• Show Date: 17/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dylan Barrowclough Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ruthin Canine Society

Ruthin Canine Society Premier Open Show

Judge: Dylan Barrowclough

Saturday 17th June 2023

First of all, I would like to give a huge thank you to Steve Hietschold and the whole committee of the Ruthin Canine Society for inviting me to judge the YKC and Adult Handling at their show, I had a lovely time. Also, a huge thank you to Katie Bradley for stewarding the classes and keeping everything running smoothly, and last but definitely not least – thank you to all exhibitors who entered under me.

YKC Members’ Handling

YKC 6-11 years (2,2)

1st – GOSIA BUCHWALD – Gosia entered the ring in a professional and confident manner. She remained calm at all times during the class, gently re-assuring her whippet when needed, particularly when shadowing, and presented her with certainty both on the floor and the table. Gosia showed the bite well, making sure I was able to view it clearly. On the move, she kept the patterns tidy and her corners were sharp, whilst maintaining a neat lead throughout. A deserving winner of the class.

2nd – JACOB KENWRIGHT – Jacob is a young handler who was very gentle with his dog, making sure its welfare was the priority. Jacob showed the teeth well, and kept patterns tidy. Jacob also set his dog up well, both on the floor and the table - doing so with confidence, although making sure this wasn’t done in a rush.

YKC 12-17 (2,0)

1st – MADDIE BUCHWALD – Maddie caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring with her slick and effortless handling style. Maddie had her dog stood whenever I looked over and shadowed correctly whenever required. Maddie listened carefully to my instructions and quietly, but confidently performed her actions. The bite was shown with care, and on the move kept her patterns tidy and corners sharp, completing a strong presentation.

2nd – HARRI WILLIAMS – Harri handled gently making sure to stand his dog correctly at all times. He showed the bite well on the table, and when on the move he patiently guided his dog around the ring, making sure to maintain straight lines and sharp corners.

YKC 18-24 (1,0)

1st – LYNDSEY JONES – Lyndsey stood her dog correctly at all times, making sure to encourage it in an enthusiastic but not overly loud manner, also shadowing well throughout. On the table, Lyndsey showed the bite clearly, showing it in 3 sections to ensure I could get a good view. Lyndsey listened to my instructions clearly and acted upon them with confidence. On the move, she kept her corners sharp and patterns tidy, whilst maintaining a neat lead, standing her dog at the end of the presentation a good distance away from me to ensure I didn’t have to move in order to gain a better view. Overall, a perfect presentation from start to finish.

Adult Handling

25-40 years (2,4)

1st – LEIGH GLEAVE – Leigh handled in a tidy manner throughout the class – always standing her dog, being gentle at all times and reassuring her dog when she was completing an action. On the move, the patterns were kept tidy and used the whole ring in order to display the dog’s movement. At the end of the presentation, Leigh stood her dog a sufficient distance away from me to allow a good view of the dog. Overall, well deserving of first place.

2nd – ELLEN HIGGINBOTTOM – Ellen constantly encouraged her dog and stood it well, making sure to shadow when required. The bite was shown well on the table and when on the move the patterns were tidy. First place had their dog better presented at the end on the day.

40+ years (4,3)

1st – KIRSTIE VENTON – Kirstie displayed faultless handling showing her Australian Shephard. She made sure her dog was stood square at all times and shadowed correctly. The bite was shown very clearly, and adjusted the dog’s leg to its correct position when it moved. On the move, Kirstie moved in sync with her dog, maintaining a tidy lead, straight lines and sharp corners resulting in very neat patterns. Kirstie was a clear winner for the class.

2nd – LOUISE SALMON – Louise showed reassurance to her dog throughout this class, and although her dog wasn’t always behaving the way she would have hoped, she remained gentle, calm, and collected in her approach. Louise showed the bite of her dog well on the table and made sure her patterns were tidy. Whenever I turned around to look at the dogs in the line, Louise always made sure her dog was stood well.