• Show Date: 23/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dianne Reid Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 15/08/2023

Pontypool & District Canine Society


Sunday 23rd April 2023


Class 22 : Graduate (4,2,2)

1st Murphy’s DAVRICARD PICASSO AT RHOYNDU masculine head, dark eye giving correct expression, good ears. Decent front assembly ribbed well back and good condition throughout. Rear moderately angled, moves well with correct tail carriage and topline. BOB

2nd Bidey’s REDCAP THE COURIER JW Another young male, larger mould than 1, masculine head, good eye, nice leathers, well turned. Well made throughout; well bodied and in good condition, Moved well. Preferred the overall balance of 1.

Class 23 : Open D/B (5,4,1)

1st Murphy’s BLACK ROYAL AT RHOSYNDU VW 8 years tricolour male, mature and well put together throughout. Typical head with nice dark eye and kind expression, well balanced in profile, moves well, handled well. BVIB & VETERAN GROUP 3


Class 24 : Open D/B (5,1,4)

1st Cowley & Maroney Cowley’s HARIRI EBN MAHSATI VON HAUSSMAN (IMP CHI) 4 years mature male in fabulous coat and condition. Lovely masculine head with super expression, ok front, nicely bodied and with good angulation. Won on his easy free movement, handled well. BOB

2nd Gunn’s KATANGA’S GOD OF THUNDER At the other end of the scale, a lovely youngster just 10 months old. Nice head, correct proportions and lovely dark eye. Still needs to come together and with a lot of exuberance he was giving his handler the runaround. Moves well when settled am sure he will have a bright future. BPIB



Class 25 : Puppy (1,0,1)

1st Baker’s ROSSKAJA BLACK IS BACK AT MISCHRAN Feminine 10-month-old bitch, lovely head with correct proportions and head planes, nice dark eye. Clean shoulder, well ribbed and with good angulation. Very feminine and moves well when settled, nice youngster. BPIB & PUPPY GROUP 4

Class 26 : Junior (1,0,1)

1st White’s MISCHRAN LYLIA Really took my eye on entering the ring, lovely feminine bitch, good head, correct planes, nice strong jaw and dark eye giving super expression; good ears clean shoulder, nice tight elbow, ribbed well back and nice strong loin nicely angled and moved well with plenty of power; in excellent condition, pleased to award her BOB & Group 2

Class 27 : Graduate (4,1,3)

1st Thomas’ MISCHRAN ASHERAH AT MOURNEBRAKE Another nice young bitch, coming into her own. Correct head, nice dark eye and correct ears. Strong neck into well placed shoulder, good elbows and front construction. Ribs ok, strong loin and moved nicely, great coat and condition.

2nd White’s MISCHRAN LAGATHA Another nice example from this kennel, very similar in type to 1. Feminine but with substance. Lovely head; good strong neck, good front and nice feet. Ribs ok and well covered, strong loin moved well if a little exuberant.

3rd Logvinenko RYAZAN VLADIMIR

Class 28 : Open D/B (1,0,1)

1st Baker’s MISCHRAN THE WITCHER Mature male with plenty of substance; nice masculine head with correct proportions and strong through the muzzle. Nicely made throughout, in lovely condition and in good coat and moved with power.


Class 29 : Graduate D/B (4,2,2)

1st Beach’s BEACHDAX SWEET MELODY Nice 10 months red male, good head of correct proportions, nice dark eye; prominent forechest with good front assembly, nice tight elbows and good feet. Ribs ok, nicely angles at rear and moved super out and back with plenty of attitude. BOB & BPIB & PUPPY GROUP 2

2nd Rogers PERCY PIPER 8 months female, red. Feminine bitch presents a nice profile. Nice head, front assembly is ok and ribs ok. Nicely angled at rear and moves well in profile.

Class 30 : Open D/B (2,1,1)

1st Beach’s BEACHDAX QUEEN OF HEARTS JW Mature black / tan bitch, nice feminine head of good proportions, good front assembly, ribs ok, mature and in good condition moved nicely.


