• Show Date: 31/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Diane Stewart-Ritchie Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Reading & District Kennel Association


31ST MAY 2023


Evans: AMAZON JUST LET ME ADORE YOU. Black and Tan Dobermann bitch. Top quality girl who commanded attention on the first look around this excellent Best in Show line-up. Thank you to my fellow judges for sending through such pleasing exhibits for my assessment. She is classic in outline. Has enough substance for her age yet, is elegant. On her individual assessment it was plain to see this girl will be going places. There was nothing I didn’t like about her. She possesses a beautiful head, dark eye, excellent pigment and super in expression. She is clean and refined with plenty of work and good in underjaw. Strong muscular, arched neck which flowed seamlessly into her superb shoulder. She has a super front assembly, fills the hand beautifully and is straight and true when viewed from the front. Good bone, small tight arched cat like feet with slight slope to pastern. She has the best of topline and tail set, excellent ribbing throughout to her strong, muscular loin. She has plenty width across the first and second thigh and correct in her moderate bend of stifle. Her coat texture is good. I liked her proportions and overall balance. She stands four square over herself and already knows her job well. As I sent her away and back my expectation was high and she did not let me down. On the around in this big ring she showed off her true construction, muscle and showmanship. She has plenty reach and drive whilst displaying breed typical rotary action behind. Her movement is efficient and fluid. She is quite the picture. I was thrilled to award her Best In Show and in the puppy competition she did not falter - I had no hesitation in awarding her Best Puppy In Show. She should have a glittering career.


Ackling: Hitchen & Lumpkin: CH. KREATIN EXTRA FACTOR (TAF). Norwich Terrier dog. What a delightful package! This boy is truly from the top drawer. So typey and abundant in qualities. The best of coats. Very thick undercoat, with hard flat top coat. Compact. Good bone and feet and nicely proportioned.. Clean through neck and shoulder. Full in rib of good depth through to short loin. Strong, muscular hindquarters. Very nice over the rump with good tail set. Has really nice footfalls and uses himself well as he goes. Maintains a solid topline at all times and carries himself with good demeanour. He is a smart one!


Evans: AMAZON JUST LET ME ADORE YOU. See Best In Show Report

Robertson: SOLETRADER HAPPY AS LARRY (Dog: PBGV). Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen dog. Another quality youngster from this well-known kennel. He is presented here in good muscle and correct harsh coat. Nicely angled fore and aft. Good spring and depth of rib. Level topline. He has a very appealing head, balanced and proportionate and with good expression. He comes together really nicely on the move and he put on a very good performance to take Reserve Best Puppy In Show today.


Nash: RALPH OF HOUSE NASH ShCEx VW (Dog: Norfolk Terrier) This typey boy displays great attitude and showmanship. His coat texture is spot on. It is dense, flat and hard. He has a very nice head with dark eye and super expression. Correct ear set and fold, framing the face. Very nice front assembly leading to deep, well sprung ribs. He is full in hindquarter and has a strong level topline. Correct set on of tail. Moved out really well.


Puppy: (1:0)

1st: Robertson: SOLETRADER HAPPY AS LARRY. BPIB & BOB (See RBPIS report)

Junior: (1:0) 

1st: Guernari & Dane. CYNETKOY’S TINKER TAILOR. Nice type with an appealing head piece. Dark eye and good expression. Balanced and proportionate. Good in upper arm although a shade steep in shoulder. Stands on good bone and feet. Well sprung ribs. A shade long in loin. Good topline and tail set. Moved well.

Open: (1:0)

1st: Lewin: SOLETRADER SPECIAL EFFECT FOR VYNESBROOK JW. Excellent topline. Good in upper arm. Pleasing shoulder line. Enough ribbing. Very nice head properties with good width in skull without excess. Well-placed ears of good length. Very nice coat texture. Moved out well.


Junior (1:0)

1st: Harrison-Stratford: SOUTHPOINT NIEMEYER AT HIGHWICK (Imp PRT). Good body properties all through. Stands on excellent bone and tight well knuckled toes. Has a good head. Correct rose ears. Long muscular neck leading into excellent shoulder line. Very nice length of ribs of good shape. Good width in quarters, strong and well developed. Well-muscled throughout. Nice underline. Moved very soundly.

OPEN: (6:0)

What a class! Some super quality exhibits on display for my assessment. I felt very privileged to have the opportunity to go over such lovely hounds all together in this class at this Open Show.

