• Show Date: 02/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dianne Reid Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Otterhound Club



I would like to thank The Otterhound Club for inviting me to judge their open show alongside Mr Frank Whyte. Not a numerically large entry but some quality dogs. All dogs were presented in good clean condition and temperaments were good. Thank you to the exhibitors for entering and for being so sporting; lovely to see some baby puppies being socialised which must bode well for the future of this fabulous breed.

Class 1 : Special Open Working (0 entries)

Class 2 : Veteran Dog or Bitch (2,1,1)


Mature bitch; feminine and makes a nice balanced profile showing plenty of strength. Head nicely domed and of correct proportions with plenty of depth. Nice dark eye giving lovely expression; nice large nose with good sized nostrils. Muscular neck into nicely laid back shoulder, good forechest giving nice deep chest; front is good; plenty of bone and with good feet. Ribs carried well back, nice strong loin giving correct topline and in good harsh condition. Moderate angulation at rear, nicely muscled inner thigh showing on the move with plenty of reach and drive on the go round; good tail. Good coat; rustic and of good length and correct texture. BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

Class 3 : Puppy Dog (0 entries)

Class 4 : Junior Dog (1,1,0)

Class 5 : Special Yearling Dog (0 entries)

Class 6 : Post Graduate Dog (1,0,1)

1st Nelson’s Olphae Druid 22mnth male.

Young dog, maturing nicely and presenting a good outline. Typical head; nicely domed with sufficient stop and plenty of depth; good expression, wide nose and good leathers; set correctly. Muscular neck; shoulders ok but would prefer a better lay of shoulder; forelegs straight with decent bone and feet. Ribs ok, well covered and moderatey angled at rear. Coat is good; of correct texture and length. Moves ok out and back and in profile just loses topline which spoils the picture.

Class 7 : Limit Dog (1,0,1)

1st Dark, Thorley & Lerego’s Tecklegarth Decimus

Mature male’ typical head of god proportions; nice dark eye, ears set on well and of correct length. Strong mucular neck into decent shoulders; good front with nice deep chest and straight forelegs; ribbed well back; nice strong loing and reasonably well muscled rear. Good coat. Moved well.

Class 8 : Open Dog (3,1,2) Two nice males who would change place on another day.

1st Lewis’ CH Olphae Charman** Mature 4 year old male; presenting a majestic profile with a lovely head; nicely domed and with correct stop and plenty of depth; good pigment and nice expression; good leathers set correctly. Strong muscular neck into well laid shoulder; front ok an ribbed well back with strong loin; good coat and condition; rustic and of correct t3exture. Moderate angulation at rear, hocks well let down and muscular inner thigh. Moved well covering the ground with long elastic stride. BEST DOG & BEST IN SHOW Delighted that the bitch judge, Mr Frank Whyte agreed with my choice for Best in Show.

2nd Ganna’s CH Kingstree Warrior At Keepcott** Another mature male presenting a good balanced profile with plenty of substance however was intent on giving his owner the runaround today in the windy conditions. Nice head, majestic and with good proportions; lighter pigment which I would expect with the lighter coloured hound but still has a kind expression. Good length of neck into decent shoulders and with good front and rear assembly; ribs carried well back and strong loin. Nice rustic coat of good texture and length. Moves with purpose when the fancy takes him. RESERVE BEST DOG

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW : Lewis’ Olphae Orliath 2 year old female, maturing nicely so one to watch for the future. Typical head, feminine but with nice dark eye and good leathers, set on well and of correct length. Strong neck into clear shoulder, chest is well let down and ribs extending well back. Moderate angulation and in good muscular condition. Moves with purpose, covering the ground. For me the dog was more mature, had the substance and power; his headpiece offered more depth and he had a beautiful coat; tousled and of the correct texture.

Dianne Reid