• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

British Bolognese Club

British Bolognese Club Open Show – 25 March 2023

I would like to extend my thanks to the Club and Committee for extending to me the honour of judging your club show. Yours is a delightful and friendly breed with a sporting and supportive community of exhibitors, it is always a pleasure to be in your company.

Still numerically small and with a limited gene pool, I think the breed is taking it’s time to develop, mature and produce dogs that would be competitive at the highest level. I would comment that all the dogs shown today were in good health and temperaments were excellent, coats were good and the colour on every exhibit was what I would expect, no stray markings, shades or colours creeping in.

Best in Show – Mulligan’s Donocielo Michaelangelo. Attractive male, square, compact and balanced. Large, round, dark, appealing eyes; high set ears; medium length neck leading to well laid shoulders, well spring rib and level back. Well set tail with good feathering. Good length of muzzle with correct proportions. Moved effortlessly, with parallel action in front and rear.

Best Bitch and RBIS – Towers’ Enjanicka Toscana Mia Caro. Square, compact, balanced and sound throughout, level back with slight arch over the loin and well sprung ribs. Correct proportions to skull with accentuated stop; large, round, dark eye; high set ears on wide, flat skull. Correct pigment around the eyes and on feet and nose. Well set and carried tail, with good feathering.

Best Puppy in Show – Fabian’s Tumbril Tokyorose. One of a litter of three that were shown here today. I found her delightful, a quite typical and promising puppy. Balanced, and square with compact outline. Level back with slight arch over the loin, moved effortlessly. Correct pigmentation on eyes nose and feet, coat in good condition.

Veteran Dog – 1 Towers’ Tumbril Timelord. Good quality, square and balanced with good construction. Moved effortlessly. Flocked coat in good condition. 2 Whateley’s Arkadian Marcus Maximus. Not behaving for his handler today, so hard to judge on the move. He is compact, with correct flocked coat, dark eyes and correctly proportioned head.

Minor Puppy Dog – 1 Hegarty’s Tumbril Top Secret. Square and compact. Dark and round eyes with correct pigment throughout. Correctly proportioned head with accentuated stop. Moved well when settled.

Puppy Dog - Fabian’s Tumbril Toruk. Needs more time to mature than his litter-brother in the previous class. Moved well when settled, with effortless drive. Correctly set and carried tail, level back with slight arch over the loin.

Junior Dog – 1 Lovell & Thatcher’s Devonia’s Anzio. Correct naturally flocked coat, Dark and round eyes with good pigment, a little too long in body which affects his overall balance. Well set tail with good feathering.

Postgraduate Dog – 1 McArdell’s Blondechino Geminian Phendelottie. Typically balanced outline, square and compact. Moved well, with effortless parallel action coming and going. Corerct flocked coat, of good length. Dark and round eyes with correct pigment. RBD 2 Whateley’s Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian. Correct for size, level back, moved a little too close in front. Correct heard proportions, dark eyes.

Limit Dog – 1 Kobanyai Pelyhes Odin with Devonia. Quality male, in good condition, balanced overall, square and correct for size. Dark, round and appealing eyes with correct pigment to the rims. Moved well. Well set on tail with good feathering.

Open Dog – 1 Mulligan’s Doncielo Michaelangelo. BIS 2 Walker’s Stuart Little Prince George’s of the Black Orchid. Sound and balanced, square outline, with typical long and flocked coat. Well set tail with good feathering. Moved soundly and effortlessly.

Veteran Bitch - 1 Whateley’s Arkadian Beloved Diana. On the small side for sure, but she is balanced and well put together. Her coat is flocked and sufficiently long and in goof condition. Dark, round and appealing eye.

Puppy Bitch – 1 Fabian’s Tumbril Tokyorose. 2 Walker’s Aemelia’s Elizabeth. Square and balanced with good construction. Moved effortlessly, though a little wide in front. Coat naturally flocked and in good condition.

Postgraduate Bitch – 1 Fabian’s Tumbril That’s the Ticket. Square and compact, typical flocked coat in good condition, level back, correct pigmentation. Well carried tail with good feathering, well muscled hindquarter providing drive when moving. 2 Hopkins’ Lyckalotte Elegante Athena. Level back with slight arch over topline, level back and slight arch over the loin, well set and carried tail. 3 McArdell’s Little White Wonder Willow Doretta.

Limit Bitch – 1 Towers’ Enjanicka Evening Emerald. Quality bitch, well-balanced overall. Correct proportions to skull with accentuated stop, medium length neck, well laid shoulder. Level back and slight arch over the loin, well set and carried tail. Moved well. RBB 2 Hopkins’ Enjanicka Toscana Ti Adoro. Square and compact. Level back with slight arch over the loin, well set and carried tail. Moved well, parallel in front and rear. 3 Whateley’s Belstown Beloved Amee at Arkadian.

Open Bitch – 1 Towers’ Toscana Mia Caro. BB & RBIS

Derfel Owen