1ST: Ahrens & Primavera: CH/IT CH/ES CH SOBERS GERALDINE Jun.Al Ch. What a classy girl she is. She is top quality. So beautifully put together in her constructional make-up, through to her fabulous musculature and immaculate performance. Her head is absolutely glorious. Correct rose ears, well placed. Long powerful neck leading into super shoulder line with corresponding upper arm. Deep and long in rib, well sprung, through to her arched, muscular loin. She is wide and powerful in hindquarter with plenty bend of stifle. Really nice underline. Great length and width of pelvis and set on of tail. Standing on correct bone and tight, arched toes with slight slope to pastern. She is in the epitome of condition and very steady in temperament. I liked her overall balance and proportions and she moved steady and true. She is graceful and light of foot and as sound as they come. She is strong and solid yet teamed with elegance. She’s supple and flexible and obviously capable of extending at great speed.

2nd: Ahrens & Primavera & Salmistraro: IT.CH. SOUTHPORT GABRIEL D’SOBERS: Strong and masculine, yet elegant and moderate. He has a very nice head with correct rose shaped ears. Flat skull, slight stop. Long, muscular neck leading to very nice front assembly. Really good shoulder, upper arm and excellent feet. Well ribbed back. Moderate in hindquarter, yet powerful and positive on the move. Stands over enough ground. Moved with good reach and plenty power behind.

3RD:Cutter & Lubin: INA’S FASHION FINEST OF CHOSOVI (Imp Deu). Breaking with tradition I’m deciding to do this 3rd placed bitch a critique as well, as I was particularly taken with her. Curvaceous in topline and underline. Excellent shoulder and good in upper arm.. Shapely ribcage. Nicely muscled and arched at the loin. Quality hindquarters with plenty bend of stifle. She is young still, but an exciting prospect. She is good in movement, has elegance and a pretty head. Gracious mover with slight lift. Very typey. I look forward to seeing her again with more maturity on her, she has much potential.


Puppy: (2:0)

1st: Webber & Sladden: VALCOR KILLER QUEEN. Excellent bone and feet with correct slope to pasterns . Oval bone and tight elbows. Pleasing head with lovely expression. Good ear set and length of leather. Good ribs and plenty hindquarters. Good in forehand and plenty fill in front. Uses herself well on the around and away. Just needs a bit more sparkle. BPIB

2nd: Thomas & Taylor: GUNSYN HOTPANTS. Stands well over herself. Good in hindquarter. Nice ribbing. Good bone, slope to pastern and feet. Pleasing front assembly just needs to develop a bit more in head. 

OPEN: (3:1)

Brother and sister competing in this class with their inexperienced handlers today and I found it hard to assess them on movement as they did not reach their full potential.

1ST: Cotton: BRACCORIONS LIVIN IT UP AT SPARKENHOE. Nice enough type with pretty head. Rather wide in front. Big and long in rib. Excellent croup. Good length of body in relation to height. In good muscle. BOB.

2nd : Cotton: BRACCORIONS QUICK TO JUDGE. Pleasing front assembly. Good ribbing, quarters and overall body proportions. Good bone and feet. Supple enough. 


Puppy: (1:0)

1st: Davey: SANTAROCCO DERRY. Only one present today and although a puppy she seemed very happy in the environment whilst putting on a good show. Really nice ribs for her age. Her body length to height properties were spot on. Okay front assembly and really nice in hindquarters. Solid enough in her topline with good tail set. She’s in good muscle and her coat was of good curl but still puppy coat in texture. Pleasing head. BPIB & BOB


Puppy: (6:0)

Interesting puppy class with all puppies still just eligible to be here today. Varying degrees of schooling but most importantly all loved their day out and enjoyed the environment which was so nice to see.

1st: Stuart: TRY AGAIN DE L’AUSSIE HAPPY AT BOSKENNA (imp Fra). Really typey. Of good balance, proportions and all round shape. Good bone and tight feet and is nicely angled fore and aft. Very nice ribs which go way back to short strong loin. Strong topline with good length of croup. So sound out, back and around and quite delightful to watch with her breed typical movement. She has a very nice head and was at one with her handler enjoying her time in the ring. BPIB

2ND: Burt: AUSSIAME HOT TO TROT. Smart dog puppy of great quality. More advanced than his litter mates in the class. Good front assembly and standing on correct bone and feet. Well ribbed back. Nicely developed through the rear. Short from hock to heel and good in croup. Moved well. Well handled.


Junior (1:0)

1st: Land & Gittins: SOLOYAL KISS ARTIST AROUND CASMAWLLAN. Good package with good balance and proportions. Good angles fore and aft, ribbing and topline. Stands on good bone and feet. Solid and strong in topline. Good reach in front on the around.

