• Show Date: 25/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dee Blatchford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club

Many thanks to the Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge the Special Award classes at the Club’s Open Show. Many thanks to my stewards Colin Haffenden and Barb Wiles. I understand it was Barb’s first time and she did a grand job under the experienced guidance of Colin. Thank you to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over a large number of dogs. Not just quantity, but a good number of high quality exhibits which made me work hard to select the top five in the two larger classes. There were a couple of exhibits with overshot mouths rather than the required scissor bite. Some were carrying their tails far too high. Acceptable if it’s just a little exuberance or excitement, but not when the tail set is incorrect and the tail is permanently carried too high.

SPECIAL AWARDS JUNIOR (10, 2abs) 1. Goodfellow’s Nasabe Royal Rose. 13 month old bitch presented in very good condition with a dense, glossy coat. Feminine and elegant. Won this class on her pleasing outline which has curves in all the right places. Balanced angulation with good turn of stifle. Finely boned but still having enough strength to be able to do the job for which the breed was intended. Well marked with rich tan. Thumbprints present. Lovely head and expression with correctly placed, candle-flame ears which she used well. A little hesitant on the move at first but when settled she moved well. 2. Whitehouse’s Amalric Coco Chanel With Dalmonde. 11 month old bitch presented well. Very close decision between her and the winner of this class. Slightly longer cast than the winner but still presenting a balanced outline. Very smart with candle-flame ears, wedge shaped head and dark, almond eyes. Rich tans and glossy black coat. Moved well. Well handled. 3. Haffenden & Wood’s Nasabe Play The Game.

SPECIAL AWARDS POST GRADUATE (3) 1. Dicker’s Neerodan Thyme Bomb. This rising two year old bitch won this class on her overall balance and movement. Wedge shaped head with dark eyes and correct scissor bite. Well arched neck. Balanced angulation with good underline. Moved well. 2. Jackson’s Appletor I’ll Tell The Bees at Dandytweed. 2 year old bitch. Pretty head and expression with dark eyes and candle-flame ears. Well marked thumbprints. Presented a balanced outline when stacked, but lost her topline a little when moving. Well handled. 3. Hunter’s Waukesha Belle of Joy.

SPECIAL AWARDS OPEN (11, 1 abs) 1. Dennison’s Ettology Bounteous Barney JW. This 19 month old dog won on his balance and movement. He is a proper little showman and caught my eye from the moment he entered the ring. Correct wedge shaped head. Well placed ears which he used at all times. Clear, rich tan markings and thumbprints. Typical topline with correct tail set. Moved with purpose and drive, showing correct extension. I’m sure it won’t be long before he has another title to add to his Junior Warrant. 2. Whitehouse’s Twowayshouse Tudor King For Dalmonde. Handsome 3 year old dog presented in fit, muscular condition. Different mould from the class winner but still having that typical breed outline. Broader back skull than the winner but still with the length to give a wedge-shaped head. Candle flame ears correctly set and used well. Good topline which he held on the move. Moved very well today. 3. Conway & Oakden’s Neerodan Thyme To Shine.