• Show Date: 15/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Hamilton Canine Club

Hamilton Canine Club 15 January 2023

A fabulously well organised show, my thanks to the committee for inviting me and the exhibitors for their support. I found the quality in both groups I judged to be exceptionally high, I was thrilled with all my placings.

Gundog Group 1 Knowles & Glen’s Sh Ch Bessalone Peaky Blinders (Italian Spinone). I found him very eye-catching and his movement was excellent. Lean and masculine head with a strong neck of good length leading to well laid back shoulders. Strong and well developed bones, he has a deep chest and well sprung ribs. In super condition with muscular hind quarters, he sailed around the ring with drive and free flowing action could have watched him moving all day. 2 Hullock’s Scotsdyke Marchbank Boy (Labrador). Strong, masculine head. Well-muscled neck leading onto well-angulated front construction. Good spring of rib, level topline leading onto strong hindquarters. Free flowing, happy mover showing off and keen to please his handler. 3 Sinclair’s Chataway Dress Tartan at Duclarus JW. (Cocker) Classic head with balanced skull and foreface, dark eye, low set ears, strong neck leading to correctly laid shoulders. Very confident and eager mover, going out in style. 4 Millar’s Yennadon Benriach JW ShCEx (Gordon Setter). Rather stylish and dignified in the ring. Sound and moving well with well angulated hindquarters providing propulsion.

Gundog Puppy Group 1 Maclean’s Lynwater Annie’s Song. (Cocker) Well balanced, compact, in excellent condition, full of character. Square muzzle, strong jaw, low set ears. Moved well, covering the ground with drive. Coat in good condition. 2 Murray & Parker’s True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly (Viszla). Balanced and correct for size and shape. Well laid shoulder, well bodied and in good condition so he moved well with strong drive. Some room to grow and develop, but a very appealing puppy. 3 Fewster & Rossiter’s Joneva Just a Kiss (Pointer). Good for size and shape. Held a correct topline on the move. Well constructed back end provided strong drive. Front movement could be a little more settle but she has time. 4 Rose’s Pineroch Amethyst of Rosannoch (ESS). Feminine head, good neck and shoulders. Balanced bone throughout. Correct feet. Moved soundly and this looked particularly impressive in profile.

AVNSC Gundog O 1 Knowles & Glen’s Sh Ch Bassalone Peaky Blinders. 2 Murray & Parker’s True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly. 3 Ashton & Clay’s Belmilla Nothing on You.

AV Gundog Puppy 1 Murray & Parker’s True Magic of Skyrocket at Szelkiraly. 2 Ashton & Clay’s Belmilla Nothing on You. Strong, sound and well balanced. Nicely developed skull with clearly defined stop. Smooth and effortless movement with strong drive from the rear. 3 Rahman’s & Todd’s Chataway Dark Louis.

Hound Group 1 Willunat’s Shavano’s Quality of Life by Oliver JW (Rhodesian Ridgeback) So eye-catching, every piece falls into place with no exaggeration. Classy, elegant and well built, moving with soundness, drive and purpose. In excellent muscular condition. Strong neck flows into nicely sloped shoulders, straight well boned front legs and deep chest. Good, strong back and tail set. Dense and glossy coat, just thought he filled the ring and commanded attention. 2 Legget’s Ch Swanwhite Take a Chance on Me. (Basenji). What a fine mover this dog is, typical swift, long and tireless stride built on substance with well defined muscle tone. Flat and tapered skull with dark and well set eyes. 3 Thompson’s Ch Micattura All For Me (Saluki). Rather lovely. Beautiful head and expression. Good reach of neck. Moderately angulated and in good strong condition. Moved with flowing and elegant action. 4 Foote & McAulay’s Erylan Hera La Reine (PBGV). Sound, well balanced and compact, packing plenty of strength and substance into a small space. Carried her head proudly, moved out with good reach in front and strong drive. Presented in excellent condition.

Hound Puppy Group 1 Alcorn & Ingram’s Gwendariff Breaking News. (Whippet). Balanced, sound, graceful and elegant, rather demanding of attention. Long, lean skull with bright, alert expression. Straight front, deep chest, and well angulated hindquarters that provided propelling power. 2 Willunat’s Gambia Sirius Canister Major at Clauwill (Rhodesian Ridgeback). Another from an impressive entry of Ridgebacks. She has a commanding presence, strong in outline, flat skull with good stop. Strong topline and in muscular condition, moved with class. 3 Dollan & Ralston’s Scotach Need For Speed (Borzoi). Dignified and elegant presence, typical long and proportionate head with long and strong neck. Correct topline, carried well when moving powerfully and effortlessly. 4 Moyse, Lockett-Davies, Hunter-Ryan & Shaw’s Merritt Pictre Perfect by Bryellis (Afghan) Nicely balanced in outlinewith great angulation. In excellent condition, moved very soundly.