Class 31 : Graduate D/B (1,1,0)

Class 32 Open D/B (2,1,1)

1st Latham Jackson’s HANISHAN NEAPOLITAN URISHAY 2 years red male, nice profile, typical head with nice dark eye, good neck into well placed should, nice straight front, ribs ok and moderately angled at rear, moved really well with plenty of animation and character. In good condition, presented well. BOB


Class 33 : Graduate D/B (0,0,0)

Class 34 : Open D/b (1,1,0)


Class 35 : Graduate D/B (1,0,1)

1st Stark’s ADNERBS NOT ON YOUR NELLIE GOBANNIUM JW 20 months shaded red bitch, maturing nicely. Nice cone shaped head, dark eye of correct shape, lovely prominent forechest, good elbows, straight front and lovely tight feet. Covered well, in good condition, moved with purpose and drive. BOB

Class 36 : Open D/B (0,0,0)


Class 37 : Graduate D/B (2,0,2)

1st Lewis’ TRIXHUND ALLO ALLO 10 months Silver Dapple bitch, feminine and more mature and together than 2. Nice head, good eye and strong muzzle. Good front with decent forechest, ribbed well back, strong loin giving good topline and nicely angled at rear. Moved well, handled well. BPIB & PUPPY GROUP 3

2nd Fricker’s SUNDAYSHILL THEODORE AT BORZDAC Just a baby, 7 months red dog. Nice masculine head with dark eye, front is ok, and ribs are ok, nicely angled at rear and moves well just needs to develop but has time on his side.

Class 38 : Open D/B (1,0,1)

1st Lewis’ TRIXHUND MADNESS 18 months red bitch, presents a nice profile. Feminine, lovely cone shaped head with dark almond eye, strong neck with good shoulder and nice elbows and front, ribbed well back and with plenty of depth of chest. Well covered with nice strong loin giving a good topline, nicely angled at rear and moves well with plenty of reach and drive and keeping topline at all times. BOB & Group 4


Class 39 : Graduate D/B (1,0,1)

1st Matthews STANEGATE SENORITA Lovely young bitch, just 14 months of age but presents a lovely profile, feminine but with plenty of substance. Lovely head, nice dark eye with super expression. Strong neck into good shoulder, prominent forechest and nice front. Good tight feet. Ribs ok, in good condition and with a nice strong loin and depth of chest. Rear is nicely angled. Moved well. BOB & Group 1

Class 40 : Open D/B (1,0,1)

1st Matthews STANEGATE SENORITA Lovely young bitch, just 14 months of age but presents a lovely profile, feminine but with plenty of substance. Lovely head, nice dark eye with super expression. Strong neck into good shoulder, prominent forechest and nice front. Good tight feet. Ribs ok, in good condition and with a nice strong loin and depth of chest. Rear is nicely angled. Moved well. BOB


Class 43 : Open D/B (2,0,2)

1st Smithson’s SUNNUSTEINS SAFANIYAH JAMIL CHISOBEE (IMP ISL) Mature 6 yrs. male, black and cream. Lovely masculine head, good front, ribs ok and in good muscular condition, nicely angled and moves well once settled. BOB

2nd Smithson’s SILVERSHADOWS ZELDA ELESSAR ODI ET AMO Young bitch maturing nicely. Feminine head; well made throughout and in nice condition, a bit unsettled today but when she moved, she moved well.


Class 44 : Open D/B (2,0,2)

1st Baker’s SILVERBRIAR SAFIYA 2 years red/white bitch, nice profile, feminine with good head, nice dark eye and good ears. Strong neck, clean shoulder and good forelegs and feet, ribs ok, in lovely muscular condition, good angulation at rear and moves well coming and going with correct swinging stride. BOB

2nd Baker’s SILVERBRIAR MIRROR IMAGE JW What a fine example of the breed and super condition for her age. 11 years young. Feminine, good head in lovely condition and moves so well for her age, a credit to her owners. VETERAN GROUP 2


Class 45 : Junior D/B (2,0,2)

1st Hoskins’ BODLON KIND OF MAGIC 18 month brindle bitch, feminine and presenting a good profile. Nice head, good head planes with lovely eye and expression, nice strong neck, clean shoulders and good front assembly. Good ribs and strong loin with nicely muscled rear, moved well. Good feet. BOB & Group 3

2nd Perkins KIERPARK JUST A SONG AT ZEGLYNN 12 months brindle bitch. Head is ok with nice dark eye. Front is ok, ribs ok just not the balance of 1 but still plenty of time to mature.

