• Show Date: 30/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Debra Kay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/09/2023

Norfolk & Norwich Canine Society

Norfolk and Norwich Canine Society 

30th August 2023

I would like to thank the society for kindly inviting me to judge and to all exhibitors for their entries, a special thanks to Andy my steward who coped admirably until joined by a lovely colleague who both looked after me so well.

Chihuahua (long coat)

Puppy (0)

Special Yearling (0) 

Limit (1)

1st Pitt’s Mrs K, Mystic Legion Margarita 2 year old bitch. Delightful expression, with bright, lively dark eyes. Apple domed skull with a definite stop. Good ear set and used them well. Correct bite. Straight forelegs, well laid shoulders. Good hind angulation, tail carried correctly over the back. Moved very well with drive. RBOB

Open (2)

1st Pitt’s Mrs K, Mystic Legion Kahlua 2 years old litter sister to the limit winner with many of the same attributes. Once again a delightful expression with good use of ears. Carried tail well, good coat with enough feathering. Moved out very well. BOB 

2nd McAllister Ms A, Bermac Blazing Glory JW 8 years old dog, certainly not showing his age! A cheeky expression and bright eyes. Correct ear set, using them well. Very sound and moved very well. Little to choose between these two, I preferred the coat of 1st.

Chihuahua (smooth coat)

Puppy (3)

1st McAllister Ms A, Slavinchi Saucy Sioux at Bermac 7 months old bitch. A very happy puppy with a constantly wagging tail, always nice to see. Lovely head, cheeky expression when she used her ears. Straight front and good hind angulation. Level top line with correct tail set. Moved well and very confident. BPIB

2nd Hubert Mrs L & Mr N, Manchino Legally Blonde 9 months old bitch. Lovely head, dark eyes feminine expression, correct ear set. Straight front, good hindquarters. Correct tail set. Moved well but didn’t have the confidence of 1st. 

Special Yearling (2,1)

1st Crowley Mrs S, Copymear Flash Dance 1 year old bitch. Very pretty tri-colour. Feminine expression, domed skull with definite stop, bright eyes and correct ears. Straight front and hind with good angles. Unfortunately she was reluctant to be examined, although I felt and saw what I needed to. Very excited on the move but moved very well once settled. RBOB

Limit (2,2)

Open (2,1)

1st McAllister Ms A, Bermac Bound for Glory 21/2 years old dog. Masculine head and expression. Bright, lively eyes. Good ear set, correct bite. Sufficient hind angulation. Level top line with a correct tail set and carriage. A good powerful mover. BOB

Jack Russell Terrier

I was presented with an excellent class of six puppies, all a credit to their owners. A few notes overall. Some exhibits were carrying rather too much weight, not just puppy fat! Large hound ears, set low on the head is another problem. Top of the ears should be level, or slightly above, the top of the skull and the tip in line with the corner of the eye. 

Puppy (6)

1st Jones Mr A & Mrs L, Kaszavolgyi-Furge Milton Laserna 11 months old dog. Loved this young man. A fabulous head and cheeky expression. Correct ear set and size. Dark almond shape eyes. Strong scissor bite with a strong muzzle. Straight in front although still needs to mature in front. Level top line held well on the move, well set tail, good rear angulation with strong hocks. Easily spannable with a good coat and loose pelt. Moved very well. BPIB thrilled to see him awarded Puppy Group 3

2nd Broom Mrs P A, Roxway Sun Dance 11 months old bitch. I really like this girl, she has a nice head and feminine expression, dark eyes, I find her ears a little larger than I would like. Good front and hind, she stands very well, has a good tail set, good coat, loose pelt. She is spannable but I wouldn’t want her any bigger. Moved well but I think she would benefit from being moved at a brisker pace (not running) to truly see her movement. 

