of excellent proportions, compact and high stationed. Feminine head of excellent length, dark eyes and a pleasing expression. Enough neck, shoulders quite well positioned, correct amount of bone and excellent feet. Body is of good depth and ribbed well back, firm topline, tail well set and carried, shown in optimum condition. Moves out straight and true and really covering the ground with ease, just didn't go so well for her other handler in the challenge. JUNIOR (1, 0abs) 1st Paterson Rogerson's KAMARRI THE SHOW MUST GO ON Stallion like young dog who is at his best moving, free and rhythmic when he goes with excellent carriage. Head of good proportions, long and fine, almond shaped eyes brown in colour. Stands on well boned legs and the best of feet. Ribbed well back but needing a bit more body condition, holds a good outline, tail well set and carried. Strong wide well muscled quarters he uses to advantage on the move. BOB POST GRADUATE (1, 0abs) OPEN (2, 2abs) POODLE (TOY) PUPPY (3, 1abs) 1st Bull-Harris STARIANNA MIDNIGHT RIDER AT PENDREAM Black dog with a typical head and pleasing expression. Well proportioned neck, moderate front angulation, well developed ribs and a short back. Firm in topline, tail well set and carried, moves freely and positively in all directions. Dense profuse coat of good texture, well presented. 2nd Kinson's GREATEAVES SULTAN Attractive apricot of excellent colour, well presented. Masculine but with an appealing head, long and not overdone. JUNIOR (2, 1abs) 1st James & Isherwood AFTERGLOW KARAOKE JW Well presented black bitch who projects a typical outline standing. Has a long head well moulded with dark almond shaped eyes. Enough neck, well proportioned body, short in back and tail well set and carried. Carries plenty of body and ribs well developed. Presented in profuse coat of pleasing texture. BOB, went on to G1 & BIS, Congratulations. POST GRADUATE (2, 1abs) 1st Howard's DENROMA ROSES ARE RED Red toy poodle bitch with a pleasing head with excellent pigment. Of a smaller mould, carries good body, tail a little low set and carried. Moved out in a positive fashion fore and aft. OPEN (4, 0abs) 3 quality ones here, not surprised to see they all carry titles. 1st Moss, Nelson, Ryan & Ingram CH/IR CH TIRKANE CONSTELLATION Perfectly balanced bitch who impresses immediately for her typical outline, presented in a shorter trim that only enhanced her lovely outline with nothing to hide. Head of good length, well chiseled, almond shaped eyes of good colour. Well boned legs and feet, shoulders well positioned. Carrying a good body and ribbed well back, comes alive moving, covering the ground easily and with great freedom. 2nd Bryant & Nelson CH/SE (U) CH NASAILLEEN INTUITION Masculine dog who like 1 really impresses on the move with his excellent carriage and light footed gait. Head is refined and long, dark almond shaped eyes and well chiseled under the eyes. Perfectly balanced in his angulation, well bodied and moves out on a long stride, very well presented. 3rd Bryant & Nelson IR CH TIRKANE MISS DIOR I was an emergency replacement judge for Mr Whitton and the following breeds, I hope he is feeling better. Finnish Laphund Open D/B (3, 1abs) 1st Lloyd Arianrhod Hallatar Mature black and tan bitch of pleasing size and substance, I liked her head and expression, stop clearly defined, dark oval shaped eyes, medium sized ears. Well angulated front, straight well boned legs. Body strong and broad, carrying plenty of condition. Profuse coat, well presented. Moved freely and positively in all directions. 2nd Cunliffe's Infindigo Lintu Valo Strong mature male, well grown. Strong masculine head, pronounced stop, ears well set. Neck of medium length, moderate front angulation, strong well boned legs. Shown in excellent body and muscletone. Moved positively. Swedish Valhund Junior (2, 0abs) 1st Pallatina Valltineya Plot Twist Quality puppy who is well balanced, head of correct shape, eyes still needing to darken in colour a little, ears well set and carried. Enough neck shoulders well positioned and excellent legs and feet. Firm topline which never faltered, well muscled quarters she used to advantage on the move. BOB & BP and also PG3. 2nd McGregor & Evans Believe in Me Similar age to 1 but a little more immature at present in her development. Pleasing head and eye shape, appealing expression. Not quite as firm in topline or as developed in body as 1 yet. Shown in excellent condition. Post Graduate No Entries Open (2, 2abs)