Open: (4:1)

1st: Hellewell: FRANMAR THE THRILLER. Really well presented dog who pleases under the hand. Good head with appealing expression, correctly placed ears and has strength in foreface. Good length of neck leading into correctly placed shoulder and corresponding upper arm. Plenty forehand and straight and true in front when viewed from the front. Good bone and feet. Nicely ribbed with good depth, length and spring. Strong muscular loin and moderate in hindquarters with good width over first and second thigh. Super in topline whilst good also in length and width of pelvis. Really nice mover presenting a very nice package at one with his handler. BOB.

2ND: Knott: SHALAKO’S COME HELLR HIGH WATER (Imp USA). Good topline. Very nice in hindquarter. Very pleasing in all departments constructionally. A pleasing mover with good proportions and well presented.



Puppy: (3:1)

1st: Arnould: SHADOWAY JUSTA CHANCE. Particularly pretty head and eye of correct wedge shape. Almond shaped eye with good pigment. Small erect, tipped ears. Nice in shoulder and upper arm. Good bone and small tidy feet. Well ribbed back with slight rise over the loin. Good in croup with nice strength through the rear. Moved okay. Best Puppy In Breed

2nd: Creamer: CLANAVON MY BLUE HEAVEN AT LYNGARSO. Really nice presentation on this bitch. Excellent rear with great development in the quarters, croup and pelvis. A shade long for my ideal. Okay in bone. Pleasant head. Happy on the move. 

Junior: ((4:0)

1st: Knott: CAROLKIMILES AMATHYST. Lovely shape. Super across the pelvis. Excellent in all departments. Full in rib of good length to short loin. Nice muscle. Wedge shaped head with correct ear placement. Good tail placement. Moved well putting it all in today.

2ND: Rossiter: MOLSON MORE ABOUT ME AT COCARO: Excellent mover. Very nice head eye and underjaw, just lacking a bit of furnishings today, but a pleasing package.


Post Graduate: (6:3)

1st: McShane: BLENMERROW RING OF ROSES. Pretty headed girl with dark almond shaped eye and excellent expression. Small correctly placed ears well tipped. She stands on good bone and feet. She is very nicely put together, well angled fore and aft. Well sprung ribs, deep chest, graceful sweep to loin and good in croup. There is so much to like about this one. She is an excellent mover just needing more finish today.

2nd: Arnould: SHADOWAY CHARLOTTE ROSE. Very nice in type. In full coat. Nice head and eye. Super front assembly. Good ribs Short in loin. Level back. Soft rise over the loin. Pleasing in croup with good tail set. A good mover but not quite the reach of 1st.


Open: (5:0)

1st: Arnould: SHADOWAY CHANCE ENCOUNTER. Well presented, nicely balanced sable boy in full coat. I particularly liked his head proportions. Clean and smooth in cheek, dark almond shaped eye, balanced and parallel with slight stop and good pigmentation creating the desired wedge shape. I liked its refinement. Nicely angled fore and aft with good reach of neck. He has a level topline with gentle rise over the loin to his correct croup and tail set, good in the quarters and proportionate all through. He moved well out back and around and put on a good show to take Best Of Breed today

2ND: Haensel: PHILHOPE SUMMER HIGHLIGHTS AT SHERKARL.Great wee mover with correct head and nicely placed ears, dark, almond shaped eye of good pigment and appealing expression. Super shoulder line and good in upper arm. Good ribbing and very nice over the croup. Moved well.



1ST: Plummer: TETSIKARMA STARGAZER ShCEx: VW. Tibetan Terrier. Beautifully presented here today with really nice coat condition and good musculature still. Pleasing head, dark eye. Good length and breadth in foreface. Correct over the skull. Good body properties. Strong in topline. Moved well covering the ground as he went on a long stride.

2nd: Harrison & Khawaja: MALANDEX XCEPTIONAL LOVE AT ANFRANJO. Bearded Collie. Another who is presented in the best of order belying his years. Firm level topline with good balance and proportions. Very nice strength in foreface and good in underjaw. Pleasing head and expression. Excels in shoulder and has plenty in upper arm. Good ribs and well developed rear. Moved with drive and a good attitude.

3RD: Arnould: SHADOWAY PERCHANCE TO DREAM JW. Shetland Sheepdog.



2ND: Mapson: CH/AM.CH. ABIQUA WILD JACK OF HEARTS ShCM (Re-Imp) Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Good shape. Level topline. Tail set bang on. Moderately angled front and rear. Well-proportioned all through. Most appealing head with good head plains. Very nice eye and correct ear set. Great strength through foreface and good in underjaw. Strong neck leading into good shoulder and enough in upper arm and good width over the quarters. Very nice rump with tails set spot on. Sound and very efficient mover. This was a very close decision between 1 & 2 in this strong veteran group.


Judge: Diane Stewart-Ritchie