Class 46 : Graduate D/B 4,2,2)

1st Perkins’ ZEGLYN HELLO YOU Fawn male, 2 years old. Mature and masculine, nice masculine head of correct proportions, good eye & expression and ears. Front is ok, clean shoulder, nice deep forechest, well made throughout and moves nicely.

2nd James & Peacock’s WOLFSCASTLE RUMOUR HAS IT AMONG DRAKESOAK Masculine 4 yrs. male, masculine head, front is ok, deep chest, very muscular and hard condition and strong muscular rear, moves well just not the front construction of 1.

Class 47 : Open D/B (3,2,1)

1st Perkins’ SOUTHGROVE KEEP IT MOVING AT ZEGLYNN 3 yrs. red male, mature male, head is masculine, long neck into clean shoulder, front is ok, well let down chest, ribs good and nice muscular condition, strong loin and muscular at rear which shows on the move.


Class 48 : Open D/B (2,0,2)

1st Mortimer’s CH LAAKSO DANA 4 year female, nice profile; balanced and feminine. Correct head, nice dark eye and using her ears. Compact and well bodied and in excellent coat, moved well. BOB

2nd Mortimer’s LAAKSO GUNNI younger female just not as mature and together as 1. A lot to like, feminine, nice head with lovely dark eye, compact in body, nice coat and moves well when settled.


Class 49 : AV Import Register Open D/B (1,0,1)

1st Gunn’s STONEMARTIN AILBE WITH KATANGA stood alone, 3 yrs. ultra feminine throughout. Balanced in profile, nice head planes and clean shoulder with straight front, plenty of depth of chest, muscular and in good hard condition. Moved well and handled well. BEST IMPORT


Class 50 : Graduate D/B (1,0,1)

1st Taylor’s ALL EYES ON ME IKC NAF What a lovely youngster; really takes the eye. Just a baby but super feminine in her profile but plenty of substance. Lovely head with dark pigment, lovely leathers, set on well. Good well-placed shoulder, straight front with nice feet and ribs extending well back. Moderately angled at rear and moves well for one so young. BOB & BPIB & PUPPY GROUP 1

Class 51 : Open D/B (0,0,0)


Class 52 : AV Hound Puppy D/B (2,0,1)

1st Hoskins’ SHELSUE KINGLING JENNIE Lovely young bitch, just 7 months, feminine and presenting a lovely profile. Correct head with nice eye and expression, good ears, nice clean shoulder, straight front and good feet. Still a lot of maturing to do but ribs ok, good strong loin with correct topline and moderate angulation at rear, moves nicely.

Class 53 : AV Hound Graduate D/B (4,3,1)

1st Perkins’ SOUTHGROVE KISS FROM A ROSE AT ZEGLYNN nice 3-year-old bitch, typical outline, balanced. Head is ok nice eye. Strong neck, muscular and into well laid, clean shoulder, good front assembly. Well bodied, ribs ok, muscular at rear and moves well.

Class 54 : AV Hound Open D/B (2,1,2)

1st Perkins’ DEJARE DUTCH MASTERPIECE AT ZEGLYNJW SHCM Lovely masculine, mature male in great condition. Lovely profile: elegant and clean lines, strong muscular neck, good front assembly, well let down chest, muscular and well angled at read with well let down hicks moves really nice, handled well.

Class 55 : AC Hound Veteran D/B (6,3,3)

1st Beach’s BEACHDAX DUCHESS DAISY DOO lovely older lady, in tip top condition. Nice feminine head with good forechest and well made throughout, nice muscular rear and angled nicely moves with the attitude of a youngster, credit to her owner. VETERAN GROUP 1

2nd Murphy’s BLACK ROYAL AT RHOSYNDU JW unlucky to meet 1. 8 years tricolour male, mature and well put together throughout. Typical head with nice dark eye and kind expression, well balanced in profile, moves well, handled well.

3rd Bidey’s RAIMEX RIO