• Show Date: 02/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derfel Owen Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/12/2023

North Devon Agricultural Society

North Devon Agricultural Show – 2 August 2023

I’d like to express thanks to the exhibitors who were brave enough to venture to the show. The weather was terrible and many of us had to be towed out by a tractor at the end of the day! My thanks to the committee for a very warm and supportive welcome on the day.

Chow Chow G 1 Rodgers’ Booneek Red Emption. Sound and well built, nicely balanced overall. Moved freely. Good face features, dark eyes, correct pigmentation. 2 Palmer’s Seasons Delights. Not in the mood to let go over him though was of good size and moved well. O 1 Cummins’ Ch Dragonsway Tom Thumb Shame JW. Lovely, typical chow, sound, compact and well balanced with a dignified air. Moved freely with short strode.

French Bulldog G 1 Vearncombe & Hale’s Castrum Osinium Ria for Ruption. BPIB. Delightful in outline, lovely head, square and well-proportioned with well-defined stop, dark eyes, typical ears. Moved well. 2 Vearncombe & Hale’s Ruption Knightscott in Black JW. Sturdy and solid, soundly built without exaggeration, good topline. O 1 Vearncombe & Hale’s Ruption Knightcott Back to Black. BOB. Very appealing, compact and solid, with typical head and expression, square with sufficient dome. Moved with free and flowing action. 2 Pritchard’s Ruption Knightcott Black Diamond at Violotta JW. Another good example of the breed, felt she was a tad long in body hence missing out to her Kennel mate.

Shar Pei J 1 Warren’s Jolerob One Way of Puttin it at Starferry. BPIB. Nicely balanced puppy, square and well built. Good skin, proportionately large head with moderate wrinkle, good depth of chest, moved well. O 1 Warren’s Zaralee’s I’m Still Standing at Starferry. BOB. Quite eye catching, would probably have benefitted from a bigger ring to show off his excellent, vigorous movement, when he was able to get into flow he covered the ground very easily. Nicely proportioned head with neat ears, dark eyes and correct pigmentation.

Tibetan Spaniel PG 1 Penny’s Chenrezi Ti Amo. Was playing up, so not easy to judge on the move but thought she was balanced and well built, and had the better outline in this class. Good level topline, moderate neck, correctly proportioned head and lovely dark eyes. 2 Conibere & Quest’s Tiny Winnie de la Valoubier. Liked head and ears, she was better behaved but her outline and topline are not as good as the winner. L 1 Clover’s Chenrezi No Ordinary Love. Sound, well-constructed and moderate throughout, nicely shaped and dark eye, short neck, good topline, correctly set and carried tail. 2 Hirstwood’s Quintrelle I Believe. Moved well, with typical positive action. 3 Conibere’s Chenrezi Rewrite the Stars. O 1 Quest’s Lililielan Louis Vuitton JW ShCM ShCEx. BOB. Masculine, sound, well balanced with great character and temperament, moved with lovely free action, maintaining a level topline throughout. 2 Hirstwood’s Quintrelle I am I Said with Tibbitude. Another very nice example of the breed, lovely coat with correct plumage, moved very well.

Tibetan Terrier P 1 Plummer & Bingham’s Araki Krazie Maizie for Tetsikarma. BPIB. On the large side, but other than that, everything is falling just into place as this young girl gets ready to move into Junior. Sound, sturdy and square she has excellent balance and moderate in all the right places. Smooth and effortless on the move. 2 Perks’ Boshay Pirate Queen. Nicely built, with good strong and level topline, powerful movement. PG 1 Plummer, Knight & Bingham’s Home Town Glory by Tetsikarma. Liked her head, strong muzzle and good underjaw, large round eyes. Strong neck, good topline, moved well. 2 Perks’ Tegkei Tagau Truffle. Sound and effortless on the move, heavily furnished forequarters, good topline. O 1 Plummer’s Araki Dream Perfection for Tetsikarma JW. BOB. Typical and pleasing example of the breed, sound, sturdy and square. Well built and in excellent condition, moved effortlessly with good reach and drive from well muscled hindquarters.

AV Utility V 1 Penny’s Ferncott Rave On ShCM VW. (Tibetan Spaniel). I was delighted with this veteran, sound and very well constructed, moving beautifully with typical action. Level topline, high set tail, carried correctly with goo feathering. 2 Plummer’s Tetsikarma Stargazer ShCM ShCEx VW (Tibetan Terrier). Square and well-balanced, moved well, level topline, well-set tail. 3 Cummins’ Ch Dragonsway Tom Thumb Shame JW. P 1 Perks’ Boshay Pirate Queen. (Tibetan Terrier) O 1 Cummins’ Ch Dragonsway Tom Thumb Shame JW. 2 Rodgers’ Booneek Red Emption. 3 Perks’ Tegkei Tagau Truffle.

