• Show Date: 13/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Derek Pellowe Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Colne Nelson & District Canine Society

Boston Terrier: My thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge the Boston Terriers at their first Premier Open Show. It was an excellent entry, and I sincerely thank all the Boston handlers present on the day. I was pleased to see many junior handlers, who did an excellent job with their dogs.

PD/B (3,1). 1. J. Barclay’s Boston Dodgers Bossy Boots At Claymurf. A confident 6 month old bitch with even white markings, and brindle developing. Nice square head, dark round eyes, good dentition. Size and position of ears good. Legs on line with point of shoulders. Movement was excellent, straight gaited. A very close match of the 2 dogs, each with its own merits, but I preferred the movement of the first. 2. H. Roulston’s Ivy Jewel Put A Spell On You. Another 6 month old bitch with excellent potential. Lustrous coat with good even white markings on the neck and front legs, with brindle clearly visible. Good topline and tail set on low. Nice square head, dark round eyes, good ears and positioning. Needs to slow down a bit as movement was disappointing.

JD/B (3,0). 1 BOB, BPIB. H. Roulston’s Ivy Jewels Dare To Dream. An 11 month old dog, certainly determined and in show mood. Alert expression in his round dark eyes, and erect ears, well positioned on square skull gracefully carried on his slightly arched neck. Good muzzle length. Body well balanced with good markings. Well developed, muscular hind quarters shown to perfection in his straight-gaited movement. This dog has style of a high order, and deserving of BOB and BPIB. 2. P. Scott’s Boston Abbey Finn At Claymurf. A 14 month dog with excellent markings. Alert, expressive eyes. Ears correctly positioned. Forequarters good with legs set moderately wide apart. Tail set on low.

PD/B (5,1). 1. H. Roulston’s Ivy Jewel Dance All Night. A 12 month old bitch. Good markings. Correct muzzle length. Dentition good. Forequarters good with strong, short pasterns. Straight back with tail set on low. Moved gracefully with straight topline. 2. V. Schfaild’s Vickvally Wonders Of Love. A 4 year old bitch with good markings. Body shape balanced. Eyes round, ears correctly positioned. Straight topline, and short tail set on low. Hindquarters – legs set true, with good turn of stifle. Moved well.

OD/B (8,3). 1. H. Roulston’s Ivy Jewel Love Me Like You Do. A lively 2 year old bitch. Good Square skull, well defined stop, correct muzzle length. Dark round eyes, small erect ears correctly positioned. Slightly curved neck. Straight topline. Short, strong front pasterns with elbows straight. Deep chest. Rear legs set true. 2. J. Barclay’s CH Jabbari Golden Image At Claymurf. A 5 year old bitch with excellent markings. Square head, dark round eyes, small erect ears. Straight topline. Good turn of stifle, thighs well muscled.

Derek Pellowe (Bospeltz)