Whippet P 1 Alcorn & Ingram’s Gwendariff Breaking News. BOB & BPIB, PG1. 2 Corsar’s Northwhip Zenyatta. Well balanced and moderately angluated. Appealing head with kind expression, nice flowing lines with no exaggeration. Correct topline with a slight rise over the loin. Moved beautifully, with typical action and was true coming and going. 3 Searle & Rawlinson’s Reston Tibalt at Whipsearle. PG 1 McSherry & McQuade’s Finnigan’s Gift. Good parallel movement coming and going. Nice head with appealing expression. 2 Hunter’s Collooney Was Meant to Be at Sulahmara. good size and shape, strong bone, well angulated, moved out well. 3 Smith’s Crosscop Bound for Glory. L 1 McSherry & McQuade’s Finnigan’s Gift. O 1 Salkeld’s Crosscop a Dream come true for Dalerafenn. Well angulated front and rear, correct top and underline. On the move he excelled showing the true whippet movement. 2 Brooks’ Rushden So You Think. Excellent front and well angulated rear. Moved well but preferred the topline of 1. 3 Burton’s Cornstalk Parti Girl.

Rhodesian Ridgeback what a super entry of quality dogs. P 1 Willunat’s Gambia Sirius Canister Major at Clauwill. BPIB, PG2. 2 Black & McKinlay’s Asharaa Stars in Your Eyes at Giles’s JW. Preferred the winner’s head overall, but found her to be very appealing, moving well with soundness and elegance. 3 Shaw’s Negasi Radagast. PG 1 Shaw’s Negasi Radagast. 3rd in the previous class and playing up for his handler, but still a quality dog, strong and balanced, good head with strong topline that held on the move. 2 Jolly’s Negasi Elberith for Clanbruachan. L 1 Buchanan’s Walamdengie Little Wren. A larger bitch but strong and sound throughout, moved pourposefully and with drive from strong hindquarters. Liked her head with good breadth and intelligent expression. 2 Black & McKinlay’s Rottzridge Perihelion at Gileega. In good condition. Broad skull and long neck. Topline not as good as the winner, but she moved with drive. 3 Nelson’s Zougani Zante. O 1 Willunat’s Shavano’s Quality of Life by Oliver JW. BOB, G1. 2 Buchanan’s Nehando’s Excalibur ShCM. Heavier male than my winner but a lot to like, sound , balanced and well constructed, he moved effortlessly and is in good muscular condition. 3 Darling-Steel’s Saadani Storm Catcher with Sharufa.

Beagle O 1 Deans’ Gempeni Cornflower. Liked hear head and eye. She is correct for size with good bone and substance. Found her a little long in loin but she carried her topline well, has a well set tail and moved very well.

Basenji O 1 Legget’s Ch Swanwhite Take a Chance on Me. G2.

PBGV O 1 Foote & McAulay’s Erylan Hera La Reine. BOB, G4. 2 Foote & McAulay’s Ir Ch Clonallan Just Beginning Alec Erylan ShCM. Another super exhibit in this class, liked her style and movement. Strong and compact, with good bone and tight feet. 3 Brown’s Erylan Chaud Comme Hades.

Borzoi O 1 Dollan & Ralston’s Scotach Need for Speed. 2 Dollan & Ralston’s Scotach High and Mighty. Litter brother to the winner and many of the same comments apply, I found 1 was more confident on the day, portraying that necessary air of arrogance that a Borzoi does so well.

Pharaoh Hound O 1 Playfair’s Habiba Ra Harmachis at Sahara ShCM. Graceful and powerful, sound and moved with a true free and flowing action, well chiselled skull with correct eye shaped.

Dachshund (Mini Smooth) O 1 Anderson & Watt’s Nisyros Sergio. Lovely head and expression. Correct shape and good ear set. Excellent topline, held on the move. Good length of rib. Good bone and neat, tidy feet.

Dachshund (Mini Wire) O 1 Kirkwood’s Beetlejuice Vitoraz at Helydon. Compact and well muscled, moved well with free and flowing action, long strides with god drive from hindquarters

Afghan Hound O 1 Moyse, Lockett-Davies, Hunter-Ryan & Shaw’s Merritt Picture Perfect by Bryellis. BOB, BPIB, PG4.

AVNSC Hound O 1 Thompson’s Ch Micattura All For Me. 2 Balfour’s Clentry Mango Passion (Dachshund Smooth). Quality type with good front and rear quarters. Good head and expression. Clean neck and shoulders, good depth of chest. Firm topline which was held well on the moved. Excellent movement. 3 Sloan & Dunbar’s Dawn Treader of Daamistico (Dachshund Longhaired).

AV Hound P 1 Dollan’s Scotach Date with Destiny (Borzoi). 2 Moyse, Lockett-Davies, Hunter-Ryan & Shaw’s Merritt Picture Perfect by Bryellis. 3 Dollan’s Scotach Just Chillin (Borzoi). V 1 Playfair’s Habiba Ra Harmachis at Sahara ShCM. 2 Nelson’s Gambia’s Woo Woo at Zougani (Rhodesian Ridgeback). 3 Searle’s Quick Silver He’s the One for Whipsearle VW.

Derfel Owen