• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Dee Blatchford Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Eastbourne & District Canine Society


Many thanks to the Committee for giving me the opportunity to judge at this welcoming and friendly show. I thought they catered for the hot weather very well and I was very grateful to be judging under cover. Thank you to all the exhibitors for giving me the pleasure of going over your dogs.

BEAGLE. P (3,1) 1. Whitton’s Haggatty Bonafide. Eight month old tri dog. Good masculine head proportions with that typical soft expression. Well balanced when standing and on the move. Well angulated without being overdone in any way. Good topline. Used his stern very well when on the move. Close decision between him and his kennel mate in this class but he won this on his movement. BP & RBOB. Very pleased to see him win the Hound Puppy Group too. 2. Whitton’s Haggatty Callisto. Seven month old bitch. I see that these two kennel mates share the same sire. I had to split hairs to decide on the winner. Another hound with lots to like. She too is balanced with nothing overdone. Good front and balanced rear quarters. She was just not quite as settled on the move as her kennel mate today.

PG (3) 1. Kimber’s Coachbarn Cresta. Two year old tri bitch. Slightly longer cast hound but still in proportion with length in the ribbing and nice short coupling. Pretty, houndy head and expression with correct balance between skull and muzzle. Good straight front legs. Well angulated. Kept her topline on the move and moved straight and true with plenty of drive. BOB. 2. Whitton’s Haggatty Artemis. Two year old tri bitch. Another quality hound from this kennel. Good houndy, but still feminine head. Well balanced. In good condition with well defined muscletone. Used her stern very well on the move. She lost out to the winner because she was a little unsettled on the move today. 3. Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenles Laurina ShCEx.

O (1) 1. Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Lyric ShCEx. Six year old tri bitch. Presented a balanced outline in profile when standing. Pretty head and expression. Well angulated with balance in fore and rear quarters. Good topline which she held on the move. Used her stern well. Didn’t move with as much reach and drive as I would have liked, which made her look like she was toeing in just a little today.

GREYHOUND. PG (2) 1. Boggia’s Rubicon’s Songbird (IMP USA). Seven month old dark blue brindle bitch. Raw puppy but very promising. Plenty of bone to grow into. Lovely head and expression with good ear set and carriage. Strong neck into fabulous front assembly. Flexible pasterns into nice, compact feet. Well angulated rear quarters without being overdone. She was a little unsettled but this will improve as she gains more experience. Nevertheless, I saw more than enough to be able to see her moving straight and true. Very pleased to award her BPIB and RBOB. Delighted to see her win third in the puppy group too. 2. Holder & Boggia’s Fionn Clann Bluebelle (IMP RUS). Two year old fawn brindle bitch. Finer built than the winner. Elegant and well balanced. Feminine head and expression. Long head into strong neck and good topline. Moved OK but she lost her topline a little today, possibly because of the heat. 

O (1) 1.Boggia’s Whirlaway All Fired Up at Boughton (IMP AUST). Two and half year old red dog with lovely dark shading on his head. Handsome, houndy head and expression without any coarseness. Not the flashiest of hounds but completely balanced with nothing overdone. Strong, arched neck into a good front assembly and straight front legs. Adequate slope to his front pasterns into good feet. Good depth in his chest and ribbed well back. Moved straight and true with an effortless, ground covering stride. BOB and I was very pleased to see that two of my fellow judges also appreciated him by awarding him the Hound group and later Best in Show. Congratulations!

SALUKI. PG (1) 1. Bates’ Classicus Omarion. Handsome 3 year old particolour dog with attractive black spotting. Lovely soft expression, well-feathered ears. Balanced outline with enough angulation in his front and rear assembly. Good depth of chest, ribbed well back. Good width to his powerful hindquarters which he used well on the move. RBOB. 

O (1) 1. Sawer’s Ch Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss. Very handsome six year old cream dog. Masculine head and expression with good, dark pigment and dark eyes. Correct front assembly with straight front legs into correct feet with well-arched toes. Good depth of chest with plenty of heart room, ribbed well back with correct length of loin. Correct underline with good tuck up. Gorgeous feathering in all the right places. Moved effortlessly. Handled very well. BOB.

