• Show Date: 30/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/08/2023

Vale Of Clwyd Canine Society

Vale of Clwyd Canine Society

My thanks to the Society and committee for the invitation to judge at this show, I remember attending the show as an exhibitor when I was a young boy living in North Wales, so it felt doubly special to be invited.

Best in Show was a very pleasing line up, top quality representatives for each of their groups, the judges had done an excellent job. The big rosette went to Milligan & Marley’s Allmark One for the Road with Alfsden (Australian Sheppherd). Found him very eye-catching from the outset, he is balancde, sound, well constructed and moderate in all ways you would want. Eyes are almond in shape and set obliquely, keen and lively expression. Good strong neck, leading to well-laid, long shoulder blades, excellent front with legs well under him and deep brisket. Strong and level that he maintained on the move with excellent drive from muscular hindquaretrs.

Reserve Best in Show was Abbott’s Nikami Leap of Romance (Great Dane). Such a fabulous example of the breed, smart, upstandibg ad so masculine throughout. His head is strong, with deep set and dark eyes. Has substance in bone, a deep broad chest with good spring of rib and strong, slightly arched loins. In excellent muscular condition and his handler gets the very best out of him. He is a pleasure to watch on the move, covering the ground with great reach and drive.

Likwise, I was please with the puppy line-up. Lots of promise here. I had no hesitation awarding Best Puppy in Show to Price & Leese’s Araki Wowie Zowie (Tibetan Terrier). I had judged her in the morning and thought she was very exciting, I couldn’t wait to see her again in the ‘big’ rig. Wat strikes first is her perfect balance, shape and size, the ideal for a TT. Nice head with good eye and expression. On the move, she retains her shape and balance with accuray and a long stride.

Reserve Best Puppy in Show Perkins & Van dear Schaff’s Crème Anglaise’s Cassablanca with Silkridge (Whippet). A very appealing, feminine bitch, a classic head with dark oval eyes, and small ears, good long neck leading to well laid shoulders and deep chest. Her outline is terrific, with good topline, definite tuck up and od rear angulation. Moved well, with freedom of action, true coming and going.

Best Veteran in Show Lewis’ Trixhund Opium JW ShCM ShCEx. Good head and expression, string neck leading to well laid shoulders and level topline. Moved well, with long stride and drive from hindquarters. Well presented soft coat and in good muscular condition.

Akita J Morris’ 1 Melodor Moody Blue at Bluevine. BPIB. Nicely balanced, handsome dog. Sound and well built, well angulated moved confidently. Broad skull, bright eyes with good expression. Hope he doesn’t grow on too much more. PG 1 Hocking’s Karijini’s Ice and a Slice. Powerful, with large head and good strong neck. Level back woth high set and well carried tail. O 1 Louvet & Pears’ Satrebor Nevada at Shaluna. Powerful male with good presence. Large head, in balance with body, well developed body, level back, moved well. BOB.

Boston Terrier PG 1 Glynn’s Jangar Born to be a Star for Coppergold. BOB. Compact, sound and in very good condition. Correct for size and shape, square skull in proportion to body, dark eyes. Arched neck leading to well laid shoulders, short back, well sprung rib. Moved well. Really liked her very much. 2 Davies’ Amadar Captain Jack. Liked his head, square with well defined stop, erect and well placed ears. O 1 Glynn’s Coppergold Simply Star Sent. Compact and well proportioned throughout, plays her owner up but her underlying quality is there. Head in proportion to body, square and with dark round eyes.

Japanese Spitz PG 1 Warren’s Kessaku Scooby Doo. Nicely built, profuse white coat, wedge shaped head. A little on the large side but sound. 2 Sheldon’s Oozzoo Sno Dream. O 1 Warren’s Kessaku Hugo Boss. Sound dog, with profuse pure white coat in good condition. Sound on the move. Wedge shaped head, with dark eyes giving correct expression. BOB.

Poodle (Toy) J 1 Bull-Harris’ Starianna Midnight Rider at Pendream. Dark eye, well chiselled head, good length of neck, level topline, igh set tail that he carried well. PG 1 Howard’s Denroma Roses are Red. Well balanced, elegant with sound, free and elegant movement with plenty of drive from well angulated hindquarters. Well chiselled head, with dark, well set eyes and correct expression. O 1 Howard’s Denroma Roses are Red.

