• Show Date: 18/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dee Blatchford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Guildford & District Canine Society

Many thanks to the Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge my first Toy group at this show. Despite the rain and chilly conditions there was a warm and friendly atmosphere. Many thanks to my steward who worked tirelessly to keep the ring running efficiently. Some of the Toy dogs were affected by the conditions today and clearly didn’t appreciate the cold. In some, movement was affected by the equestrian sand floor.

AVNSC TOY. O (2,1abs) 1. Holman’s Puplicity Alice Springs at Altina (Australian Silky Terrier). This young bitch is pretty and refined but still with plenty of terrier charact and looked like she had the substance to be able to do the job for which the breed was intended. Well balanced outline. Correct silky coat, well presented. Good, flat skull with well placed, dark, oval eyes. Correct high set ears. Moved well with plenty of drive. Stood alone due a number of absentees, but still a worthy winner of Best AVNSC.

AV TOY VETERAN (7,3abs) Not the biggest of classes but full of quality. Not at all surprised to find that my first and second placed dogs are champions. I was spoilt for choice. 1.Butterstone’s Ch. Catrelma Gina Lolobrigida. This 8 year old bitch stood out in this strong class. Presented a typical square, cobby outline. Well proportioned head – wrinkled but without exaggeration. Lovely dark eyes with soft expression. Correct topline with well set tail. Good, straight strong bone. Moved well with that typical slightly rolling gait. 2. Davidson-Poston’s Int/NL/IR Ch. Spinillons Classic Caress JW ShCM. The performance of this 10 year old black and white bitch certainly didn’t give away her age. She presented a balanced outline. Good, evenly marked head with correct ear set and lovely ear fringing. Hare-like feet with plenty of hair. In very good condition for her age. Very well balanced on the move showing parallel action. 3. Cater’s Pixels My Prince Charming JW ShCM.


AFFENPINSCHER. J (1) 1. Roger’s Riogaioch Jing Le Bell at Lunafox. Slightly unsettled at first due to someone noisily folding their crate at the ringside. Attractive young bitch with typical monkey-like expression with correct length of muzzle, marked stop and round sparkling eyes. Presented a short, compact outline with correct short back. When settled, she moved well and showed the breed’s typical strutting action. Stood alone due to a couple of absentees in the other breed classes but still a worthy winner of BOB.


GRIFFON BRUXELLOIS. J (1) Suggitt’s Aptrick Dolly Mixtures. This 8 month old red rough bitch was full of fun and seemed to be really enjoying her day out. She was slightly naughty on the table but I’d rather see that in a puppy than have a ‘robot’ with no character. She presented a correct square, cobby outline with a lovely level topline leading to correctly set tail. Lovely head and expression with dark, round eyes. Good straight bone and correctly balanced angulation. Moved with plenty of drive from the rear, holding her topline at all times. A very promising puppy. Very pleased to award her BOB and BP and later I awarded her third in the Toy group and second in the Toy puppy group. PG (2,1abs) Suggitt’s Aptrick Buttersky. 11 month red rough bitch. An understated performance in comparison to her kennel mate. She presented a balanced outline with correct short back and cobby appearance. Lovely coat with correct, dark shading in all the right places. Typical head and expression with dark, round eyes. Moved well but I would prefer her to have a little more drive. She seemed to be affected by the atmosphere today and wasn’t as confident as I would have liked. O (2) 1. Swinge’s Balthazar Supersonic. This 2 year old red rough dog was well-presented. Slightly on the big side but still well balanced with correct, cobby, square outline. Handsome head with correct expression. Good level topline which he held on the move. Straight front with adequate width and depth of chest. Moved well. RBOB. 2. Suggitt’s Aptrick One Day Like This. Rising 3 year old black smooth dog. Typical head and expression, full of breed type. A little unsettled on the table but better when presented on the ground. Cobby outline with short, level topline. Moved OK but not with as much purpose and drive as 1.