CHIHUAHUA (LC). PG (3, 2) 1. Ralph’s Stormchi Blaize of Glory. Nine year old cream dog. Presented a balanced outline in profile with correct proportions. Good head and expression with correctly defined stop and domed skull. Good dark pigment and dark eye. Used his ears very well, maintaining that typical Chi alert and spirited expression. A little wide in front, straight front legs but slightly down on his pasterns today. Good rear angulation. Good condition and well-muscled for his age. Stood alone today but still a worthy winner of RBOB. 

O (3, 2) 1. Cater’s Pixels Moonlit Sea JW. Two year old gold and cream bitch. Pretty head and expression. Well set, correctly shaped ears which she used well at all times. Constantly showing herself with a ‘look at me’ attitude. Presented a balanced outline with moderate angulation and a good topline which she held on the move. Moved briskly with plenty of drive and correct footfall. BOB.

CHINESE CRESTED. O (2) 1. Piper’s Be My Dog’s Topsail Cody of Zanjero (Imp Deu) JW. Handsome five year old hairless dog. Presented a balanced outline with nothing overdone. Lovely dark eyes. Well set, large ears which he used well at all times, giving that typical crested expression. Moderate front angulation and straight front legs into correct feet. Won this on his movement which was showy without being too flashy. Plenty of drive. A proper little showman. BOB. I was very pleased to see him winning second in the Toy Group too. 2. Van Zyl’s Shumllea Hot Spot of Brighthound. Three year old male. Lots to like about this dog and I’m certain that the two in this class could swap places on another day. Unfortunately, today he didn’t use his ears as well as 1 which lost that typical crested expression. Good skin with lovely dark pigment. Good front and rear angulation with correct proportions and nothing overdone. Moved cleanly with good footfall, but not with quite as much drive as 1 today. RBOB.

HAVANESE. PG (2,1) 1. Lovegrove’s Valbeccas Rainbow Delight. Attractive two year old cream bitch. Beautiful head and expression with lovely dark pigment and correct skull proportions. Presented a balanced outline with good ratio of body length to height at withers. Would prefer a more profuse coat. Moved parallel and true with sufficient drive. Carried her tail well. BOB. 

O (2) 1. Lovegrove’s Valbeccas Rainbow Delight. 2. Szczerba’s Emi Alcado (Imp Pol). Nine month old puppy bitch. Very raw puppy with lots of maturing to do. Puppy and handler at their very first show and both would benefit from more ringcraft training and support from breed experts so that this dog can be shown to her full potential. Considering that she had very little training she stood quite well on the table. She presented a balanced outline and moved well when she settled. RBOB and BP.

JAPANESE CHIN. J (2) 1. Reeves-Sargant and Diment’s Alstella Eadweard. First of two litter brothers in this class. Black and white seven month old dog. Presented a balanced outline. Correct head proportions with adequate width of skull. Lovely expressive eyes with correct dark pigment around eye rims and on nose. Moved straight and true with correct front action. BP. 2. Reeves-Sargant and Diment’s Alstella Charleigh. Litter brother to 1. Another black and white male. Very similar and most of the same comments apply. This one is very slightly heavier boned and cobbier. But today he was not as settled as his brother and didn’t have as much confidence when standing on the table and on the floor. This also affected his movement which wasn’t as confident and stylish as his brother. Hopefully, with more experience, he will gain confidence and show himself to full advantage. 

PG (2,1) 1. Reeves-Sargant and Diment’s Sharlana Midnight at Alstella. Two year old black and white bitch. Prettiest of heads with lovely, even markings. Lovely ear set and carriage. Good top line which she held well on the move. Moved very well with straight action and enough drive. This girl has plenty of charisma and bags of character. She showed herself at all times. She has that ‘look at me’ attitude which helped her to win today. BOB. 

O (2,1) 1. Reeves-Sargant and Diment’s Alstella Toffee Sundae. Red and white three year old dog. Handsome head and expression with even markings. Good proportion of height to body length with correct cobby appearance. Straight legs into correct feet with plenty of feathering. Good tailset and carriage. Moved well but not with quite as much lift as his kennel mate. RBOB.