Utility Group 1 Shar Pei. 2 Tibetan Spaniel. 3 Tibetan Terrier. 4 French Bulldog.

Utility Puppy Group 1 Tibetan Terrier. 2 French Bulldog. 3 Shar Pei.

Border Terrier. J 1 Haydon’s Earthtaw oh Flamingo. Typical head and eye, good rib, level topline, moved well. 2 Brook Sherdonwater Drop O’Scotch. PG 1 Chugg’s Earthway No Way Jose. Felt he had the better topline of the two, good rib and topline, high set tail, correct ‘otter-like’ head. 2 Haydon’s Earthtaw Nessa Jenkins. Nice head, dark eye, well set and carried ears. L 1 Anscombe’s Gameway French Fancy Alec Orangebox. Appealing dog, showing great gameness. Good ribs, and correct for size and shape. Well set and carried tail. OD 1 Anscombe’s Kevlar Orion Seeking Orangebox. Typical, correct for size and shape, correctly sprung ribs, well set and carried tail. OB 1 Taunton-Joy’s Orangebox a New Hope at Itsaso. Very appealing bitch, sound and well built, I would expect fully capable of fulfilling her original purpose. Correct head, with moderate neck leading well made body, good length and spring of rib and a strong loin. Very sound on the move. BOB.

Jack Russell Terrier J 1 Wilkinson & Wakeham 1 Kaszavolgyi Furge Nice Olga for Wakywilks. BOB. Strong, and lithe, full of terrier temprement. Good flat skull, dark and small eye, and well set ears. Strong body with level back and strong loin. Moved well. O 1 Chugg’s Chatmoss Cjaterbox at Tufterslodge. Nicely shaped with good topline, moved well.

Parson Russell Terrier J 1 Sorrell’s Tagtaran Tenten. Sound and well-constructed, nicely balanced, good body with moderate depth of chest and strong level topline. 2 Sorrell’s Tagtaran Tags Triumphant. Not settled today so hard to judge, but he has a good overall shape. O 1 Bowden’s Mindlen Mahican in Chellowside. BOB. Masculine and rather eye-catching. Nicely balanced overall. Strong head and jaw with correct wedge shape. Moved well, covering the ground with ease. 2 Sorrell’s Mindlen Malfy Tegtaran. Good for size and shape, moved well, nicely set and carried tail.3 Sorrell’s Tagtaran Tynety Thyme.

SCWT O 1 Grant’s Dannebriel Me and My Girl. BOB. Rather loved this SCWT,. Compact and well built, absolutely sound and moving with a very graceful style and good reach in front. Strong back and level topline, powerful loin, high set tail.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier O 1 Corti’s Bickinstar Bellosa. BOB. Well balanced, muscular, strong and correct for size and balance. Liked his head, short and broad with dark eyes. Level topline, well sprung ribs. Moved with power and agility. 2 Corti’s Biggleswick Billy No Mates. Another typical Staffie, shared many qualities with the winner, but felt he was a little too long in loin. 3 Corti’s Assilo Star Turn.

WHWT O 1 Biscoe’s Jamabis Devon Boy Blue. BOB. On his own but no matter, as he is a nice example of the breed. Strong, well built with depth to chest and ribs, a strong and level back and muscular quarters. Moved very well.

AVNSC Terrier J 1 Haydon’s Earthtaw Patrick (Norfolk). BAVNSC & BAVNSCP. What an absolute star. Small and compact but full of character and substance. Nice head, dark eyes showing a bit of that ‘demon’ flair. Good topline that he retained on the move. O 1 Rayner’s Reidswire Border Battle Cry to Rubegud. Correct for size and shape, strong topline, well angulated quarters, moved well.

AV Terrier MP 1 Haydon’s Earthtaw Posy of Roses (Norfolk). Litter sister to Patrick and man of the comments apply, feel he has settled in to himself a little more, but these two will be storming the ring for a while. O 1 Grant’s Dannebriel Me and My Girl.

Terrier Group 1 SCWT. 2 Border Terrier. 3 WHWT. 4 SBT.

Terrier Puppy Group 1 Norfolk. 2 Jack Russell Terrier. 3 Parson Russell Terrier.

Derfel Owen