• Show Date: 25/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Domenico Santoriello Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Newark & District Canine Society

Newark & District Canine Society

Saturday 25th February 2023

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at their show and to my stewards.


P(5,2)Two nice puppies to start the day. 1 Tant’s Rafthouse Bundlebrent at Granadeya, 6 months brown bitch at her first show today. Catches your eye with her clean outline. Head is coming along nicely, flat skull, deep set eye, small well set on ears. Lean neck into well laid shoulders, Good length to body with a firm topline. Good turn of stifle and straight hocks. Compact, well arched feet. Croup well filled and tailset bang on. Free mover with good reach and drive, maintaining her topline at all times. BoB, BP, WG4 and WPG3. 2 Wilson’s Pursang Shimmy Shimmy Ya, 11 months masculine brown male who also impresses. Loved his head properties, good neck into well laid shoulders and firm topline. Well-muscled angulation. Preferred the croup of 1. Another positive mover with good reach and drive.

J(5,2) 1 Seward’s Teuschons The Fierce Night with Elleonia, 14 months black/rust, all in proportion, decent head, dark eye, small ears set on well. Strong neck into a good shoulder and firm topline. Correct tailset. Compact well arched feet. Moved out soundly. 2 Fletcher Sacaria Whisper of Hope, 13 months brown rust, well balanced male of a good size masculine head, would prefer him to carry his ears better. Good neck into well laid shoulders,firm topline and correct tailset. Moved OK. PG (2) 1 Seward’s Teuschons The Fierce Night with Elleonia. 2 Adams and Springett Aritaur Lapis Lazuli, finer In bone than I would prefer, pretty head with dark eye and ears could be set better. Could do with more neck, well laid shoulders. Slightly long in body. Compact feet. Moved OK.

O (1) Mycroft’s Supeta’s Diamond In The Sky, 2 yr black rust bitch, another who has a pleasing outline. Decent head, dark eye, wasn’t using her ears as well as she could have today. Long neck into well laid shoulders. Just enough depth to chest. Strong topline that she maintains on the move. Compact, well arched feet. RBoB.

AFFENPINSCHER – a lovely entry of paper unfortunately depleted by absentees.

P(2,1) 1 Mumby’s Yorcrechi Has A Dream with Carmichan, just loved this 7 months cheeky chappy. Really liked his head, which was in proportion to body. Wide open nostrils, and a prominent chin. Round, dark, expressive eyes. Small, well set ears. Straight front legs and elbows close to chest. Short in body. Well set hind quarters. Compact feet. Tail set on high and carried high, he never stopped wagging his tail. Good coat texture for age. Postive mover with the correct strut. BoB, BP & PG4. PG (2,1) 1 Mather’s Scapafield Schwarz Roc at Benningholme, another good example of the breed, pleasing head, round, dark eye, prominent chin, good for neck into compact body, well angulated. Moved soundly. RBOB


P(1) Partington-Palmer & Davies Witchstone Somethin Brewin, 10 months male who is up to size, he has a pleasing head with a good wedge shape. Dark expressive eye. Correct candle flame shape ear set high on back of skull. Slightly arched neck. Correct topline. Compact feet. Well defined thumbprints. He moved out soundly with good reach, howver can carry his tail gayly. Needs more confidence but it will come. BP

J(2) 1 Goodfellow Nasabe Royal Rose, 13 months, finer bone than I woud prefer, however she presents a pleasing outline. Sweet head and expression, correct ear & set. Lovely gently curving shape. She was moving slightly erratic today. Well defined thumbprints. 2 Green’s Witchstone Crowing Glory, unfortunately suffering through a phantom today and not looking her best. Good head and eye, topline a bit flat today. Well defined thumbprints. Moved OK.

O(1) Green Witchstone Stare If You Dare, 3 years masculine male who has the correct, wedge shape head, flat skull. Dark, expressive eyes. Ears placed highly on back of skull that he uses to advantage. Correct topline, gently curving from behind the shoulder to the loin and falling to the root of the tail. Nice straight front, elbows close to chest, short and compact in body. Nicely defined thumbprints. Well angulated rear and let down hocks. He moved out soundly with the correct reach and drive, carrying his tail correctly. BOB, TG3.