• Show Date: 26/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/01/2024

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association

Sedgley & Gornal Canine Association Premier Open Show 26 November 2023

Thanks to Pastoral breed exhibitors for accepting me as the replacement judge for Dianna Spavin who had broken her elbow.

Finnish Laphund

J 1 Small & Thompson’s Ansalfrose Weikko. Strongly built and correct shape with sufficient spring of rib. Good head with defined stop, oval shaped eyes and neat erect ears.

PG 1 Small & Thompson’s Ansalfrose Jani BOB. Balanced and well built with firm and well conditioned body and well boned throughout, straight and muscular back with a high set tail. Moved with effortless and agile gait. 2 Small & Thompson’s Ansalfrose Weikko

Norwegian Buhund

J 1 Strong’s Draccus I Have a Dream. Nicely balanced and square. Lean, wedge shaped head with neat, high set ears. Moved with typical lightness and agility.

O 1 Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Koromandel Tusen Takk JW. BOB. Delighted with this dog, he moves and covers the ground effortlessly, clean coming and going and striding out with style and purpose. Balanced, lightly built and square with short body and level back. Clean and lean wedge shaped head, with high set pointed ears. 2 Walmsley’s Frostisen Blakk Zitter. 3 Frost’s Trelowen Amelia at Frostisen. Good head with high set ears, strong and in good condition, moved with typical light action.

Old English Sheepdog

J 1 Deakin’s Darwillow Queen of Puddings. Balanced and in good condition, square with short body, straight front, strong back and loin and well angulated and muscled hindquarters that offered a strong drive when moving.

PG 1 Price, Long & Barchenger’s Blue Panda Lorien Swanky Yankee at Cooljays. Square and symmetrical and overall very sound, moved effortlessly with strong drive from good hindquarters. 2 Adams’ Makaylen Majestic Lady. Nicely proportioned head, moved with typical gait, preferred the overall shape of 1.

O 1 Miller’s Mellowdee Fancy Nancy for Milwinke JW. Eye-catching and typical example of the breed, strong, square with short and strong back and well sprung ribs. Straight front, nicely angulated and muscled hindquarters, moved effortlessly with strong drive and typical roll. BOB.

Boston Terrier

J 1 Ward’s Fronsben Let It Be. BPIB. Cracking puppy, so full of himself, sound and well built. Good head, square, with well defined stop and short, square muzzle. Very sound and graceful on the move. 2 Walczak’s Jayrock and Roll Rebel. Less mature than 1, but is showing potential, liked his head shape and neat ears. Nicely proportioned body, moved well. 3 Dearn’s Blossoms & Neaus Special Bud for Roxxilu.

O 1 Ward’s Wildax Liverpool Lover of Fronsben. BOB. Compact, strong and very well balanced throughout. He has an excellent head, square, proportionate and with short muzzle. Well ribbed with good topline. He moves very well with grace, parallel action coming and going and covering the ground with ease. 2 Guy’s Wynele Trooping the Colour. Liked his head a lot, typical in shape and in proportion to body. Strong and well bodied, short and in good condition. 1 moved with more style and power. RBOB.

French Bulldog

P 1 French’s Bincombefarm Sepensortia. Compact and well built. Square head with well-defined muzzle and stop. Dark round eyes, typical bat-like ears. Strong neck leading to cobby and strong body with good spring of rib and gentle roach to the back. Sound on the move. BPIB. 2 Hanslow’s Kianspuchi Cutting It Ralph at Donmarlyn. Liked his head and ears, solidly built, well muscled body, found him a little too long.

J 1 French’ Bincombefarm Morsmorde. Sturdy, compact and solid. Head square with well defined muzzle and stop, dark and round eyes and well set ears. Cobby, strong body with correct topline. Moved soundly with free action. 2 Bulanova’s Eastonite Colourful Love. Good body, in muscular condition, preferred the head of the winner. Moved very well with good sounds action. 3 Walton’s Bankholt Northern Light.

PG 1 Bulanova’s Eastonite Colourful Love.