PAPILLON. P (3,2abs) 1. Davidson-Poston’s Spinillons Saffarina. Pretty, dainty, black and white 10 month old bitch. Slightly unsettled on the table, better when presented on the ground. Lovely head with correct proportions. Dark eye, well set ears which she held in a perfect butterfly. Correct hare-like feet. Dainty but with adequate, strong bone. Moved very well. Very happy to award her BP and later 4th in the Toy puppy group. 2. Marsden’s Finity Run the Gauntlet. 9 month old tri-colour dog. Still in his puppy coat and very much a puppy as one would expect at his age. However, he shows lots of potential. He presented a good outline with balanced angulation and good straight bone. His ears are correctly set but he wasn’t always using them to display that quintessential butterfly. But this should come with age and confidence. Moved well. J (3,1abs) 1. Turner’s Feyetas Love Me Tender. 14 month old tri-coloured dog. He won this class on his overall ring presence. Presented a well balanced outline with correct proportions. Good head with correct muzzle. Held his ears well at all times. Straight forelegs with strong, fine bone. Moved parallel with correct light action. 2. Marsden’s Finity Truly Unique. Close decision in this class and many of the same comments apply. Another nice youngster with correct outline. Moved well but not quite as tidy in front action as 1 today. Used his ears well. Just slightly preferred the head proportions of 1. Well handled. PG (2,1abs) 1. Marsden’s Finity Blaze of Glory. This 2 year old black and white dog is from a slightly larger mould but still well-balanced. Masculine but not coarse in any way. Dropped his tail and ears slightly on the table but presented well on the ground. Lovely head and expression with even butterfly markings. Correct hare-like feet. Moved parallel but not with quite as much drive as 1. Moved better in the challenge for best of breed so I was pleased to award him RBOB. O (4,3abs) Davidson-Poston’s Spinillons Double Trouble. Pretty 5 year old black and white phalene bitch. Feminine and dainty but still having good strong, straight bone. Correct skull and ear set. Correct topline with good tail-set. Held her tail well on the move. Good straight front, moved parallel covering the ground well. Not the flashiest, but I felt she was the most balanced with the best movement today. Pleased to award her BOB.

TOY GROUP My first Toy group today and I was very pleased with the overall quality of the BOBs. Any of my top four could easily be a group winner. 1. Oliver’s Sarasuma Penny Lane (Maltese). Beautiful 3 year old bitch who, despite the challenging conditions, showed her socks off. The uneven sand floor wasn’t ideal for a Maltese in good coat but she powered around the ring with attitude. Presented a balanced outline with correct proportions. Level topline which she held on the move. Correct head proportions with well-defined stop and dark eyes. Lovely dark pigment and pure white coat of correct texture. Moved very well with correct head carriage. Very well presented. 2. Truelove’s Nijapugs Hot An Bothered (Pug). This 7 month old dog was a little star. He had bags of character. At times he wasn’t co-operating fully with his handler, but he’s only a puppy and I wouldn’t expect him to be drilled to perfection at this age. He presented a balanced, cobby outline typifying the desired ‘multum in parvo’. Presented in excellent condition. Moved very well with plenty of attitude. A very promising puppy. Very pleased to award him second in this group and later first in the Toy puppy group. I was delighted to see him go on to win Best Puppy in Show under Chris Briggs. 3. Suggitt’s Aptrick Dolly Mixtures (Griffon Bruxellois) see above. 4. Holman’s Altinas Henry Higgins JW (Pomeranian). Orange sable 19 month old dog. Presented a typical outline. Short-coupled with balanced angulation. Lovely foxy head and expression. Moved very well.

TOY PUPPY GROUP Another quality group with lots of promising puppies. 1. Truelove’s Nijapugs Hot An Bothered (Pug) see above. 2. Suggitt’s Aptrick Dolly Mixtures (Griffon Bruxellois) see above. 3. Holman’s Altina Alabama True Romance (Pomeranian). 8 month old orange sable dog. Presented in full puppy coat. Balanced outline. Lovely foxy head and expression with dark pigment. Moved very well. 4. Davidson-Poston’s Spinillons Saffarina (Papillon) see above.

AV GRADUATE STAKES (24). Superb class of up-and-coming dogs. I’m certain that most of them will soon win their way out of graduate. 1. Pearn’s Bonmac Little Bo Peep (Boxer). This 2 year old bitch caught my eye when she came into the ring and on closer inspection she didn’t disappoint. She presented a balanced outline with plenty of strong bone and in well-muscled condition. Attractive head with well balanced skull and muzzle, dark eyes. Lovely crested neck into well laid shoulder. Moved very well with plenty of drive, covering lots of ground. 2. Gardner’s Labrastaf Expresso (Staffordshire Bull Terrier). This 18 month old black dog had plenty of ring presence. Handsome, masculine head into short, strong neck. Level topline which he held on the move. Well-muscled without being overdone. Moved very well. 3. Rogers’ Lunafox Gentle Touch (Smooth Fox Terrier). 4. Spring-Arnold’s Hyndsight Only in My Dreams (Deerhound).