Tibetan Spaniel PG 1 Harford’s Tuyet Forever Bonnie. Well balanced, sound and moving well. Carried her well proportioned head proudly. Dark expressive eyes, well set ears with good feathering. O 1 Harford’s Mennimoonz Dragon Fly. Masculine and well proportioned head that he carried proudly. Sound and moving very well with positivity. Well plumed tail that he carried well on the move. Twinkling dark eyes, full of personality. BOB

AVNSC Utility P 1 Price & Leese’s Araki Wowie Zowie (Tibetan Terrier). PG 1 Baines’ Boshanti Derrian (TT). Well built, sturdy dog, well balanced but on the large side. Moved very well with smooth effortless stride. Good head with strong jaw, large dark eyes. 2 Growcott-Jones Rodengrove Rudolph (Dalmatian). Nicely balanced, handsome dog. Sound and well built, well angulated moved confidently. Broad skull, bright eyes with good expression. 3 Clare’s Maghullpaws Stitch (Bulldog) O 1 Summers’ Palshar Glitter and Glitz at Remmus. Very nicely balanced and good for size. Sturdy, square and unexaggerated. Sound and well constructed with a level topline retained on the move. Appealing head and expression. Profuse top-coat with good furnishing on head. 

Utility Group 1 – Tibetan Terrier. 2 – Boston Terrier. 3 – Toy Poodle. 4 Japanese Spitz.

Utility Puppy Group 1 Tibetan Terrier. 2 Akita.

AV Puppy Stakes 1 Price & Leese’s Araki Wowie Zowie (Tibetan Terrier). 2 Nash’s Mutoko’s Noble Preacher (Rhodesian Ridgeback). A commanding presence, strong in outline, flat skull with good stop. Strong topline and in muscular condition, moved with class.3 Smith’s Potterzuri Mister Puma of Flyenpig (Labrador)

AV Open Stakes A strong class. 1 Summers’ Palshar Glitter and Glitz at Remmus. (Tibetan Terrier) 2 Philipson’s Menstonia Meteor (WSS). Smart and well built. Proportionate skull with clearly defined stop. Strong and muscular body, moderately angulated hindquarters providing strong drive for powerful, smooth action. 3 Marina’s Marinbox Murder in Three Acts (Boxer).

AV Bred By Exhibitor 1 Jerrett’s Coldelee Eternal Sunshine (Smooth Collie). I was rather taken with this bitch. She is well constructed, balanced and feminine, has a lovely head and expression and high set ears, moved soundly with a typical medium stride. 2 Harford’s Mennimoonz Dragon Fly (Tibetan Spaniel). 3 Bentley’s Penclippin Jubilee Flame.

AV Not Bred by Exhibitor 1 Hughes’s Alolfrana Queen of Hearts at Bryntwrw (Irish Setter). Long head, could just have a little more lip at muzzle. Good length of head, with sufficient neck. Front and rear angulations are moderate and balanced. She strode out well maintaining a firm topline.2 Smith’s Hurstmeon Hey Look its me at Flyenpig (Labrador). Nice head, good strong bone and moved well with good topline. 3 Racska’s Prime Rubin Castor (Borzoi)

AV Special Open Resident in North Wales 1 Bull-Harris’ Starianna Midnight Rider at Pendream. (Toy Poodle) 2 Hughes’s Dandyjan Partigift (Cocker). Substantially boned, short and compact with good rear angulation, moved very well. 3 Humphrey’s Lilnrose Butterfly Kisses to Gloynbyw (Papillon)

AV Special Veteran (7-9 years) 1 Trixhund Opium JW ShCM ShCEx (Longhaired Dachshund). 2 Beever’s Snowgate Parti Over to Dandyjan (Cocker). Well balanced in outline, masculine head, sound and true on the move. 3 Venton’s Little Red-cap du Chenin Des Kerrigan’s (Australian Sheppherd)

AV Special Vintage (10 years +) 1 Venton’s Tri’n Stop Me at Mistyisle JW (Sheltie). In excellent condition, feminine wedge head & a good body shape. She is well constructed which showed in her free & sound movement. 2 Taylor’s Dymanti Roman Warrior at Nottorg ShCM VW (Border Terrier). Typey otter like head, clean in outline with good strong topline, well spanned ribs, good harsh dense coat, steady mover. 3 Lavington’s Brannasdale Leading the Way to Sandmont (Border Collie).

Derfel Owen