• Show Date: 31/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Declan Kenyon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/01/2024

Luton Canine Association

Dogue De Bordeaux

I’d like to thank the Luton Canine Association for inviting me to judge Dogue De Bordeaux at this lovely, well run show for my first judging appointment. The atmosphere was buzzing with New Year spirit and it was a very welcoming show. Thanks to my two stewards on the day, guiding me and making sure the ring continued to flow swiftly and efficiently.


1 Turnbull's Wendy Z Habanskeho Dvora at Biscay (Imp SKJ). 13 month old Bitch. Lots to like about this young bitch with a striking mahogany coat. She embodied the Bordeaux character through her fabulous forbidding expression upon a strong head, yet maintaining her femininity at the same time, whilst a kindness shone through her clear eyes. The development in her head is clear with a pronounced stop, good chin, slight upturn of nose and overall, proportionally pleasing, shape; despite still maturing. Well laid shoulders, muscled and defined. Good spring of rib with a nice tuck. She stands well on strong pasterns and tight feet. Lovely rear angulation and hind muscling meant she moved freely with strength and drive. At the moment, she isn’t the bulkiest of Bordeaux’s, but her young age means she has plenty of time to mature and bulk out; I’ll look forward to seeing this young bitch as an adult. Handled with confidence and care by the young handler in the challenge. RBOB.



1 Turnbull's Wessi Z Habanskeho Dvora at Biscay (Imp SKJ). 13 month old Bitch. Litter sister to my Junior winner, yet already developed a bulkier and more substantial stature than her leaner sister. Pleasing head, with a pronounced stop, powerful short muzzle and nicely set ears. She has a kind expression and lovely temperament. Big, bulky, well laid shoulders, with a deep chest and well sprung ribs. Broad and powerful back, with a good topline held well in the freestand and on the move. Sloping croup to a thick tail. Well muscled hind quarters, and good angulation in the rear. Moved OK, but didn’t have the drive of her sister on the day. Missed out on RBOB as preferred her sister’s head/expression and movement.



1 Turnbull's Biscay Mr Wilson. 2 year old Dog. This boy stepped in the ring and demanded my attention for all the right reasons. Boasting a large head with a short, powerful muzzle, prominent cheeks, great dentition and a correct underbite, yet, managing to maintain an honest, sincere expression in his gaze across the ring to me. A large neck lead down to very well muscled shoulders and a well developed, broad and deep chest, complimenting the rest of his substantial frame – he was as sturdy as they come. On the freestand he stood tall on tight feet, showing off correct proportions and pleasing angles throughout his imposing stature. His powerful hind quarters allowed him to really drive around the ring effortlessly. He covered the ground well for a dog his size, all whilst maintaining a level topline. His ring presence could not be ignored. He does have a playful character and definitely made his handler work today, but he very much deserved my BOB.


Judge - Declan Kenyon (Desquire)