Special Yearling (1) 

1st Evans Mrs S & Mrs J, Kulawand Wicked Whisper at Jackpack 17 months old bitch. Beautiful girl with a fabulous head, she has very neat ears with the tip level with the corner of her eyes, feminine expression, dark eyes and pigment, correct scissor bite. She has a lovely reach of neck into a well laid shoulder. An excellent straight front and equally balanced hind leg. Maintains a level top line with a good tail set. Well presented coat with loose pelt, easily spannable. Moved straight away and back. She moved around the ring like she owned it, free striding with excellent driving hind leg. Very pleased to award her BOB

Limit (3,1)

1st Evans Mrs S & Mrs J, Caldbeckjack Primrose at Jackpack 2 years old bitch. This little girl is small but mighty, she packs a lot of terrier into her frame. She has a real terrier expression, the neatest of ears and lovely dark eyes. A good set of teeth that I’m sure she would tackle anything with! She has a straight front and one of the best hind leg I’ve seen in a JRT. Excellent well presented coat with a loose pelt. Moved very well. RBOB

2nd Collins & Powley Miss D & Miss C, Capshulacan Ifbutwhynot 3 year old bitch. Beautiful feminine expression, neat ears, lovely dark eyes, scissor bite. Nicely angled front and rear, would prefer a little more bone. Level top line and a well set and carried tail. Good example of a smooth coat with a loose pelt. Moved very well. 

Open (1,1) 

Manchester Terrier 

Puppy (0) 

Special Yearling (0) 

Limit (0) 

Open (1) 

1st Straughan & Cripps Mrs C & Mr D, Talanors In For a Treat 7 year old dog. Couldn’t believe this boy is a veteran! Masculine wedge shaped head, excellent ear set, nice dark eye. Strong scissor bite. Elegant slightly arched neck, straight front, good hind leg, slight arch over loin into correct low set tail. Excellent condition with a dark, shiny coat, rich mahogany tan markings. Moved very soundly. BOB 

Norfolk Terrier 

Puppy (2,1) 

1st Davis Miss M L Watercroft Cosmic Dust 7 months old dog. What a delightful, cheeky chappie. Lovely head, dark eyes with a cheeky glint in them! Neat well set ears, good bite. Strong neck with a compact body. Excellent hind leg. Good well presented coat. Moved very keenly. I’m looking forward to seeing him progress in the future. BPIB, RBOB and a fabulous Puppy Group 4

Special Yearling (1) 

1st Cooper Mr T M & Mrs L A, Settendra Saucy Style 16 months old bitch. Another cheeky youngster, dark eyes, wonderful feminine expression. Neat ears, excellent strong bite. Straight front with well laid shoulder, compact body, well angulated hind, good tail set. Good coat, well presented. Moved very well with drive. BOB 

Limit (1) 

1st Davis Miss M L, Watercroft Earl Grey nearly 3 years old dog. Masculine head with a cheeky expression, I do love a Norfolk expression! Compact but carrying a little too much weight. Has a nice hind leg, moved very well. 

Parson Russell Terrier 

Puppy (1) 

1st Baker Mrs A, Vixenview Witches Broom 9 months old bitch. Beautiful head, wedge shape, shallow stop, strong muzzle with a good bite. Dark eyes, lovely neat ears. Clean neck, needs to mature in front, nice hind leg. Good tail set, good coat and loose pelt. Easily spannable. Moved well when settled, needs to tighten up in front. BPIB 

Special Yearling (0) 

Limit (4,1)

1st Newstead Mr J & Mrs S, Muhlross Magic Diamond 4 year old bitch. Lovely wedge shaped head, neat ears, good mouth. Clean neck into well laid shoulder, straight front, strong muscular hind, she obviously keeps herself busy. Easily spannable, strong back, slightly arched over loin, good tail set. Harsh coat, loose pelt. Moved well. RBOB

2nd Pratley Miss S, Pacolito Chews Flash 14 months old bitch. Very pretty girl, wedge shaped head, feminine expression with a lovely dark eye, ears slightly larger than I like, good hind leg, spannable. Very happy girl with her tail constantly wagging. Moved well. Would prefer a little more condition.

Open (1) 

1st Newstead Mr J & Mrs S, Tophead Saffron 2 year old bitch. WOW what a cracker! Fabulous wedge head, shallow stop, neat ears, lovely dark eyes and expression. Clean neck into well laid shoulder, fabulous hind leg. Tip top coat and loose pelt, moved very well, would imagine she could work all day long. BOB short listed in the group but sadly not placed. 

Debra Kay (Jackopeaks)