• Show Date: 21/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Deborah Wagh Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Of England Gundog Club

South of England Gundog Club

21st May 2023

Judge: Deborah Wagh

Italian Spinone

Puppy (4 Entries 4 Abs)

Special Yearling (3 Entries 1 Abs)

Two promising 14-month-old Bitches.


 14-month-old Brown Roan Bitch, Good sized medium bitch going through the junior stage now and needing to drop into her body. Correct top line, coat of good texture and good shade of brown. Lovely lean feminine head, eyes yet to darken, but they are of a good shape and size, correct ear set. Correct pigmentation on her lovely spongy nose. She is well angulated fore and aft, which enabled her to move with reach and drive on not the easiest of surfaces here today to win the class and RBOB


14-month-old white and orange medium bitch of good size, very pretty girl lean in skull with good divergence to head planes, lovely expression, correct top line, again going through the teenage phase her coat is coming in but what she has is of good harsh texture. Standing she looks slightly longer in loin than first, but with good bone. Not enjoying the surface here today and unfortunately not moving at her best.



Rising 5-year-old Brown Roan Bitch of good shape and size, lovely feminine head of good proportions with correct scissor bite, eyes good size and shape. She is very well constructed throughout, good top line, pronounced sternum and well ribbed back with chest of good depth and good belly line, well-muscled, her coat is of a good colour and is the correct texture, correct tail set. Powered around the ring today to take BOB and I see my Special Yearling is her daughter, and they really are like two peas in a pod, older bitch winning here on her maturity, although I think she is still not finished in that area yet.

Junior Handling

6-11 years (3, 0)

It’s not easy for these young people to handle these large breeds very often in smaller rings and with difficult floor surfaces, but they all did an outstanding job and I feel confident that the future of our sport is in safe hands with these youngsters coming through.

1st Peaches Warwick aged 7 handling a Pointer.

Very confident handler, when I asked her about her dog she answered well and showed me the dogs full dentation without a second’s hesitation. She moved the dog very well making straight lines where asked and was always aware of her dogs’ and my position and ensured that she was never obstructing my view of the dog. Has a bright future in the sport, I am sure.

 2nd Laura Boulden-Hopkins aged 7 handling a Labrador.

Again, a promising young handler able to answer my questions with confidence and again show me the full dentation with ease, a compassionate handler with the difficult task of handling quite a boisterous dog today. However, she managed to commit to the task in hand admirably, moving the dog as requested and being very conscious not to get in the way of my judging, very well done.

3rd Withdrawn

12-16 (1,0)

Leah Rushman age 13 handling a Pointer

This young lady presented her dog to me in such a calm, quiet compassionate manner, she communicated constantly with her dog throughout the process. Moving at one with the dog making full use of the ring space available whilst also managing to be aware of my presence and where I was always at all times in relation to her and her dog. If her dog moved a foot she would quietly and calmy reposition without hesitation, it was a lovely display of dog and handler showing in harmony with each other and was my highlight of the day. Thank you. BEST JUNIOR HANDLER

Adult Handling

50+ (4,1)

1st Miss Ruth Waller Handling a Welsh Springer Spaniel

Both handler and dog were presented in immaculate order, Handler completed the tasks I set her proficiently with no fuss reassuring her dog and communicating what was required, together they competed straight lines, were sharp on the turns and flowed around the ring together. BEST ADULT HANDLER well done.

2nd Silke McDowell Handling a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Another pair presented well, unfortunately they took a while longer to settle into it than first, however once they got going they did a really good job together moving well utilizing the whole of the ring space available, dog was presented in a square fashion and handled confidently and compassionately.