HANDLING. JHA 6-11 (4,3) 1. Sofia Beinarovica. Nine year old handling a Pomeranian. Smartly dressed in a summer dress which didn’t interfere with the dog and contrasted nicely with the dog’s colour. Neat and unobtrusive handler who carried out the ring patterns accurately with nice sharp corners. Showed the dog’s teeth correctly but to make it even better she should make sure she doesn’t get in the way of the judge’s view of the dog’s mouth. This is only a minor, constructive criticism as she handled very well. She challenged the winner of the next class for best junior handler, but when asked for a circuit she went between me and dog. 

JHA 12-16 (4,1) 1. Kara Mason. Twelve year old handling a Papillon. This smartly dressed handler was very attentive at all times, constantly aware of where I was standing and adjusting her position accordingly. She didn’t break the golden rule. She showed the dog well on the table and re-positioned its leg correctly when I moved it. She showed the dog’s teeth clearly and efficiently. When she carried out the triangle she was accurate with crisp corners. My only minor criticism for this handler is to make sure it’s an equilateral triangle – i.e. all three sides of equal length. Otherwise a very good handler and I was pleased to award her Best Junior Handler 2. Leah Rushman. Thirteen year old handling a Pointer. Another very good handler. Attentive to her dog and always aware of where I was. Whenever I glanced over to the line up she was presenting her dog. Carried out the triangle well, moving her dog at the correct pace. Unfortunately, she accidently broke the golden rule at the beginning of the triangle. But on another day, without this mistake, she could easily win this class. 3. Ivy Brown. Twelve year old handling a GSD. Unsettled because her dog was constantly looking out of the ring for its owner. This seemed to knock her confidence a little. However, she quietly and calmly persisted and managed to show the dog correctly. Her ring patterns weren’t as accurate as the winner and she broke the golden rule. But with more experience and guidance she could make a very good handler.

Adult Handling. 17-35 (5,3) 1. Abbeygail Longhurst. Very neat and tidy handler. Very smartly dressed without being flashy or detracting from the dog. Showed the dog’s teeth very clearly and efficiently. Accurately carried out the triangle, starting from my feet with nice straight lines and crisp corners. Constantly attentive from the moment she stepped into the ring. Always aware of where I was and where I was looking. Very pleased to award her Best Adult Handler and Best Handler overall. 2. Laura Piper. Another good handler. Good rapport with her dog and aware of where I was at all times. She presented the dog well but could improve by showing the teeth more clearly and efficiently. She carried out the triangle well but to make it even better she should make sure she starts with her dog just in front of the judge’s feet. 

36 and over (7,4) Three very good handlers in this class who could all swap places on another day. I had to split hairs on accuracy and presentation to be able to place them. A really enjoyable class to judge – even if it did make my brain work hard! 1. Becky Seviour. Very smartly dressed lady handling a Whippet. She didn’t put a foot wrong. She had a great rapport with her dog. She was attentive to her dog and aware of where I was at all times. She showed the dog’s teeth efficiently. Her triangle was the most accurate in this class with good straight lines and crisp corners, moving the dog at its correct pace. 2. Ceri McEwan. Another good handler handling a PBGV. Presented the dog well on the table. Showed the teeth clearly and efficiently. She carried out the triangle well, moving the dog at its correct pace. When in the line up she shadowed me well but at one or two points she blocked my view of the other dogs. Otherwise a great handler. 3. Simon Sampson. Very smartly dressed handler handling a Podengo. Presented the dog well on the table. Showed the dog’s teeth correctly but could be a tad clearer by making sure his fingers don’t get in the way – somewhat of a challenge with a small dog, but not impossible. He carried out the triangle accurately with straight lines of equal length and crisp corners. My only tiny criticism was that when he came to the end of the triangle he presented his dog slightly off-centre, ie. not directly in front of me. It was only a fraction off, but in this class I was having to nit-pick.

Judge: Dee Blatchford