O Timms & Henderson’s Budbulls Maximum Impact for Olijah. BOB. Very typical and appealing Frenchie. Compact and solid throughout, she was in excellent condition. Square head, dark and round eyes, typical bat ears of medium size, high set. Powerful arched neck leading to a cobby , muscular body with well spring ribs and good cut-up. Compact feet. Moved very well, sound and free flowing.

Tibetan Spaniel

J 1 Poyser & Bodell’s Saxtead Rosy Dream at Tinamba. Nicely balanced and correct in body proportions. Good head, nicely cushioned muzzle, carried proudly. Nicely sprung ribs, level topline. When settled, moved well with positive action.

PG 1 Keepence & Keyte’ Oldcharm Peaky Love for Alandobel JW. Typically active, and alert tibbie, full of characted. Nicely balanced and moderate throughout, good length of muzzle with sufficient cushioning and width of chin. Carried his head proudly on strong neck. Correct length of body with level back and high set tail. Very sound and true on the move. 2 Rice’s Ricox I Love Mini Me. Most delightful and typical head on this one, but I preferred the proportions and movement of 1. 3 Rice’s Parlouve Back to Black of Ricox JW.

O 1 Rice’s Ricox All About Love JW. BOB. Highly typical and appealing bitch, I liked her very much. She is well balanced and moderate in all ways. Carries her head proudly, correct length of muzzle with sufficient chin. Short and strong neck leading to well laid shoulders and level back. Sound and well constructed she moved very well with a free and positive action. 2 Poyser & Bodell’s Andor Golden Girl at Tinamba JW. Correct for size and and has a good head, most appealing dark eyes. Good bosy with spring of rib and moved well, preferred the overall balance of 1. 3 Horton’s Parvati Bedigebu.

AVNSC Utility

P 1 Osborn’s Chow Chow Beaconspride Tatiana for Jasava. BPIB. Short-coupled and well balanced. Correct flat skull with moderate length muzzle. Straight forelegs, sloping shoulders, broad and deep chest with well sprung ribs. Moved freely with short stride. Moved with short, effortless strides and parallel action.

O 1 Osborn’s Chow Chow Jasava’s Fezziwig for Mayeavas. BOB. Lovely, typical chow, sound, compact, short-coupled and well balanced with a dignified air. Flat skull with moderate length muzzle

AV Import Register Utility

J 1 Cassidy’s Yrgalem Dream of Coffee at Chinaskys NAF TAF. Xoloitzcuintle. Still young and getting used to the ring so was misbehaving a little, but he was soundly built, moving well when settled and had a strong, elegant, wedge shaped head.

O 1 Cassidy’s Athena Goddess of Wisdom Iz Kanesko at Chinakys. Xoloitzcuintle. Soundly built, well constructed and with a good tempremant and attitude. Wedge shaped head, dark eye, athletic build with firm straight back. 2 Cassidy’s Ring Rider Teotihuacan at Chinaskys. Xoloitzcuintle. Another in good condition, preferred the outline of 1.

Utility Group

1 Tibetan Terrier - Price & Leese’s Araki Wowie Zowie. Just love this bitch, I had judged her as a puppy and awarded her BPIS and she maturing very nicely. She is striking for her overall type, balance and proportionality, combined it makes her very eye-catching. She’s well constructed, so moves with great style, maintaining her square outline with accurate and precise action and long stride. Was very pleased to see her winning BIS.

2 French Bulldog - Timms & Henderson’s Budbulls Maximum Impact for Olijah.

3 Boston Terrier - Ward’s Wildax Liverpool Lover of Fronsben.

4 Kooikerhondje Stewart’s Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi Over Twybrook. Very appealing bitch, nicely balanced overall with good bone and construction, moved well.

Utility Puppy Group

1 Boston Terrier - Ward’s Fronsben Let It Be.

2 Chow Chow - Osborn’s Beaconspride Tatiana for Jasava.

3 Tibetan Terrier – Thurston’s Jalren Midnight Runner. Appealing male, good shape and size overall, moved with drive, covering the ground well with a long stride.

4 German Spitz (Klein) – Huntely’s Fecimus Brother Bear. Nicely balanced, correct for size and shape. Wedge shaped head, dark eyes, well placed and carried ears. Level topline, well set and carried tail.

Derfel Owen